That SHREDDED Life Ep. 6 | Adjusting My Macros To Get Shredded

That SHREDDED Life Ep. 6 | Adjusting My Macros To Get Shredded

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good morning guys before we start today I just want to give you a quick update on where my macros are currently because I know in the week 16 posing update I said that my macros weren’t going to be decreasing until I burned a thousand calories each week from cardio and it turns out I lied the last few days since the posing routine I’ve had some piss-poor wins some Wayne’s that are just not encouraging and it’s made me realize that I probably need to make some macro adjustments so my macros are going from 350 grams of carbs to 300 rounds of cards from 220 grams of protein to 240 grams of protein and from 60 grams of fat 250 grams of fat and I’m sure some of you are wondering well why did you increase your protein intake and the reason is because protein intake having a healthy protein intake is more important when you’re dieting than when you’re bulking it’s really really important for muscle retention and I was on the lower end of what I would like to see myself hit which is one gram per pound as a minimum and 220 grams of protein is actually pretty close to that one gram per pound number so just wanted to bump it up a little bit and as I progress through the diet I really don’t see that number be decreasing or increasing now so I decrease the carbs and the fats pretty simple because I need to lower my calories and hopefully lowering my calories is going to help me lose weight so those decreases it’s like 300 calories less a day but it still puts me at like 20 600 calories so it’s still a pretty high intake I definitely have a lot of room to play with their which is great but I’ve got a busy day planned today I’ve got a business meeting I’m gonna do some last-minute Christmas shopping Christmas is getting really soon now and I’ve got to make breakfast I really don’t even have time to make a breakfast I’m just gonna make a shake throw some oats in it and have some pre-made turkey that I cook last night I think that’s the plan right now why would i plug in the blender breakfast is made I’ve got my chocolate banana coffee shake here all it is is a little bit of vanilla almond breeze some walden farms chocolate syrup cocoa powder a little bit of instant coffee the café Bustelo is the best highly recommend this stuff and a banana and then because muscle and protein 180 grams of some ground turkey with this is like my new favorite condiment guys the habanero hot the chunky stuff I think this is new I don’t maybe I haven’t been looking for salsa lately but you can find this I I was eating this out of the jar last night all of my gym clothes are at my dad’s house because he has two washers and two dryers sorry if it’s windy out here guys so I do a lot of my laundry over there cuz it’s just super fast and I don’t have to pay ten dollars to do my laundry but the thing is my laundry always ends up at his house and then we’ve got to go there and get it so I really don’t have time right now to go to his house and get my laundry but I’m gonna make time so I just got to the gym and i only have like an hour in 15 minutes to do this workout so it’s got to be pretty pretty fast today don’t really know how much I’m gonna get on film gonna try and film as much as possible I actually kind of want to do a different type of workout I want to do a lot of different exercises today than I’ve been filming but it just kind of depends on how many people are over there and if I’m going to be in their way with my tripod and camera and all that stuff so things might be a little different you might see some different exercises today [Music] Oh [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] I’m 10 minutes late to this meeting one of the guys is coming in from Florida though and one of our partners was picking him up from the airport hopefully his plane didn’t deplane in time and I’m gonna end up at least being here about the time that they get here I’m really embarrassed that I’m late to this meeting right now one eternity later so six hours later that meeting is finally over that was like the longest meeting of my entire life easily and funny enough I actually have to go meet Alyssa here in 10 minutes to go to another meeting I thought I was gonna be able to do some holiday shopping at this point or earlier than this point of the day and now it was just meeting all day long and now more meetings we have to go to a financial advisor sort of update her retirement account you know you’re an adult guys when you have a retirement account that is when you reach adulthood so all in all this is basically the market I have a great Christmas ha yeah yeah thank you I literally was in a toy store for two minutes it was the fastest thing I didn’t even have to get the game they got the game for me this is what you wanted I can’t remember where I parked luckily this is not a big parking spot what’s up this it was twenty bucks yeah I don’t know why Kid kids want this yeah but it’s like it’s a popular Christmas gift this year yeah yeah yeah thank you have a good night found the car that guy was really excited about the Simon game just got back home guys I have no idea how I beat Melissa back to the apartment because we’re at that meeting together and then I stopped and got the toy and we were talking she’s like I’m gonna grab a quick bite to eat I thought she was just gonna pick up like a sub or something she should be here by now but she’s not so I’m just gonna get started i’m making food cuz i ate at the restaurant i had two chicken breasts and piece of steak two egg whites ish i had hard-boiled eggs but I only hit the whites and that I one full hard-boiled egg so my protein is like pretty high right now compared to everything else about like 155 grams of protein 80 ish grams of carbs and 15 grams of fat so I have a lot of macros to play with and yeah just excited to make a ton of food right now it was I in the shot there it’s two ingredient biscuits all you need is self rising flour and Greek yogurt to make them but i’m going to add pb2 to it to make it a peanut butter biscuit and then I’m going to add jelly to the inside and I’m going to put one biscuit on top of another and seal the jelly on the inside so it’s like a warm peanut butter biscuit with gooey jelly it’s like a jelly doughnut biscuit that’s what i’m doing right of it note to self seal the biz gets a little bit better next time see it’s like kind of dripping jelly everywhere this one though this one didn’t drip jolly I’ll taste it for you guys all my bomb are we shot jelly everywhere so yeah guys there’s jelly all over my floor all over myself all over the stove everywhere in my kitchen it’s a disaster zone right now I think this is a good place to call out a vlog because I should really just start cleaning all this up but I hope you enjoyed today’s vlog if you want the recipe to the biscuits I’ll put in the video description below just because they’re really good i’m sure some of you guys are interested in that and i will see you guys in the next blog come on you son of a bitch i did nothing the pavement was his enemy

This Post Was All About That SHREDDED Life Ep. 6 | Adjusting My Macros To Get Shredded.
That SHREDDED Life Ep. 6 | Adjusting My Macros To Get Shredded

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That SHREDDED Life Ep. 6 | Adjusting My Macros
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Food Scale:
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Bench: 315lbs 3×5
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PBJ Biscuits:
1 Cup (120g) self-rising flour
2/3 Cup (150g) non-fat Greek yogurt
1 Cup (84g) peanut flour – PB2
1 1/2 Tbsps sugar substitute
2 Tbsps sugar-free jelly
In a small bowl mix together the flour, sugar, and peanut flour and set aside
In another small bowl add your Greek yogurt
Hollow out a small hole in the middle of the Greek yogurt bowl and add the flour, sugar, and peanut flour mix
Pull the yogurt into the mix until it starts to become crumbly
Once it does use your hands and work the crumbles into dough
Lightly flour your work surface and roll the dough out to about 1/4″ thick
Cut-out biscuits and add a tsp of jelly to the middle of every other biscuit
Cover the Jelly-fied biscuit with one without jelly and seal
Bake at 400 Degrees 205 Celsius for about 10 minutes
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