The #1 Reason Why People Fail to Lose Weight

The #1 Reason Why People Fail to Lose Weight

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hey guys dr. Berg here in this video we’re going to talk about the number one reason for weight loss failure are you ready for this the answer is this the person never starts okay they just don’t start that’s number one number two they start let they quit because it doesn’t work they don’t see results and in this video I’m going to show you and we’re going to go deeper into why they don’t start or why it doesn’t work for them okay so the first principle is that you’re going against gravity when you’re trying to lose weight it’s a very unnatural thing trying to lose weight the body doesn’t like to lose anything okay losing is the negative goal your body will fight losing fat by slowing down your metabolism you already probably found this out already okay let me show you something now if we look deeper I think the reason why people don’t start is they just don’t have the confidence that they don’t know what to do or or they’ll quit because they think they have low willpower when in fact they just have the wrong strategy so we’re going to talk about getting a better strategy we’re going to go from losing something to gaining something we’re gonna go depriving yourself to satisfying yourself from stopping to start avoiding to eating certain things and focusing in on that or cutting versus cutting calories we’re going to add certain things I mean think about it if you actually do this incorrectly you’re going to still crave the wrong foods you’re still going to be hungry you’re still going to be tired you’re still going to be tempted it’s not going to work you’re going to quit and go back to your own habits so let me just show you this next part of exactly what to do as far as a bit of strategy so let me ask you a question if we could increase the results consistently rid your cravings raise your energy up handle your temptations and get you to feel satisfied would you stick with it would you start the program okay the single most important thing to get results is to lower insulin if we keep insolent lowered we can actually get you in the fat-burning we can fix a stubborn metabolism we can fix your setpoint now of all the action to do the most important is to have two to three meals per day no snacking so the less frequent the meal why because every time you eat you spike insulin so if we can do less meals that action is even more important than what you eat in that meal now don’t use that as excuse to eat junk but if you eat six meals a day or all day long you snack at night that is going to screw you up so you don’t want to do that so two two would be the best if you can do two meals and spread it out nothing in between that’s going to really start increasing your results so we’re not talking about calorie counting we’re not talking about depriving you we’re just talking about a better strategy okay now we got to handle the cravings cravings for sugars and carbs that is merely a potassium deficiency when you have enough potassium your body can store sugar in between meals very easily and the need for sugar goes way down and in fact you can fix this insulin issue by taking more potassium because potassium lowers the need for insulin it lowers insulin but when you have an insulin problem and if you have it if you’re not familiar with this I’ll put some links down below about insulin resistance given it some problem you can’t absorb potassium in the first place so if we fix this and add more potassium you instantly don’t crave anymore okay so you just have to prove it to yourself but to do that you don’t want to take potassium you want to consume more vegetables you need at least minimum 7 cups of vegetables per day it’s not hard to do that just have a couple big salads and that’s it okay you have to have it consistently now to raise your energy we’re going to three to six ounces of protein per meal that’s going to spike your energy so the combination we’re just combining things to enhance to have a better strategy so we need to make our protein like quality like fish chicken even beef that’s fine make sure it’s organic or grass-fed don’t do is the protein powders unless you maybe do one but don’t do soy protein powder that’s really a low quality eggs are really good now handle temptations okay like Christmas holidays going out to dinner everywhere you go you’re tempted so you want to get the junk out of your house get the sweet fennel house and you to make substitute foods now I’m going to put a link down below of a whole bunch of amazing recipes if you haven’t seen these before you can make these and I’m just going to show you like here this is a shortbread cookies these are to die for there is no sugar slow carb you can consume this but you have to consume it in between I’m sorry at the at the meal not in between the mail so the rule is you cannot have this in between the meal right not you have to have it with the meal and this is kind of just going to get you to be satisfied so you can go longer so I mean these would if you had these you wouldn’t have to be tempted to any any type of sugary thing this is a peanut butter cookie and look at these these are amazing and they’re chewy you can do this after a meal as your dessert you can do brownies for example here’s these brownies amazing you can have this at the end of the meal look at caramel comment you can actually have a recipe for caramel and it tastes just like caramel and there’s no sugar if you had this in your house you would not be tempted now what I like to do is I like to take candied pecans and I have a Rhetta a recipe below and shortbread cookies and put them in my ice cream now I do have a recipe I’m coming up with for ice cream that you can make your own ice cream this is my own type of ice cream that we’re working on we’re on the third round the first round tastes like chalk second round tastes like created a lot of digestive issues this is finally we nailed it in a vanilla ice cream there’s a chocolate it’s amazing stay tuned for more but it has no hormones no sugar lactose free and a lot of fat so this would be another snack that you could do so these are just things that you want to start putting together and starting to make a program that has more preparation and you’re preparing to do a successful program rather than just try to start starving yourself and eating less calories it doesn’t work now to feel satisfied you need to add fat that is the only thing that will not spike insulin carbohydrates and too much protein will but if you add fat with the meal you’re going to be able to go long and in all these snacks that I’m showing you are filled with fat you don’t have to go crazy with eating a lot of them just have one but that will you’ll feel like you’re not deprived and you’ll go longer without eating so you can actually do this all these tie in together but it’s almost impossible to do this without fat you need fat B because you actually don’t spike insulin and you go longer you could probably just do two meals a day so I’m talking about avocado coconut oil butter fattier meats nuts almond butter healthy fats that you can do that allow you to be more satisfied okay okay for those of you that need more tools that you need more details I have the membership site and you want to definitely check this thing out because I have over 200 lessons in this membership program it shows you all the details of what T would not be what to do with social situations how to overcome all sorts of barriers stress eating eating out of boredom you name it I show you what to do to solve that then I get into body problems how does it handle sleeping issues hot flashes pai
n because those could be a barrier for you losing weight I go into the body types what to do for your specific body type I have case studies on body type issues I have advanced techniques on different body types of what you can do to speed up the function of the endocrine glands okay we talked about that there’s and this is released after month one also the exercise is release after the second month all the advanced techniques in both interval training and toning and fat burning types of exercises and then as a bonus I have this really cool thing is called a meal maker you could add a press of a button select all the foods that you like for breakfast lunch and dinner and bam make your eat weekly eating plan you put on the fridge and you forget about it you can just follow that plan so you don’t have to think about what to prepare you’ve already done that and this is kind of a hidden thing that people don’t do they don’t prepare for the week so if you have something that you can quickly prepare and you can just focus on just doing it and you have it all planned out you’ll be way more successful so that’s a bonus as long as you’re in the membership site and also this really cool new thing called a symptom checker okay right now there’s over 104 symptoms okay you can click on any symptom from fatigue they’ve been problems prostate issues dry skin dizziness ringing the ears and I will show you all the potential causes and then what to do about it so this is linking the cause and effect relationship to all these symptoms that took me a long time to create and I hope you like this bonus right here this alone is worth this entire program right here so you get to have access to that as long as you’re on the side – it’s very cool as a reference you can look up your specific thing and it’s very easy to use and then we have live Q&A webinars every month where you can ask questions and then we have access you have access to me personally if you have a question so just don’t abuse that because some people are writing a book and they have questions okay just constantly and page after page after questions so this is meant as a an occasional quick one question that’s not in here a lot of questions people ask are in the in the program so don’t abuse that so distance is going to allow you to take it to the next level so what I want you to do next is to apply all the information that I taught you and also check out the membership site I put a link below and I hope to see you on the inside thanks for watching

This Post Was All About The #1 Reason Why People Fail to Lose Weight.
The #1 Reason Why People Fail to Lose Weight

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Dr. Berg discussed the #1 reason why a person why fails at weight loss. The first reason is you did not start, and the second one is you not continue.
Increasing results requires lowering insulin, by avoiding snacking.
Ridding cravings involves increasing your potassium (7-10 cups of salad or vegetables).
Raising your metabolism involves eating high quality of protein at 3-6 ounces per meal.
Handling temptations involve having health substitutes.
Feeling satisfied involves adding more fat between meals.

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