That SHREDDED Life Ep.3 | 3 Years In The Making – 16 Weeks Out

That SHREDDED Life Ep.3 | 3 Years In The Making – 16 Weeks Out

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good morning guys it’s Wednesday December 14th and that means the show is now a little bit over 16 weeks away it’s like 16 and a half weeks I figured before I start the day before away myself whatever I give you guys a quick update on my macros and my cardio just because I’m only making like one vlog a week right now and things change week to week as far as the macros nothing’s changed actually still hitting 350 grams of carbs 60 grams of fat 220 grams of protein every day cardio though this week is the first week that I’m doing 500 a 500 calorie cardio burn from either low intensity steady-state cardio or medium intensity steady-state cardio and I’m doing that on the elliptical just because as you guys know I have knee problems the elliptical is really great in terms of no impact on my knee and also just to keep my legs fresh because I deadlift twice a week and I squat twice a week and if I can keep my legs fresh and do cardio that’s a huge plus for me so that’s kind of my update that’s where I’m at 60 and a half weeks out now I’m gonna weigh myself we’re gonna start the day way in this morning is 207 point two by the way guys I have no idea how I forgot to tell you this but the e-book the dieting ebook that I’ve been working on I’ve been telling you guys about it is finally finished I finished it yesterday and that’s it’s a huge deal for me because I’ve been working on that book for three years on and off for three years and it just feels really good to have finally just totally finished it I’m sending it off to Alyssa she’s gonna evich is gonna format it and I’m just very proud of it so if you’re a beginner or intermediate trying to figure out everything that there is to know about macros and adjusting your macros and that whole thing how to just figure it out this book is definitely gonna help you if you’re not a beginner intermediate it’s probably not for you this is definitely more geared towards them and yeah just really excited to finally finish that because the deadline that I had set for myself was hopefully to have a for sale January first and I think that that is gonna be a reality which is just like mind-blowing after working on that project for three years but I’m also excited because it’s gonna give me more time to actually vlog I’ve been just pouring so much time and energy and getting that book out for you guys that I really haven’t vlogged as much as I could have if I didn’t have that on my plate so now that that is done for the most part more vlogs that entrance though guys so I’m wrapping up work and I’m about to go to the gym it is a pull day at the gym today so that means deadlifts like you guys know deadlift goal at the gym 405 for five sets of eight then I’m gonna do a bunch of pull-ups few sets of biceps and then I gotta do cardio today 250 calories of cardio I think I’m actually gonna do the stair stepper today because I’m off from the gym tomorrow so even if my legs are exhausted after today’s workout doesn’t really matter because I’ve got all of tomorrow to recover oh my god is a snowstorm outside look at this when I came in here it was not snowing there was no snow on the ground it is now a winter wonderland out there I really think I live in the wrong City I hate the snow I hate the cold now looking forward to leaving this warm office not naughty not 1% of me wants the right now man it’s literally gonna take me an hour to get home right now just so much now hey babe might be a while before I come home yeah this is insanity [Music] come on let’s have a party there something something this is crazy out there but your husband made it home safe Elmer le bought us a wooden squatty potty secret for you guys Alisa is obsessed with that unicorn that poops rainbows King it’s simple science really this is like a real poop throne pooped like royalty I thought it said I poop today that’s the pen so I just made dinner for Alyssa and I we’re pretty much out of everything and I couldn’t go to the grocery store after the gym because obviously Blizzard so just keeping things really simple for dinner tonight did some pasta broccoli with the protein pasta and some ground turkey 99 percent lean ground turkey a little bit of pizza sauce a little bit of crushed red pepper I think I’m also gonna make a blueberry protein pancake but haven’t gotten to that yet so this is the first part of dinner anyways I literally am standing right here because the Christmas tree isn’t the shot and it’s just Christmas trees you put them up and for like a whole month but he just puts you in a good mood like in a better mood than you were if you didn’t have a Christmas tree in your house because I swear to god I’ve been in a better mood ever since a percent tree up anyways I digress I’m making my last meal of the day like I kind of mentioned earlier I wanted to do blueberry pancakes but in this like pancake cake lately that’s what ended up happening check those out guys how good do those look a little blueberry fro No sweetened with honey on top instead of maple syrup oh my god they cold the hot the cold Froyo in the hot pancake it’s a wonderful combination I will list the recipe in the video description below because somebody commented in one of the last logs and they were like hey I’d love it if you could showcase more recipes in the vlog so I’m gonna try and do that I’m gonna try to add those in the video description anything that I do come in different and I want to do more different things during the vlogs so that recipe will be in the video description below and if you love blueberry pancakes or pancakes in general you’re definitely gonna want to check it out because those are super super good anyways guys I’m gonna call it a night here I hope you enjoyed this vlog and I’ll catch you in the next one check out [Music]

This Post Was All About That SHREDDED Life Ep.3 | 3 Years In The Making – 16 Weeks Out.
That SHREDDED Life Ep.3 | 3 Years In The Making - 16 Weeks Out

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That SHREDDED Life Ep.3 | 3 Years In The Making – 16 Weeks Out
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Pancake Recipe:
1/3 cup (40g) white whole wheat flour
4 egg whites (140g)
1/2 cup (60g) unsweetened apple sauce
1/8tsp cornstarch
1/2 cup (70g) blueberries
1/2 Tbsp (12g) Agave
pinch of baking soda
1/2 cup (70g) slightly frozen blueberries
1/4 cup (50g) fat free greek yogurt
1/2 tbsp (6g) sugar substitute

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