The #1 Most Powerful Epigenetic Trigger: SURPRISING

The #1 Most Powerful Epigenetic Trigger: SURPRISING

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today we’re going to talk about the most powerful trigger of epigenetics now what is epigenetics so epigenetics is those factors that are outside of your genes that affect your genes that turn them on or turn them off it’s called expressed or silenced so epigenetics are the controlling factor for what diseases you’re gonna get how long you’re going to live what’s going to happen to your health so it’s not just about this predestined gene that you’re gonna have to live with because your genes are a certain way there’s a whole other aspect to this and that’s called epigenetics so there are certain things that influence epigenetics your environment medication drugs your diet your age so as you get older you have more more DNA damage but realize all these work together so you also have do you die if you die it’s really good that can actually help slow this down if you’re taking too many drugs and chemicals that can speed things up then you have the stress level of the person that can affect your outcome and then we have nutritional efficiencies which is a huge factor that has the ability to mimic radiation as far as damage to your DNA and exercise is also an epigenetic factor but there’s actually something even bigger and more powerful that can create a more dramatic effect I don’t know if you ever heard of the term spontaneous remission where someone has a disease and all of a sudden it just goes away or they’re HIV positive and then all of a sudden they’re HIV negative or they had a tumor and it shrank and just completely disappeared and there’s an interesting book mind over medicine by Lisa Rankin MD who talked about this I’m gonna put the link down below and actually on this page at the end but it’s a fascinating book about spontaneous remission and also the placebo effect and why that works in certain people and maybe not other people quite fascinating and there’s a spontaneous remission project which is a database of over 3,500 references 300 journals 20 different languages documenting case after case of unexplained spontaneous disease remission where someone had a disease they had no treatment and then it just disappeared fascinating so we need to add another one on this list so I’m gonna have to put an 8 right here and this would be your thoughts your beliefs how much confidence you have on something or your viewpoint or your agreement on something and this is why a lot of times if someone has cancer they go the doctor this is you have exactly four months to live and they die exactly a four month so your mental state and your thoughts are by far superior to all of these right here and this also explains why when someone’s stressed their outcome is not good in fact it’s almost impossible to heal if you’re in a stress state and of course because thoughts are invisible you can’t measure it people tend to downplay it especially within the medical profession but you should check out this link that I put down below and also check out this book quite fascinating so anyway I wanted to expand your viewpoint on epigenetics and check out this video on this page you 

This Post Was All About The #1 Most Powerful Epigenetic Trigger: SURPRISING.
The #1 Most Powerful Epigenetic Trigger: SURPRISING

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No one, not even most doctors, typically think of this powerful epigenetic trigger. Find out what it is.
The shocking truth about your health with Lissa Rankin M.D.
0:05 What is epigenetics?
0:38 What influences epigenetics?
1:22 Spontaneous remission
2:28 The most powerful epigenetics trigger
Today we’re going to talk about the most powerful trigger of epigenetics.
What is epigenetics?
Epigenetics are the factors that are outside of your genes that affect your genes and turn them on or off (expressed or silenced). Epigenetics are the controlling factors for what diseases you may get, how long you may live, and what may happen to your health.
What influences epigenetics:
1. Environment
2. Drugs
3. Diet
4. Age
5. Nutritional deficiencies
6. Stress
7. Exercise
8. Thoughts, beliefs, etc.
There is a term called spontaneous remission. For example, let’s say someone has a disease, and all of a sudden, it goes in remission, or they’re HIV positive, and all of a sudden they’re HIV negative, or they have a tumor and all of a sudden it disappeared. In her book, “Mind Over Medicine,” Lissa Rankin M.D. talks about spontaneous remission as well as the placebo effect.
Your mental state and your thoughts can have a huge effect on epigenetics. This helps explain why it can be much more difficult to heal if you’re in a stress state.
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