That SHREDDED Diet Ep. 7 | Meal By Meal Full Day Of Eating On a Cut

That SHREDDED Diet Ep. 7 | Meal By Meal Full Day Of Eating On a Cut

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so today’s vlog is already starting off on the wrong foot I just went down to the market and there’s there’s like a market that sells food below my apartment they sell it for outrageous prices like five times the price of what groceries should cost so they totally rip you off and I was like all right I’m out of ice I really want to start my day off with a banana coffee chocolate little meal shake and to make that a reality I need ice so I go down there buy a $5 bag of ice I buy a $3 one roll of paper towels for $3 because they need favorite Dallas’s I’m doing some recipe stuff here in a second and turns out I don’t have any almond milk so go back down to the market and probably pay like six bucks for not even a gallon of almond milk it’s freezing out here so it turns out guys I was wrong it wasn’t six bucks it was a better deal than six bucks he was three dollars and fifty cents for thirty-two ounces of almond milk highway robbery you can buy a gallon of almond milk at the grocery store for three dollars and fifty cents [Music] the shake is absolutely delicious in here is 120 grams of banana so it’s like one medium-sized banana two cups of vanilla unsweetened almond milk do I have chocolate on my lip I feel like I have chocolate on my lip 40 grams of steel-cut oats probably like 6 tablespoons of calorie-free chocolate syrup Walden Farms calorie free chocolate syrup bunch of ice one tablespoon of cafe pisello instant coffee and four tablespoons of unsweetened cocoa powder macros on the shake 10 grams of protein 68 grams of guards 17 of which is fiber and 10 grams of fat I have steel coats stuck all in my teeth all in my teeth this is Darrell anyways guys speaking of macros my macro goals today 240 grams of protein 300 grams of carbs and 50 grams of fat I’m gonna drink the shake see you guys at meal number two I just finished doing a spicy peanut sauce for the channel and I was licking the heck out of the spatula so I’ve got a guesstimate the macros think I’m just gonna guesstimate that I had one serving of Peavey – I didn’t don’t go too crazy maybe one serving of PB – and I’m gonna say 5 grams 5 to 10 grams of sugar substitute so let’s say 8 grams of sugar substitute and one serving of PB – that’s gonna be my guest summation for licking the spatula alright guys so I just got home from the gym did a little grocery shopping after the gym which made me super hungry because I haven’t even had a proper meal yet today and the number-one rule about grocery shopping is you never go to the grocery store hungry because then you just keep buying things that you’re craving and you don’t really need it luckily for me that didn’t happen but I am super hungry right now so I am going to eat a lot of food at this meal it is going to be a huge meal I think I’m gonna make a chicken stir-fry with the spicy peanut sauce I have a bunch of protein like pretty much all my protein macros left because as you guys know I haven’t really had any protein today so that PB to spicy peanut sauce loaded with protein I’m gonna have a ton of chicken ton of veggies and then I’m gonna have some pretzels some fruit [Music] doing a little judo mind trick just splitting up my stir-fry first of all it’s just it’s a ton of food but I’m trying to make myself feel like a meeting even a little bit more food by splitting you up into two servings this is three hundred and sixty grams of chicken with bean sprouts matchstick carrots snow peas broccoli baby corn a little bit of sesame oil and of course the star of the dish is the peanut sauce that I was making for the channel earlier hopefully I’m gonna do just this recipe in general this spicy peanut chicken stir-fry recipe for the channel super soon no promises on that but I would really like to make this for the channel ASAP then I had three servings of pretzels but this is only like a serving and a half now because I was munching on them I was making my stir fry and then for dessert 210 grams of frozen strawberries and 140 grams of frozen blueberries but this meal is packed with protein as you guys know I really didn’t have much protein so far today this meal 133 grams of protein 175 grams of carbs and 15 grams of fat so after this I’m gonna have very few carbs both maybe less than 50 grams and like 20 grams of fat to work with so my plan is to use a or eat a bunch of vanilla unsweetened almond milk and Cheerios to finish the rest of my macros at least carbs and fat wise I think I’m gonna have quite a bit of protein still left to eat and not really sure what direction I’m gonna go with with the protein just yet but I’m gonna need this and I will see you guys in a bit it is 11:36 and I’m exhausted and if you’re wondering what this is this is a blanket I’m also cold so I just made my last meal of the day I thought I was gonna have Cheerios but I’m actually more in the salty mood than sweet mood as it turns out so didn’t go with the Cheerios weren’t with more pretzels because as you guys know I’m obsessed with pretzels having 5 cups of vanilla unsweetened all no because I have all that fat I still have to hit then for protein I’m doing 2 cans of canned tuna with a little bit of Miracle Whip because Miracle Whip better macros than mayonnaise even the light mini so in this Miracle Whip it’s only one and a half grams of fat and two grams of carbs per serving light mayonnaise is like three and a half grams of fat so I have five servings of that in there a little bit of dill some matchstick carrots tiny bit of red onion this is super super good I already had a little bit of a bite of this and yeah it’s yummy so that is my last meal of the day find out what my final total of macros is final total for macros two hundred and forty four grams of protein pretty close to my protein goal three hundred and ten grams of carbs so there’s 10 grams of carbs over my car goal and 53 grams of fat toes just slightly over my faculties full day of eating if you did let me know in the comments below we’ll do more of them and I will see you guys in the next video but I’m all woman my nipples are very sensitive your house off my skin is I won’t marry I don’t want to see you stop being such a cuz the scratch

This Post Was All About That SHREDDED Diet Ep. 7 | Meal By Meal Full Day Of Eating On a Cut.
That SHREDDED Diet Ep. 7 | Meal By Meal Full Day Of Eating On a Cut

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That SHREDDED Diet Ep. 7 | Full Day Of Eating On a Cut | Meal By Meal
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