That SHREDDED Life Ep. 12 | The LOWEST I’ve Weighed In Over 5 Years!

That SHREDDED Life Ep. 12 | The LOWEST I’ve Weighed In Over 5 Years!

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so literally just woke up I just came out here to get my camera because there is a big big milestone that happened this morning way my so take you guys in the bathroom show you the scale check this out guys weigh in is 20 three point eight this morning which is obviously an all-time low and for the diet and it is below it that I’ve weighed in over five years to last time that i compute in the show i weighed 200 pounds of the lowest that I’ve been in it was 66 years ago and I’m getting close to that weight i think i’m going to compete in a little 190 she’s got 10 pounds to go in about 13 weeks totally manageable and I really think there’s going to be some huge changes in the missus eek update this week compared even last weekend definitely from the start of the diet so just really hyped up right now about this morning plan oh no it’s breakfast time guys the worst is like when you don’t wash your lender like this is I use these scissors to open up meat so yeah I’m going to clean that blender this is the worst I’ve been making two protein shakes for breakfast every morning I’ve been starting the day the same which is nice I think it’s important it can lend itself to you having more success if you’re kind of consistent with things my breakfast it’s just kind of a rock of my diet I started with two liters so I make you shake a leader piece of protein shake a scoop of chocolate protein powder some vanilla unsweetened almond milk half a banana unsweetened cocoa powder and walden farms chocolate syrup a lot device obviously blend that all up and I have two of those and then I don’t really eat for most of the days you guys see you in like my full day of eating I have maybe small stuff in the meantime before my lift or something maybe a couple of eggs something like that and then at night I’ve also been really consistent which may be wanting a great weigh-in today I’ve been doing kind of sirloin steaks they’re about 160 180 grams after they’re cooked with baked potatoes and a vegetable then after I have my steak meal that’s when i’ll have my hips chitram a curry fun food me I think you just make sense to do that because I think a big problem for people is sometimes they try to fit them if it’s your macaroni stuff in the beginning of their day and then it makes hitting the rest of your numbers way harder so pro tip guys if you can possibly do it wait until the end of the day to eat your if it fits your macros I think you’ll just have way more success hitting your numbers and staying consistent on your diet hello how are you I do ours no just made lunch guys lunch today if you’ve been following the vlogs then you know that I typically make egg fried rice at the restaurant so that is what I made today but usually I have two servings of rice which is 100 grams and two eggs since my macros are lower this is just one serving of rice guys so 50 grams of rice still having two eggs but I’m also going to have a couple of sprite bureaus I drink like seven of these a day just really helps curb my appetite they’re delicious but i really like zero calories there’s no caffeine in here so it’s like kind of the middle of the afternoon and i’m not going to be up all night drinking me also i can bring them late at night which is awesome but my favorite thing is low sodium only one percent of your daily value sodium in the scan and we drink seven of them that adds up i don’t really worry too much about sodium but i do use quite a bit of salt on food so when you drink seven at ease that sodium number it adds up and thank you my sodium from these sodas as low as possible definitely helps with not looking bloated work is done it’s time to go to the gym it is a push day today and i’m going to switch up how i do my push days i’m going to actually start my push days now with shoulder press and then i’m going to move on from there probably shoulder press the triceps just kind of working on my weak points obviously chest is the stronger part of my body so I’m just not going to start with that anymore so sort of the goal that I set for myself today to do 155 pounds for a five by five everything today is going to be a five by five at least to start the workout and then I’ll get the hypertrophy after my first three exercises but i’ll probably show you guys the first we lift today after that i don’t think i’m going to film the whole thing just because i want to sort of get in get out i also have to do cardio after my list so probably not going to show you guys the hypertrophy work but you’ll see the base 3 list anyway [Music] [Music] [Music] I’ll be having with me [Music] [Music] jim was sort of frustrating today the new year’s resolution errs came out in droves it was really really busy and the workout was just kind of difficult to get through but I’m making dinner right now all this to make dinner a long time ago she’s check this out guys she’s I think she are you meeting this cell yeah she made a cutlet three hours ago and has been working she’s behind me working nonstop on editing the macros may be easy ebook she think I work hard guys like two weeks straight of just she’s the best worker ever the best wife ever to but this is what I’ve got going on for dinner tonight too sweet potatoes this is Jersey white suit potato I speeches this on the vlogs before this is like my favorite potato these are awesome and you probably the grocery store get one of these because they’re delicious very buttery and then three servings of broccoli some mushrooms onions and two sirloin steaks so I think I’m gonna call it a vlog here what movie did you want to watch on amazon you remember gangster movie she does remember anyways ready to vlog here I hope you guys enjoyed it if you did if you’re still watching give the video like just help the channel grow really appreciate it thank you guys so much take care guys [Music]

This Post Was All About That SHREDDED Life Ep. 12 | The LOWEST I’ve Weighed In Over 5 Years!.
That SHREDDED Life Ep. 12 | The LOWEST I've Weighed In Over 5 Years!

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That SHREDDED Life Ep. 12 | The LOWEST I’ve Weighed In Over 5 Years!
In this episode, I reach an all-time prep low for the diet – which also happens to be the lowest bodyweight I’ve been at in over 5 years. I talk about how I’ve I setting up my meals throughout the day to get me to this point. I also give suggestions for people following an IIFYM diet how they can have better adherence with their own diet. Also, it was a push day at the gym, and I hit my goal lifts on overhead press, bench press, and close grip bench press.
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