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hey guys dr. Burke here in this video I want to share with you the two most dangerous foods that you can consume now you probably are thinking it’s sugar related or junk food but actually it is corn and soy yeah did you realize that corn and soy makes a 50-percent of the crops that are grown in the u.s. yeah it’s incredible an average person consumes 77 hundred calories of their diet of these two so-called healthy vegetables so corn and soy make up 40% of your diet that’s incredible 93 percent of all the soy grown in the US is GMO 85 percent of all the corn grow in the u.s. is GML so what is GMO it’s an alteration of the food it’s an alteration in this case it’s a resistant to a certain herbicide called which is a wheat killer called Roundup Ready or glyphosate so in other words when they grow corn and soy you can spray this with this herbicide and they won’t die all the weeds die but they don’t die okay so you’re getting a lot more of this chemical so what are the dangers well there’s been some suppressed studies independent studies not by Monsanto who actually owns this this technology and they found that it causes some serious problems in animals okay animal studies because who wants to do on human studies we’re doing a human study now with within your diet but the point is that animal studies they found that it creates all sorts of cancers of the breast of the liver of the kidney of the uterus okay of the ovaries yeah I know so the problem is that the World Health Organization only requires you to do studies for 90 days three months okay and if you pass the 90-day mark or actually you get through it it’s considered safe yeah well right now there’s class-action suits I don’t know how far it’s going to go because Obama passed a law in the middle of night of course that states that Monsanto gets in trouble well they can’t sue them basically so they’re not going to really get in trouble because there’s a law that protects them unfortunately and I’ll put the link down below you can check it out but here’s the data on glyphosate there’s a lot of unknowns right now but in the last 15 years there’s been a 3,000 increase in exposure to this down pesticide okay and this I’m sorry this herbicide and this herbicide creates alterations in your endocrine system it’s considered an endocrine disruptor and it acts like estrogen and that’s why it creates a lot of cancer and other problems as well allergies probably autism and all sorts of things okay so I’m just want to show you something let’s take a look at some of the hidden foods okay what about ketchup high fructose corn syrup what about all the dressings with the soy oils and the corn oils here’s some hidden corn products citric acid that’s actually in vitamin C confections sugar corn flour corn fructose corn meal corn chips corn syrup dextran dextrose fructose high fructose corn syrup lactic acid malt mono diglycerides MSG monosodium glutamate sorbitol starch baking powders and many synthetic vitamins okay that’s that’s in corn now in soy bulking agents carob emulsifiers gargle natural flavors soy beverages all the weight like leather weight-loss programs have soy isolated protein type powders incredible textured vegetable protein vegetable broth I diet foods I mean there’s over 3000 foods that have corn and soy okay so the problem is we’re in an experiment right now we can’t even know we’re a ting we’re getting exposed to it’s hard to avoid it so you’re going to have to do three things okay number one you’re going to have to try to avoid this start reading labels okay you’re going to have to I put a link down below that you can print out some hidden foods that you need to start becoming aware of to avoid as much soy in the corn as possible until your friends your family and just make sure they don’t consume it especially if you’re at risk for breast cancer or any type of cancer I mean we’re all at risk right number two make sure as much as possible you start eating organic why because if it’s organic corn or soy then that means it’s not GMO okay so that’s one way so number three you’re going to have to start consuming foods that deactivate some of these I call them poisons in your liver okay and so what you can do with that is you start consuming a little bit of cruciferous in the diet kale broccoli brussel sprouts things like that that will slowly start to protect you because those are anti-cancer foods anti estrogen ik foods okay so number one avoid it number two get organic number three eat cruciferous foods that will deactivate some of the stuff in the liver okay alright so on that note on that fun note go ahead leave your comments below and I will see you in the next video

This Post Was All About The 2 Most DANGEROUS Foods: MUST WATCH!.

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Dr. Berg discusses 2 dangerous foods – corn and soy.
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