That SHREDDED Diet Ep.10 – Full Day Of Eating While Cutting | What I Eat In A Day To Lose Weight

That SHREDDED Diet Ep.10 – Full Day Of Eating While Cutting | What I Eat In A Day To Lose Weight

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you’re so loud over there you’re having chips for breakfast you’re having chips and dip for breakfast I really think the loudest thing to eat is potato chips there’s nothing louder that you can possibly eat take a bite of that let’s see how loud it is mm-hmm Christmas was last weekend and I didn’t track anything all weekend long so I was in a huge calorie surplus the entire weekend I decided that to kind of regulate myself and bring my calories back into sort of the normal range they were supposed to be I would create a even larger calorie deficit than I have been hitting so today’s macros are like poverty macros my mattress today are 200 and probably 20 grams of protein I’m going to lower it I’ve been trying it 240 150 grams of carbs which is like half the carp total that I’ve been trying to hit and then 25 grams of fat which is half the fat total that I’ve been trying to hit right now the last like week and a half but that’s like a thousand calories less than sort of what I have been eating he was the most beautiful girl in the world Pulis isn’t like deep concentration she’s working on the e-book that I finished guys she’s formatting and I think how’s it going babe how do you think the ebooks going that look though getting that look again give me that look again anyways I made a chocolate protein shake one scoop of chocolate protein powder two servings of vanilla jello I think I mentioned this in the past but if you guys ever want to thicken up your protein shake just to add some instant jello to it even if you don’t use regular milk because you need like regular milk to actually make pudding it will still thicken up like an almond milkshake one serving of vanilla original almond breeds four servings like 20 grams of some unsweetened cocoa powder and a banana a bunch of ice this thing is delicious as far as macros 29 grams of protein 51 carbs and 5 grams of fat so that basically means that I just had third of the carbs that I can eat for the entire day it’s not gonna be a lot of fun today not gonna be a lot of fun at all I think we’re gonna go ice skating right after breakfast we’re gonna go ice skating get closer my they’re still dark yeah you do you just hold her I don’t think so it’s like two hours later and we had plans to go ice skating is it really tourism I think it’s like two hours later and I don’t think ice skating is gonna happen I’m gonna like going down on the market and get diet soda to make it seem like I’m eating food or something I’m gonna market love you [Music] this is delicious real fact number 1289 typically blueberries become ripe after 12 to 5 weeks on the bush did you know that now you do we’re going over to my cousin’s house for dinner tonight and she looks like an hour away I obviously don’t have a ton of macros to play around with right now so I’m just having a snack usually a great snack for me I like a go-to to keep me full is eggs so I’m having just a couple of eggs over-easy and I think we mentioned this in another vlog but if you don’t know the secret of great tasting eggs it’s not focusing bogus on this this is the secret to amazing Peg’s what how do you how do you say the name howdy says what’s the name say it say the name what’s the name we are on the way to my cousin’s house ELISA she’s like the best worker I ever hired ever working in the car push it you don’t remember who she is my dad big guy lay on your back oh you are riot whoa dude you get that for Christmas we didn’t plan on it Sophie’s grandma thank you everybody ordered pet I think everybody’s done eating I brought all my food and made it here I tried to keep with the pad top team I did shrimp stir-fry with some Asian veggie medley mix some of the soybean pasta you guys know I really like and then to add some volume to the whole thing some pasta zero share talking tofu noodles and there’s like 420 grams of shrimp between these two dishes so I’m gonna go eat dinner yeah your photo bombing me right now man this photo guys tell me that that isn’t the most interesting man in the world he wouldn’t be afraid to show his feminine side if he had one he is the most interesting man in the world love you Uncle Phil love you guys these are like the best Christmas lights I think these big ones this is what we need when we get a house are these big Christmas lights it’s 12 28 Alyssa and I are finally home from my cousin’s house I just made my last meal today just 300 grams of egg whites and this thick spicy salsa I showed this I put in the fridge I showed this in the last vlog this stuff I’m really impressed Tostitos the problem with most salsas is that they’re never hot enough and never chunky enough this is both of those things so freaking delicious by the way guys if you were wondering how I ate pasta and I had quite a bit of pasta at my cousin’s tonight I’ve shown this on the vlog in the past I’m not affiliated with this company at all they don’t send me these for free nothing like that this is just an awesome product guys this organic soy bean pasta is how I ate so much pasta at their house I’ve shown this on the vlog before I think like I said two grams of fat 22 grams of carbs 25 grams of protein that’s for an average-sized serving 56 grams of pasta you really can’t beat this stuff it’s really really delicious as far as my macros 217 grams of protein 160 grams of carbs and 23 grams of fat so pretty much hit my numbers exactly how I wanted him today poverty macros today sucked in terms of food that’s gonna do it for today’s full day of eating guys I hope you enjoyed it I’ll see you in the next video good I guess I’m a police officer this is an arrest I’m a cop you idiot I’m detective John Kimble this man is under arrest

This Post Was All About That SHREDDED Diet Ep.10 – Full Day Of Eating While Cutting | What I Eat In A Day To Lose Weight.
That SHREDDED Diet Ep.10 - Full Day Of Eating While Cutting | What I Eat In A Day To Lose Weight

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In this episode of TSL I take you through a full day of eating – on poverty macros. I decreased my macros after the holidays to hopefully offset being in a caloric surplus during that weekend. This what I eat in a day vlog shows how I went about offsetting my caloric intake.
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