That SHREDDED Life Ep. 15 | Leaner By The Day | How Did This happen?!

That SHREDDED Life Ep. 15 | Leaner By The Day | How Did This happen?!

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yeah stuck cloudy and rainy yuck first I’m gonna do today after I weigh myself and he breakfast and going straight to the gym push day gotta film as many exercises of possibly can there then if you remember the last vlog I had to drop my car off at the dealership because of check engine light was on well they had an order of part long story short it can cost me five hundred dollars i think and it is fixed so i’m giving my dad his truck back and then i’m going to pick up my car that i’m going to work the thing that i noticed the most the past couple weeks guys has been area my obliques my obliques have really started come in especially on the right hand side like some days at night i’ll have veins coming up on the obliques but things are come along this week a little bit under my weight loss school so i think there’s going to be some changes coming next week we’ll talk about that probably a breakfast after I make my shakes [Music] I’ve got brain freeze Oh brain freeze far so good though chick is so good there’s only a couple more days left in this week and this is sort of how it’s shaping up in terms of Wayne’s and my macros a lot of 20 3.8 Wayne’s this week 120 2.6 way now and as far as my macros one day I was quite a bit over my macros carb wise oh listen I went out to eat with some friends doing in God’s sushi I think I was about 40 grams over my my carb goal for the day so how I deal with that guy’s first of all when I go out to eat I always overestimate whatever it is that I’m eating and then typically what I’ll do is the next two maybe three days is when i’ll make up for that going over so the next two days you can see here I’ve sort of been planning on decreasing my carbs to make up for that day but these just goals for today actually but as far as weight loss I’m on pace to lose Oh point four percent of my body weight this week so my average weight is 20 3.5 to last week it was 20 4.34 so not bad i’m on the lower end of the weight loss range that i’m trying to hit each week like I’ve mentioned a lot in the blogs I’m trying to lose at the minimum a half percent of my body weight each week so that’s the key indicator for me that next week I need to either make a change to my macros or my cardio levels to lose weight to lose the proper amount of weight that I’m supposed to lose actually because if I keep everything the same I’m probably not going to lose more than point four percent next week it just won’t happen so to keep that ball rolling I’ve got to make more substantial changes and probably making a macro change stop number one is my dad’s house guys because bad planning I had no clean gym clothes at the apartment I have gym clothes here not a huge deal because the gym the restaurant and the house are all like pretty centrally located to one another I live in the city so I was like 20 minutes away from all this stuff and yeah I just kind of run in there real quick grab my gym clothes and then we’ll go to the gym got to workout clothes more importantly some my wireless headphones I’ve been looking all over for these I’ve been working out with wired headphones with past like two weeks changes your workouts guys if you don’t have a pair of wireless headphones get into 2017 these will totally make your workouts and life better all right let’s go to the gym and you person do some push [Music] you tell me [Music] [Music] you [Music] you [Music] he bench is going carefully right now I put you 35 on I thought 275 five six dozen I can handle that I’m not doing pause reps of just touch and go got some six and that was all I can do I’m like all right how about 250 i’ll put you 50 on 56 f 250 that should be no problem gotcha seven and seven woods crying that was like Barbie ETA SML but now I’m down to 325 and I’m going to try and do 325 provides of stuff so hopefully i have sat in the tank but it’s to be expected i mean this is my third exercise that I’ve already done five sets of 7 i’m so very five six or seven on decline bench close for people on banking price I’ve solved a little bit set and because i’m putting i know that i don’t have the stamina that I typically do I’m not so go to the store but right now with the flat bench but let’s get back to it hopefully I can make you 25 [Music] alright guys so that was today’s list I had high hopes I really wanted to sit every exercise that I did today but that just didn’t happen the first three exercises my base three lift just took so long filming every set of those and then I had to do cardio today on top of that I was like yeah this workout is going to be three hours long if I fell Mary exercise so I apologized they didn’t get to see the whole workout it really wasn’t a whole lot more to it but I was getting hungry I just I need to get to the restaurant make some food so my plan right now head to my dad’s house shower up and then go to the restaurant do a little bit of work there and I’m sure you guys can guess what i’m going to eat for lunch there [Music] what’s this guy’s laundry I’m bringing all the laundry for my dad’s house while most of it so I don’t have to keep coming here in wasting time planning planning guys how do I get this in here gotta feeling all of this laundry is going to fall out of there but we’re going to go with it we’re go with it I don’t know how people don’t like showering showering is like one of my favorite activities always feel better after a shower it’s not a place beautiful guys that is one beautiful building if I do say so myself so you’ve got together my post-workout meal guys and I’m sure you can already guess kind of what it is not really doing too much different today 1 egg 2 egg whites serving a half of rice looks like 75 grams of brown rice in here and usually I’m doing two eggs in this but I’m trying to keep my fat a little lower just cuz my fats are lowered out and also maybe to save myself some fat for later in the day too then I open the fridge and I saw these Tomatoes that we had in the fridge and they just looked so good they were super hard part of the tomatoes her it is and let me know in the comments below if you do this I love doing this from time to time so I saw these tomatoes and I was like I need to supply some of these up a little salt little pepper 500 grams of tomatoes really really delicious snack and of course I’m going to drink a sprite 0 or 3 spread zeros with quit this meal too so right now I’m working on my transformation video which by the time this video comes out we’ll have already been out but I really every time I see this picture I can’t believe I’m kind of blow this up when i say i can’t believe that i look like those guys I can’t believe that at some point in my life I had let myself get to this physique but the good news is you can always change your physique you can always get in better shape like I lost almost a hundred pounds from that pitcher and let me tell you I feel unbelievable today and compared to I did back then when I used to walk up a flight of stairs I would sweat I was like 280 pounds there I’m only 62 so that’s a lot of weight for me in tomorrow way for anyone really but you can change your life you just have to start anyways I really didn’t mean for that to be so deep but uh it’s like almost six o’clock i am going to pack up my stuff alyssa is probably home I told her that I bring some food home for the restaurant for her so yeah I’m like six bright zeros deep right now ah bad news guys somehow i deleted the rest of today’s vlog and it’s three weeks later on three weeks behind on editing these logs this vlog was from January 12th I’m sure y
ou can see in my face even bet I look a little leaner than I did three weeks ago I think the end of this vlog I just end up coming home I made myself some steak potatoes and onions and mushrooms and broccoli this isn’t like that kick at the time I go through like these food ticks all I’m dieting and I’m no longer doing the whole steak thing but I was at that point in time which is also why somebody asked me if I was doing another full day of eating or if I could do another full day of eating soon and yes there’s going to be one minute someone tomorrow i think but you guys probably won’t do that for a week or two I’m just trying my best to get caught up on these vlogs but I’ve got like nine of them to edit I want to thank you guys for watching the end of this video I noticed sort of a longer blog and if you’re watching this leave me a question in the comments below if I get enough questions that Luhrmann do it QA really soon so you have a really good chance of getting your question answered in a video to come thank you guys so much for watching if you liked today’s vlog give it a like if you haven’t subscribed subscribe because these vlogs are awesome or I try my best to make them awesome and maybe they get close to being awesome anyways thanks for the support guys thanks for watching I’ll see you the next video [Music]

This Post Was All About That SHREDDED Life Ep. 15 | Leaner By The Day | How Did This happen?!.
That SHREDDED Life Ep. 15 | Leaner By The Day | How Did This happen?!

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That SHREDDED Life Ep. 15 | Leaner By The Day | How Could This happen
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