That SHREDDED Life Ep.1 | The Diet Begins – Dieting With IIFYM

That SHREDDED Life Ep.1 | The Diet Begins – Dieting With IIFYM

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it’s a sad sad day in the Deaf household today mr. Morelli is leaving us it’s super early before his flight right now he doesn’t leave until five o’clock in the afternoon but we’re gonna go into the restaurant and hang out there for probably at least a few hours he’s gonna need a bunch of ducks wings because he’s a huge duff’s fanatic and I get his fix of pizza logs because he’s never had Pizza logs in his entire life I’ve had Bagel Bites I’ve had hot pockets but I’ve never had Pizza log well your world is about to change my friend eat say your joke huh want to say your joke yeah what did one Shepherd say to the other Shepherd let’s get the flock out of here [Music] that was an audition this is ELLs first time trying a pizza log the Mount even know how this is possible there is no attractive weddings that’s what they meant you gotta get your face dirty your hands dirty if you’re trying to be attractive in a manger so Al and I were supposed to share her event of real magic lunch together but as you guys can hear him about to get a phone call so our last meal is it’s not gonna happening properly oh man all right hombre it’s been real homey bring it in now is the worst luck ever it’s gonna be so weird man yeah I’m so used to like you living with me now like it was half a month almost I know all right have a safe flight buddy bye dude good morning guys it is December 1st and that means that bulk life has come to an end I think there was only five or six episodes I’m sorry I wasn’t really planning on starting dieting so soon but I ended up finding a show April 8th and I realized I need you to start dieting today so to give myself enough time to hold on to as much muscle as I possibly can well I died for the show there’s only 17 weeks that I have to prepare for the show and we do physique competition never competed in physique before so that is gonna be an experience and I’ll show you guys kind of how November the weigh-ins in November kind of worked out sort of how I wanted them to as you see here my targets goal was 209 once I started the month as my final weigh-in and the last week in November my average way it was 208 0.8 of course Thanksgiving was the 24th I woke up that morning 208 and then I gained four pounds from Thanksgiving guys ate way too much pie way too much pie but this is kind of my wins for this this current week two tens – or nines pretty much on pace with with that goal weight of – a nine so I’m gonna weigh myself and then I’ve got to take some photos because obviously you have to take some before photos if you’re gonna start a diet and yeah let me start the day first weigh-in of the diet is 210 point four pounds it’s cold outside it’s so cold only a Buffalo could it snow rain and hail all at the same time that’s what it’s doing right now can you can you guys hear my car so I should probably let you guys know my starting macros right my starting macros for the diet it’s gonna be 350 grams of carbs 60 grams of fat and 220 grams of protein the last week and a half I think I’ve been hitting 400 plus grams of carbs thinking been adding probably on the 7080 ish grabs a fat range but still probably have been adding my 220 grams of protein I just think with Thanksgiving even before Thanksgiving I was treating myself a little bit because I knew I was gonna start dieting so yeah little extra cereal here are some cookies here a few slices of pie there it adds up and I want to see how these numbers how my body responds to these numbers instead of adding cardio or anything like that I’m just gonna do hit these macros day in and day out for a week and then kind of reassess at that point and see if I’m losing weight which I think I’m gonna be at that level especially hitting those numbers consistently and once the week is over my first few adjustments is definitely going to be changes to card adding cardio into my plan I’m not going to be making macro changes and I don’t think my first two or three adjustments are gonna be [Music] just leaving the office now dad wants to go to his favorite restaurant Swiss Chalet I’m already taking you guys this fish away so make this to punch ugh Paulin is freezing out here it’s so cold you don’t have no fair it’s freezing outside oh this used to be the European health spa yeah so I want a lifetime membership job in a contract a lifetime is 20 years I said throw me out of your thing you lying bastard look like them to me it feel like that all these guys went with French fries here they can’t even see Dave’s chicken it’s just a pile of french fries Dave we all went with half chickens I got a baked potato though this just looks amazing with we just got back a little bit ago from Canada and Alyssa called me I have to go to Michaels and pick up more thank-you cards for our wedding because our thank yous are still not out and our wedding was in August it is now December so we are like way late hon getting those out hey did you call Michaels and see if they have the you didn’t you just thought they were gonna have them yeah I don’t think they have to thank he is I’m sorry I love you bye so Michaels was a fail they definitely don’t have the thankies here all right guys so I’m at the gym and I don’t feel like being here right now it’s six o’clock at night I usually don’t lift this place and it’s dark outside I’m tired there’s a million excuses for me not to do this workout but I’m still here I’m still gonna do this workout I’m gonna give it everything I’ve got my goal well you guys are gonna see today is probably just bench and my goal for bench is 250 for five sets of ten paws reps not a 100% sure I can do that but that’s what I have in my mind so let’s start the workout blood of psycho strong go what if I get higher what if I start doing things I know I will regret I will make my own way I wanna surrender I will do my best until I get put under [Music] at second set of 250 for 10 was an RPE of 10 super super hard so I’m going down to 230 and hopefully hitting 230 for my final 3 sets of 10 I don’t even know who maybe to be able to do that because the last set of 250 like totally taxed me [Music] oh yeah just finished the last set of 230 410 and 230 was way more manageable than 250 I have no idea why I thought I could do 250 4 5 cent cuz I’m not even close to that song not even close to that strong and it’s not just because today is kind of a blah day and I didn’t feel like being here although now I feel like I’m into the workout it’s funny how that happens like you know you come in here and you feel like totally like crap and you don’t want to be here at all and then you start doing a few sets and you feel great and you want to keep working out that’s a different story bench really happy with how I finished now I’m gonna go finish my workout but this is all that I’m gonna take for that so see you the apartment I am in full recipe development mode right now guys check this out this is going to be a cinnamon roll protein pancake and let me tell you it’s awesome so I don’t want to tell you exactly what’s in there just yet because it’s not 100% ready for the channel but there will be more recipes coming to the channel very very soon but that is going to conclude today’s vlog I still have like a hundred grams of carbs that I need to eat my my situation right now is pretty much ate all the protein for the day I met like 215 grams of protein I still have 100 grams of carbs and I have like 5 grams of fat left so wish me luck hitting those macros at this last meal I hope you enjoyed the vlog I know there’s like two days combined if you did give the video like give it
a thumbs up give it a thumbs up for more recipes coming to this channel so I will see you guys in the next episode [Music]

This Post Was All About That SHREDDED Life Ep.1 | The Diet Begins – Dieting With IIFYM.
That SHREDDED Life Ep.1 | The Diet Begins - Dieting With IIFYM

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That SHREDDED Life Ep.1 | The Diet Begins – Dieting With IIFYM
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