That SHREDDED Life Ep. 9 | 14 weeks Out – Just A Quick One – Coffee & Squats

That SHREDDED Life Ep. 9 | 14 weeks Out – Just A Quick One – Coffee & Squats

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so I just made breakfast for the both of us obviously all this is here she’s off of school because she’s a teacher and they’re still on break you don’t go back until tuesday right so nice it’s the day before New Year’s Eve today and I think this is going to be that we’ve lived downtown for three years we’ve never gone to watch the ball drop in the city and we live in the city it makes no sense makes no sense I ran out of walden farms calorie free chocolate syrup a couple days ago and it was a few days without that in my shake it makes a huge difference I think that the walden farms calorie chocolates are terrible on ice cream which is funny because that’s what they show on the label itself is like you know syrup on ice cream but if you bake with it or you use it in a protein shake it made my shake from zero to a hundred i was i was thinking it was gonna give me a look for that cheesy comment but it really makes your shake tastes amazing so the plan was to go to a local coffee shop but her friend got to the coffee shop before listen I did and it turns out there wasn’t one seat in the entire coffee shop so we are now at Starbucks I’m not a really big fan of starbucks coffee to be honest with you guys I actually I’m a big fan of folders [Music] hello with the blonde roast guys I think that usually starbucks it’s a little bit too dark of a roast I was saying before I came in here that actually like prefer cultures and like I think Starbucks is kind of like overrated is that weird like you you like starbucks have really [Music] see you guys bye happy new year I ordered a coffee sort of right when we got to the coffee shop and we ended up staying there for three hours so that caffeine high that I had it’s gone and I’m actually really really hungry now so I decided but stop at the restaurant I’m gonna make some food here get a little pre-workout meal in me before I work out because there’s just no way today’s workout will be good if I don’t eat something before I go to the gym probably make my egg fried rice have a little bit of chicken too and and then go to the gym today so today’s workout is bound to be poop because I’m already tired so just got together my pre-workout meal for the day it’s gonna be two chicken breasts this is like 240 grams of chicken a little bit hot sauce hundred grams of brown rice with two eggs and then this diet cream soda so I’m at the gym guys and it is crazy here it’s five o’clock and this weekend is like the calm before the storm it’s actually gets going to get much crazier after sunday New Year’s Day with everybody signing up for the gym for their new year’s resolutions and trying to lose weight and for two weeks the gym just becomes like unbearable but then two weeks later everybody like quits on their resolutions and yeah goes back to normal life the gym becomes manageable again but it I’ll happier note it is this quad day today I’m gonna try to hit 3 15 for five sets of seven I think then I’m gonna do some accessory work probably lighter squats higher reps other stuff like curl maybe some lunges I don’t know but I know I gotta do some cardio as well so when I’d in there get to this catch you guys in a bit [Music] [Music] got back home from the gym just a little bit ago guys as far as workout workouts go it’s just kind of blah have that coffee weight earlier before my workout I just I don’t know I just didn’t have a lot of energy 315 felt really heavy today on squats it wasn’t my best squat day that’s for sure but it came home made some dinner this is what I’m having tonight a little bit of sweet potato nine ounces of some sirloin steak some green beans a little bit of broccoli and that’s some steak sauce that’s lame parents that is gonna wrap up today’s vlog I hope you guys enjoyed it if you did give it a like leave a comment let me know if you did and I will see you guys in the next video the governor gets you to call me does a green beret is gonna kick your big ass all right it’s Green Berets for breakfast right not very hungry

This Post Was All About That SHREDDED Life Ep. 9 | 14 weeks Out – Just A Quick One – Coffee & Squats.
That SHREDDED Life Ep. 9 | 14 weeks Out - Just A Quick One - Coffee & Squats

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That SHREDDED Life Ep. 9 | 14 weeks Out – Better Luck Next Time
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