The #1 Biggest Reason to Drink Lemon Water

The #1 Biggest Reason to Drink Lemon Water

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hey guys dr. Burke here in this video we’re going to talk about lemon water and the importance of it I recommend it for all my clients not necessarily just for the vitamin C because it does have a lot of vitamin C in fact two lemons a day will give you all the vitamin C that you need for the entire day and just just as a side note vitamin C what is it good for bleeding gums if you brush your teeth and get a little redness on there that means you’re deficient in vitamin C it’s a mild version of scurvy fatigue that’s one spider veins varicose veins loss of collagen so you get loose skin and by the way your adrenals hold a lot of vitamin C so that’s the storage so it can make more collagen so that’s why adrenal cases burnt out adrenals they have a loss of collagen or protein nosebleeds bruising but the most important thing to think about or consider is micro hemorrhaging of the arteries what does that mean it means that there’s little bleeding legions that occur in your blood vessels from a vitamin C deficiency and what happens the cholesterol and the calcium come in there and plugs it up as a band-aid and that’s what clogs arteries it’s not the cholesterol in the fat it’s the micro hemorrhage the damage in the artery first then the other ones come later okay and even with an artery that has an aneurysm that can turn into a stroke eventually if it blows out that’s a vitamin C deficiency because vitamin C strengthens the walls of the capillaries in the arteries okay so you can see the importance of vitamin C you can get vitamin C from vegetables citrus lemon lemon water or else you can use actual lemon juice I like to use an appear lemon like an organic blend and like two to four tablespoons would be one lemon okay and you put that in your water have at least once a day okay if you were to add some apple cider vinegar in there you could also create a nice little drink and you could even add a little a couple drops of stevia to make a nice little lemonade okay now why why do we need lemon why do we need lemon water okay the most important is it counteracts kidney stones now when you eat certain foods like healthy foods like spinach kale few lentils beans nuts they’re high in something called oxalates okay if you combine oxalates with too much calcium so if you have too much oxalate and too much calcium in the kidney you could develop kidney stones okay that’s the most common source of kidney stones and that can be very very painful so sit rates from the lemon or lime will dissolve the stones or prevent the stones from growing okay that is the biggest purpose of lemon water it counters and protects you against the kidney stones it dissolves them and your body even makes the traits but if it’s deficient in that you need to add it externally from the lemons or the limes which are almost identical as far as the sit rates and that way you can prevent stones and continue to have foods high in oxalates like kale cruciferous all the different broccoli and things like that so that’s what I recommend have your water not just plain but always add some lemon in it and you can use it from a bottle as well you don’t have to have a real lemon and go ahead and do this and and write down your success stories below I’ll see in the next video

This Post Was All About The #1 Biggest Reason to Drink Lemon Water.
The #1 Biggest Reason to Drink Lemon Water

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Lemons provide citrate, a key ingredient to prevent kidney stones, especially if you are consuming foods high in oxylates: kale, spinach, nuts, legumes, cruciferous vegetables, etc. By taking 2 TBS per day in your water, you will be consuming one lemon. Lemons also have a good amount of vitamin C.
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