That SHREDDED Life Ep. 16 | I Can’t Believe She Did It | The BEST My Squats Have Looked

That SHREDDED Life Ep. 16 | I Can’t Believe She Did It | The BEST My Squats Have Looked

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it’s already been an hour into today and all we’ve done is clean in fact all we’re gonna do is like clean we took down the trees oh wait this morning is 204 last couple of days and then having some heavy Wayne’s so yeah the past two days my way and has been on the slightly heavier side especially after last week weighing in and the lower 200 having a lot of like 0 3 202 even to a one at the end of the week the last two days I’ve been in the 204 rindge I just had a lot of salt the past two days I’ve had a lot of fiber feel really bloated so as that being said today I’m going to be watching my fiber intake and myself and take because I just feel bloated and get like I’m probably hip eaten 80 grams of fiber each of the past two days you just like an absurd amount Oh chilly out here today guys so Melissa and I were taking a break from cleaning there’s still a lot to be done sorry guys this look at my car can you can you see how completely packed it is full of the Christmas tree decorations my camera a wreath I mean my car is just packed full of Christmas ornaments I am headed to the gym right now it’s a leg day gotta do some squats i think i’m going to do 315 ish for a five by five and then i also have plans on doing a decent amount of accessory work like a lot of different lunges also to do cardio today hoping to do maybe a 500 calorie cardio burn on the machine and it’s going to be a long day to say at least at the gym hello how are you you to sort of didn’t think I was going to buy an energy drink today because I have it in a really long time but I kind of like have to convince myself today to go to the gym I can tell today I’m kind of not like totally feeling going to the gym so hopefully this is going to put me in the gym mood hopefully nothing like love Tempe for somebody like come now Polamalu may be crazy [Music] I’m in love with the sheep are pushing for like a magnet my heart and I’m involved with your body that’s not my [Music] [Music] father than we can win every beginning we going now I mean you sick piece of all you can make some except that was like a two and a half hour workout that was super long and as far as work ethic I was just like a be very average especially I mean when I got to the gym today I really didn’t feel like working out today at all to be honest with you but push through it solid wasn’t anything great wasn’t terrible got cardio out of the way a little bit of the cardio for the week out of the way that’s all good but now I’m absolutely starving this sprite zero is definitely holding my appetite over until I get to the department i mean i have to go to my dad’s house there’s no way i really wish i could just go to my apartment and make a bunch of food but it just doesn’t make sense my dad’s house is really close to the gym my apartment is not really close to gym I’ve got to get all this stuff out of my car because it’s like a one-person car right now this car is like useless I have a whole Christmas tree in my backseat [Music] so change of plans guys Alyssa called me just after I film that last little talk after the gym and she said babe where our plan was to go to a hair appointment together I’m going for emotional support and she’s cutting off a lot of her hair so she’s worried that it’s not going to look good and she’s going to cry and then it’s going to take years to regrow so I need to be there as the rock of this haircut appointment and emotional support husband anyways she doesn’t think she’s going to be able to make it back to the apartment before the haircut appointment so I told her you know what I’ll just go to my dad’s house unload all this stuff the tree and everything pick up some food I happen to have cash in my car which I never have cash I never use cash for anything it just doesn’t make sense guys that you’re going to get 1% back using a credit card you can pay your card off every month different story anyways I picked some food up all the essentials eggs broccoli spinach turkey salsa I’m going to make food as his house now shower up there then we’re going to go to a hair appointment from my dad’s house so my post-workout feast extravaganzas coming together start things off some egg fried rice 1 egg 1 egg white 50 grams of brown rice ate egg white omelet with two servings of spinach 170 grams of spinach on the top it with you guys already know the delicious habanero hot tostitos salsa and then over here I’ve got a hundred and 80 grams of ground turkey with some hot sauce from the restaurant and then dessert is a hundred mm 210 grams frozen blueberries plan is to eat this pretty quickly because the list is going to be here probably within 15 minutes and then I’m just gonna hang out this guy won’t meet my food we’re at the salon I haven’t been to beauty salon since I used to come with my mom to get her hair cut I am praying to God that this haircut goes well guys because well number one the hairdresser is my brothers soon to be wife and number two because if this doesn’t go well alyssa is going to be very very very upset so this is the photo that Alice was going for and that’s the haircut you like it I think it looks really good super cute super cute mom being that 80’s hair cuts off all right guys Alyssa and I are back from her haircut appointment but there is a special get who has moved to Buffalo officially my finger it’s blue for meeting in blueberries Elmer Ellie is a buffalo nyan now so there is going to be a lot more funny moment on the vlog stay tuned for that we are making dinner I’m going to make steaks for everybody and I’m going to end the vlog here because spending some time without spending some time with who is the actress from the 80s I’ll put it on the chin reveal Jennifer Beals from the Flashdance is pain who al think so Alyssa looks like hope you guys enjoyed the blog today if you did give it a like leave a comment in the comments below if you like Elizabeth haircut if you don’t do not leave a comment saying that you don’t all right good bye guys Oh [Music]

This Post Was All About That SHREDDED Life Ep. 16 | I Can’t Believe She Did It | The BEST My Squats Have Looked.
That SHREDDED Life Ep. 16 | I Can't Believe She Did It | The BEST My Squats Have Looked

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That SHREDDED Life Ep. 16 | I Can’t Believe She Did It | The BEST My Squats Have Looked
In this episode of my bodybuilding and weight loss transformation series I do a lower body squat workout, Alyssa gets her hair cut, and my best friend (Al) moves to Buffalo. I also talk about why I’ve been having heavier weigh-ins the past couple of days, and how I plan to lose weight moving forward.
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