The 5 Causes of Sleep Problems

The 5 Causes of Sleep Problems

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hey dr. Burke here in this short video we’re going to talk about sleep and what to do about sleep when you evaluate sleep there are several questions that you’re going to ask to find the root problem realize that sleep is a symptom of something else it’s an effect of something else and the number one reason why people can’t lose weight is because they’re not sleeping that’s a big one because you burn all the fat at night so this is very very important also it’s it’s the most common cause of why people are tired so if they’re not tired and then they’re not sleeping this is what we’re going to do so there’s there’s two main categories of causation of sleep problems because there’s reasons why people can’t sleep number one it’s just the accumulated stress so if the person has a history of stress and they’re stressed out then you’re going to do what’s called the adrenal protocol which basically is a combination between the adrenal body type kit and the acupressure device okay because they’re going to do acupressure on the adrenals so that’s what they’re that’s what’s going to handle their sleep but you may need to add a couple other things if it’s if this doesn’t work number one you can add three calcium lactate that’s a product that we have that you can recommend if they king you know they can’t seem to get this in time and you want to send them to the health of store just send them to get some calcium citrate take three before bed but calcium lactate is a really good one and then we also have this product called l-tryptophan this isn’t a what’s called an amino acid and it actually helps you sleep so because it converts into the sleep hormone called serotonin so you take three calcium lactate in one l-tryptophan before bed if this doesn’t work okay and then they’re going to sleeping like a baby so this is the ultimate handling for sleep okay now you also going to ask them do you have any hot flashes do you have any bladder issues do you have what’s called sleep apnea which is a sinus problem because they their sinuses swell up and they can’t breathe or they are they so bloated that they can’t they’re trying to sleep at night but their stomach is so stuffed because they have digestive problems that could be a big cause of why they’re not sleeping – so you’re going to look at all these things you’re going to they come in they don’t have sleep problems or they have sleep problems you’re going to ask them do you know how flushes you have any bladder problems do you have any sinus issues do you bloating that type of thing okay and if they don’t have any of these just go right to this alright and then this is the protocol that you’re going to recommend this is getting to the root problem again there’s seven factors why people can’t lose weight number one is energy issues number two is sleep issue we’ll get to the other one shortly but let’s talk a look let’s take a look at hot flashes hot flashes are related to menopause and the ovaries support formula really helps hot flashes they might have to take one two or three of these before bed okay and then the adrenal fatigue formula as well so I like to take one of these before bed start with one of these before bed increase these if you need to until the hot flashes go away because this helps balance the ovary and by the way during menopause the ovary stops working and then the adrenal gland backs up the ovary so if you support both of these you are really going to actually help them with their hot flashes okay now bladder issues if they’re getting up several times a night they get up once a night I’m not too concerned about that but it’s a two three four or five then we need to find out are they going through menopause if they are then support with ovary support and the adrenal the same protocol with hot flashes even though they might not have hot flashes okay but menopause is we’ll know like age fifty fifty one two and they’re not having their cycle anymore this is what you’re going to recommend or maybe they’re not going through menopause and they just have a fibroid that’s pressing on their bladder and you need to shrink the fibroid well you’re going to actually recommend fat soluble vitamin protocol that would be consist of vitamin k2 vitamin d3 cod liver oil or something called DHA from the healthy store I like DHA a little bit better that’s a type of fish oil at 500 milligrams I’ll write this up in the protocols and then you’re going to recommend cruciferous foods six a day this is this organic cruciferous food is a concentrate that helps it’s anti Astra genic so the combination of this and this protocol will help shrink the fibroid okay then we get sleep apnea the sinus issues again you’re going to recommend the fat soluble vitamin protocol vitamin k2 d3 and DHA and then the adrenal fatigue formula that’s what you need to fix sleep apnea okay I’m also going to add on here one more thing for sleep apnea is the acupressure technique now the acupressure device has general acupressure techniques you’re going to send them if they buy this we’re going to add in another technique to this which is specific for the sinuses and so you don’t have to worry about sending that video because it’ll be in the videos for the acupressure okay then we have the last thing which is bloating that is a digestive problem so you’re going to give them gall bladder formula one with a meal plus the live probiotic flora again it will list all the products in recommendation of the dosages and all that so given the probiotics and the gallbladder for the bloating and that completes the the evaluation for sleep I’ll see you the next video

This Post Was All About The 5 Causes of Sleep Problems.
The 5 Causes of Sleep Problems

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Dr. Berg talks about the 5 causes of poor sleep and sleep apnea (1) stress, (2) hot flashes, (3) Bladder (fiboids or prostate), (4) sinus and (5) Digestive. In this video, Dr. Berg also discusses sleep and what to do to find the problem. Sleep is a symptom of something else that is blocking your chances of losing weight.
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