That SHREDDED Life Ep.2 | Off To a Great Start – 17 Weeks Out

That SHREDDED Life Ep.2 | Off To a Great Start – 17 Weeks Out

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good morning yes just finishing up doing my morning weigh-in right now wait this morning is 208 on the dot and actually I already wrote it on my calendar and as you guys can see you guys know that the rectangles mean a lower way in them the date of the previous week and so every day this week I’ve had a lower weigh-in than last week and the diet it’s going pretty good right now I would really really like to see myself hit my macros a little bit better I know I haven’t been spot-on with my macros just because I’ve been making more recipes trying to develop more recipes for the channel because I missed that so I’ve been licking spatulas and taking bites here and there and then just guesstimating what I ate while I was making the recipes and that’s just obviously really tough to be spot-on with your macros so you need to do less of that the recipes are just so delicious though it’s it’s hard not to get caught up with just munching the whole time you’re making breakfast this morning 250 grams of some egg beater scrambled 2 cups of vanilla unsweetened almond milk and what I’m really excited about is this muffin if this video on this Banana Nut muffin hasn’t already come out on the channel it’s gonna come out really really soon and the muffin is delicious today is the leg day which means it’s a squat day and my big goal on squats is to 95 for 5 sets of 8 today after I squat I’m gonna do some accessory work and then I’m gonna get out of here but to be honestly guys my knee and my back have been feeling well lately like totally great but my squat days have been horrible just the poundage is the weight on my back it feels so much heavier than it really is I don’t know what’s been going on but I’ve had some pretty crappy leg days lately and I’m hoping that today is kind of the start of changing that I’m not doubting myself I feel like I doubt myself a lot like I’m not gonna be able to do this weight but I just haven’t had good leg workout good squat days in a really long time it’s been maybe it’s I haven’t been taking like caffeine and I haven’t been using coffee last couple of weeks so maybe it’s not having that extra jolt that’s that’s been kind of playing with my head but get in there and start doing some squats [Music] [Music] the 295 moved fairly easily easily today after 295 did a bunch more squats 10 reps 225 for 10 for a couple sets 235 for 10 for a couple sets 245 for 10 for a couple sets then I did some reverse standing lunges 3 sets at 62 pounds with the kettlebells for 3 sets of 10 and then I did the was a leg curl machine just a bunch of drops of some act on a pump in my hamstrings and then called it a day it’s an absolute nightmare of a day at work saying our POS system is down so the waitresses can’t punch in any of the orders and also that means we can’t say any credit cards right now this computer is the computer that needs to be on for us to use the POS system so it’s probably gonna be down for 2 or 3 days that’s the earliest HP can send us this disk that we need to fix the computer it’s a nightmare guys it’s an absolute nightmare good news guys there’s a happy ending to this story the computer is now up and running micros our POS company that we use one of the maintenance guys or service guys called us back walked us through how to open up our PC and disconnect one of the hard drives in there turns out when the hard drives was totally corrupted and that was what was causing the POS system in the computer not to work so everything is now running properly it only took 3 hours to fix it’s like 5 o’clock now she’s gonna finish up last-minute stuff here I’m going home make some dinner hang out felissa then we’re going to tennis it’s Thursday we don’t usually go to tennis today we’re making up a class and we got that at 8 o’clock so listen I have to go to tennis in 20 minutes so I don’t have time to make really anything I just put a bunch of pre-made food together having 270 grams of ground turkey with a couple of servings of local pizza sauce and a ton of crushed red pepper gonna do a salad with Sorel arugula spinach Swiss chard another thing what am I forgetting we’re getting one thing kale and kale balsamic vinegar olive oil about 180 grams of cherry tomatoes and then kind of for a dessert type of a thing I’m gonna do rice cakes and pb2 but this is where I’m gonna end the vlog because I’ve spent any time with Alyssa all day and I want to do that so hope you guys enjoyed it and I will see you in the next episode

This Post Was All About That SHREDDED Life Ep.2 | Off To a Great Start – 17 Weeks Out.
That SHREDDED Life Ep.2 | Off To a Great Start - 17 Weeks Out

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That SHREDDED Life Ep.2 | Off To A Great Start
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