The 11 Causes of Depression

The 11 Causes of Depression

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let’s talk about eleven causes of depression I’m currently reading a very interesting book by Kelly Brogan MD amazing credentials she’s actually a psychiatrist and this is what she said there is not one study that proves that depression is a chemical imbalance people are taught we’re told that oh yeah you have depression you have a chemical imbalance just take this drug it’s going to fix it well 10 20 years later they still have the depression and they’re on five or six or seven or eight medications or they might say it’s genetic you have the gene for depression which is absolutely not true it’s never been proven it’s more epi genetics epigenetics are those factors that control your genes a lot of its environment the food that you’re eating the nutrition that can affect the genes so let’s go through the eleven causes of depression number one low vitamin D this is why people in the winter a lot of times get the blues because they don’t get much Sun vitamin D can greatly help someone’s mood and pull them out of that depression number two low vitamin b12 now our bodies store b12 for up to a year but at some point if you’re not consuming animal products or you have a problem in your gut and you run out of b12 you’ll not only have a lot of neurological problems from that but you can get depression number three Mohs ink or low chromium you can get both of these trace minerals from shellfish a lot of people when they consume shellfish just feel better it brings their mood up and that’s one of the reasons why number four low blood sugar or high blood sugar but if you have low blood sugar chances are you can have high insulin that’s pushing the blood sugar down so you can actually have depression from low blood sugars or high blood sugar or normal blood sugars because you have insulin resistance this is why keto and intermittent fasting are very important when you do intermittent fasting you can greatly elevate the moon and when you do the ketogenic diet and you’re producing ketones ketones are great mood stabilizers and also ketones feed the brain all right number five lack of sleep and when I’m talking about depression I’m talking about either hopelessness or apathetic you don’t care anymore anxiety is different anxiety is more like I’m nervous I’m constantly thinking about problems and I don’t have any solution to that that’s anxiety all right number six fatigue so many people that are depressed actually are physically exhausted and guess what that will make you depressed being tired will give you the sensation of depression it’s very difficult to be depressed a huge full of energy this is why sleep is very very important alright number seven postpartum you just gave birth and now you’re depressed this is very low estrogen okay I put a link down below of another video that I did to increase estrogen and you can watch that if you just had a baby and you’re depressed alright number eight you’re going through your menstrual cycle and at some point during that period of time you get depressed same thing it’s low estrogen now number nine you’re taking some medication that’s that has side effects and one of the side effects is depression now the problem with certain psychiatric medication is they inhibit certain neurotransmitters like serotonin so they caused this recycling effect so they prevent the loss of that neurotransmitter the problem is over time your receptors downgrade that means you need a little more medication to create the same effect and over time you need more and more and more and the side effects go higher and higher and next thing you know you need another medication and another medication and you’re getting more side effects and more side effects alright number 10 you have stress due to a loss let’s say you have a loss of a loved one well guess what depression is a normal response to a loss if you weren’t depressed that would be a problem okay so this is normal 11 invite mental situation you’re stuck in an ongoing situation a problem that you can’t solve and you become depressed because of that so the best thing to do for these situations is to make sure your sleep is good that way your energy will be up make sure you have enough vitamin D and b12 and trace minerals and definitely get on keto and especially in a minute fasting all right thanks for watching so if you want more knowledge on how to create a healthy body subscribe now and get daily notifications

This Post Was All About The 11 Causes of Depression.
The 11 Causes of Depression

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Is depression really a chemical imbalance? Check this out. 
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0:03 Is depression a chemical imbalance? 
0:33 Is depression genetic?
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In this video, we’re going to talk about depression and what causes depression. 
According to a book by Kelly Brogan, MD, there is not one study that proves depression is a chemical imbalance. Own Your Self: The Surprising Path beyond Depression, Anxiety, and Fatigue to Reclaiming Your Authenticity, Vitality, and Freedom
It has also never been proven that depression is genetic. 
11 depression causes:
1. Low vitamin D
2. Low vitamin B12
3. Low zinc/chromium 
4. Low blood sugar—high insulin 
5. Lack of sleep 
6. Fatigue 
7. Postpartum—low estrogen 
8. Menstrual cycle
9. Medication side effects 
10. Stress—loss
11. Environmental situation 
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