That SHREDDED Life Ep.18 | How Has It Taken Me So Long To Try These?!

That SHREDDED Life Ep.18 | How Has It Taken Me So Long To Try These?!

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– Oh 1.6 guys definitely gonna have to make some changes this week did I clean the blender did I clean the blender did I clean the blender adulting I clean the blender now I gotta find it oh this is like a rare occasion in my household the blender is clean in the morning yes although the blender base it’s it’s seen better days gotta clean this today so I plan on talking you guys before I drank this shake but that’s not gonna happen anyways it feels like forever guys since I made a vlog I know it probably doesn’t feel like that for you because I’ve been coming out with content pretty consistently but actually it’s been probably over a week since I’ve logged and the reason for that is because the book actually just launched yesterday and I never launched a product yeah it’s at work book before so I didn’t know what to expect this past week was crazy so it was a really good thing that I took some time off from making vlogs but I’m excited to start making more vlogs again it’s just it feels kind of weird when you don’t do this for a little while and then you do it again it definitely you get the groove and hopefully I guess this blog doesn’t suck I guess that’s what I’m trying to say anyways this morning’s William sort of disappointing in the mid 201 range and that means it looked at my spreadsheet kind of thought about it I’m making a macro change today so my macros are going from 275 grams of carbs on average to 250 grams of carbs on average protein staying the same 240 grams each day and then my fat is actually I’m going to start trying to hit 45 grams of fat and as the average fat intake for the week so that’s kind of where my macros are at my cardio is still at well 150 calories of a cardio burn and my next move will probably be the cardio increase because I’ve kind of been making a lot of macro changes lately I’ll probably talk more about this in the physique posing update but it is sort of the middle of the week and I am vlogging so I figured I might as well just tell you guys that I’m making some changes because today is the first day of the change so I am going to make myself another shake because this one is done and then I’ve got to get to the dentist I’ve like gotta leave my apartment in less than 10 minutes so here’s to making a quick shake [Music] [Music] all right thank you feel like I’m a regular here I feel like we just see each other here every month yeah hopefully this is the end of that thing for a while see me I don’t mean it like that okay thank you oh it’s cold out there Wow dentist is done my teeth are really kind of sensitive right now but I am sort of hungry I should have something to eat before I go to the gym so I’m gonna head to the grocery store cuz there’s a grocery store close to here pick up a few things then just make some lunch at my dad’s house and then go to the gym today is a push day I think I’m gonna do some different stuff at the gym today it’s gonna be a different kind of push day [Music] [Music] [Music] look who’s here for lunch alright so lunch is made guys I have a bunch is like a bunch of eggs at this meal this is 300 grams of some egg whites with four servings of the Tostitos habanero hot sauce one egg one egg white 50 grams of brown rice and I’m having a little bit of diet ginger ale the Canada Dry guys the best ginger ale in my opinion that they sell at the store eventually after I eat lunch I’m gonna have like two of these Light & Fit Greek yogurts I mentioned this on Instagram I think I’m really late to this game al said he’s been eating these for like two years these things are amazing for years he’s so delicious it’s the best absolute best and you can mix it get vanilla so you can mix in whatever you want if you want to mix anything in but it tastes fantastic by itself oh my god it’s delicious I want to just crush all four of these little yogurt containers leave the house al is gonna join me at the gym I think we’re gonna do push day together should be a good workout school bus stop what is this I love that song hopefully he’ll film the hypertrophy part of the workout I don’t expect him to film the whole thing but at least we’ll get a few different shots a few different angles if you will then I normally do during these workout videos because usually they’re all just on a tripod and still [Music] and now there’s an evil inside [Music] can you save disappeared [Music] for you from your watch [Music] tell me what you want [Music] can you say that disappeared [Music] hotter than hot you’re just not right yep getting closer oh dude what did you do you spilt the toothpicks everywhere and I got it on camera we’re back home from the gym we’re making some fajitas Alissa and I we’re doing chicken fajitas Elle’s over here doing beef like look at how much fajita L was making for himself in this pot were you yeah what anyways guys I’m gonna give this guy a hand with the fajitas cuz he’s been he’s been cooking all by himself I hope you enjoyed today’s vlog if you did give the video like and I will see you guys in the next episode [Music]

This Post Was All About That SHREDDED Life Ep.18 | How Has It Taken Me So Long To Try These?!.
That SHREDDED Life Ep.18 | How Has It Taken Me So Long To Try These?!

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In this episode of my bodybuilding and weight loss transformation series “That Shredded Life” I take you guys through a push day workout, I talk about how I’m making changes to my diet to lose weight, and I take you through some of my dieting and weight loss meals.
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