The 10 Causes of Inflammation

The 10 Causes of Inflammation

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hi guys in this video we’re going to talk about the ten common causes of inflammation okay number one low cortisol that would be adrenal fatigue what is cortisol it’s an natural anti-inflammatory it’s the anti-inflammatory of the body when you run out of it like an adrenal burnout you’re going to need prednisone or cortisone cream just like a lot of people take when they have chronic pain so low cortisol that comes from chronic long-term sustained stress low cortisol you’re going to have our amalga and all sorts of inflammation okay number two old injuries I’ve had a lot of old injuries old injuries create trauma and scar tissue the scar tissue is heals well the body heals of scar tissue in the scar tissue does not have the amount of blood supply like a muscle so you get this this abnormal tissue that’s not very it’s just like crabgrass in a garden that starts growing in a restricts motion and creates stiffness and it starts growing around nerve roots okay not to mention that area of the body starts to degenerate faster so you get pinching on the nerve you get stiffness and inflammation because it’s not moving anymore okay so that’s old injuries sugar why because it increases insulin and you start developing a condition called insulin resistance which one characteristic of that is inflammation just by getting this of a diet and fixing into the resistance you can drop inflammation way down in fact in a minute fasting is a great way to improve people with insulin resistance specifically if they have a lot inflammation okay before grains especially the gluten that will create inflammation in the gut but just grains in general are tend to in quite inflammation more than a lot of things but the big one is the gluten if you actually are consuming gluten right now which is the protein in grains that could be the reason why you have inflammation I mean I’ve have you taken people off this off just grains in general and all of the arthritis completely clears out one actually I there’s actually 11 causes of inflammation one is excessive alkalinity if you’re too alkaline okay what happens is you are very susceptible to getting allergies and inflammation and even if you were to consume citrus which by the way when you consume like orange or lemons or grapefruits what happens in your body that breaks down into it turns into an acid but then it turns into a very strong alkaline substance which will then push you more into the alkalinity and you’ll find you have more like stiffness or arthritis so if you have that situation then you know your body’s too alkaline all right vegetable oils like corn oil and soy oil and safflower and sunflower oil that is very very high in omega-6 it’s more inflammation you need the omega-3 fatty acids and that would be the cod liver oil the fish oils okay you can do also krill as well or DHA that’s a type of omega-3 fatty acid so vegetable oil is very very thin like you’d probably get that in salad dressings or Mayo or even you would get in like deep fried foods they bread and they deep-fried like in corn oil you’re going to get a lot of inflammation after you consume that alcohol that’s a given that’s going to destroy your liver and that will create inflammation Dairy specifically grain fed grass-fed dairy has a lot more omega-3 grain set which is commercial is gives you a lot more omega-6 fatty acid so if you’re doing a grass-fed dairy or animal product chances are you’re not going to have near the inflammation and by the way that trigger the memory great grains if you were to consume kamut which is an ancient grain you would have not nearly have the amount of inflammation than you would do the commercial weak to do now so ancient grain significantly lower the inflammation response to grains even gluten okay there’s people I even know who can consume the ancient grains and have no inflammation at all MSG monosodium glutamate it’s kind of a neurotoxin but it enhances the flavor of food and it’s definitely can create a lot of fluid buildup and inflammation it says this is a lot of the fast-food places that you would go to ok 9 excessive protein if you’re doing large amounts of protein that are going to be not digested they’re going to be a strain on the liver in the kidney you can end up with a lot of uric acid which turns into gout which is a form of arthritis and inflammation okay so too much protein can mess with your kidneys and now you’re you’re going to have gout okay number 10 cooked foods now one one meal of cook food is not going to do anything I’m talking about years of only eating your food completely cooked or canned or pasteurize why is that because when you cook food you destroy the enzymes if you’re not eating anything raw like vegetables for example which I know a lot of people don’t do that you’re going to wear out the liver the liver has to then be depleted of its factors and also the pancreas so you’re going to start having a bad liver and you’re going to get stiffness and arthritis just from that alone so you want to start adding more raw vegetables to your diet if you go to some like Indian restaurants the the vegetables are so cooked I mean it’s like completely dead that’s what I’m talking about okay in summary we need to correct this we talked about the 11 causes of inflammation thank you so much for watching hey guys thank you so much for watching please click the subscribe button and I will see you in the next video

This Post Was All About The 10 Causes of Inflammation.
The 10 Causes of Inflammation

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Dr. Berg talks about the 10 causes of inflammation:
1. Low cortisol
2. Old injuries
3. Sugar – insulin resistance – use intermittent fasting
4. Grains (gluten)
5. Vegetable oils (high in omega 6)
6. Alcohol
7. Dairy – esp. grain fed (due to high omega 6)
8. MSG (monosodium glutamate)
9. Excessive protein (overloads liver)
10. Excessively cooked foods (destroys liver)
11. Excessive alkalinity (alkalosis)
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