That Bulk Life Ep. 4 | The End Is Near

That Bulk Life Ep. 4 | The End Is Near

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hey Josh doing my morning way and an L came out of the bedroom and I am completely naked right now Wayne in this morning at 20 5.4 are you are you stretching to go down there and get your almond milk later bud enjoy your shake so basically L is going to make that cafe milkshake that I made on the channel while back he is obsessed with it he made it for him when I got married he came in for my wedding and ever since then he is just like been in love with that shake so we don’t have any almond milk or bananas which you need for the shake the apartment so he’s going to the local market she’s just like right around the corner from my apartment and I picking that stuff up I’m adding in a work pretty much gonna do the same thing that we did yesterday he’s working from the apartment I gotta take care of some business to the restaurant and then we’re I’m gonna come back pick him up and never going to the gym so on my way to work this morning I got a random email from one of the partners in our franchise group and he want to have a meeting at his location never second-guess the location before this is one of our newer locations it’s really really nice inside I’ll take you guys in there and show you what it looks like [Music] so that was a pretty productive meeting it’s like three o’clock now at the original location just made my pre-workout meal which is three eggs three egg whites cup of coffee same thing as ended yesterday I’m just gonna eat this and do a little work around here and then I’m going back to the apartment I’m gonna pick up Morelli and then we’re gonna gym it’s time to call it a day bro yeah let’s go do push day let’s go do the push day gonna go push it all up own yeah you gotta push it gonna push it out yet my big goal today is 315 for five sets of three think I’m gonna do it you believe me either pause reps not touch and go pause reps how what’s the count 11 second like it would be for like a powerlifting meet oh I do three second cuz im a boss you think I’m gonna do it yeah man they really go there’s a parking spot I’m staying here [Music] [Music] so that concludes the strength portion of today’s workout and I actually think he went better than expected to be honest with you l over here something’s going on the shoulder so he’s working through that but we’re not going to film the hypertrophy part of this work out because l’s got a hot date to go to in like an hour so we’re gonna do some hypertrophy and really quick in like 20 minutes sorry guys al and I are home from the gym he’s just about to go on his date I am not about to go on his date I made some dinner at home I’m having a bunch of shrimp action having like a pound of shrimp is like half of the shrimp and the other half is in this shrimp lo mein that I made and it is totally hitting the spot guys this is so good I made it with that protein pasta that I having you guys know that I love that and the charred veggies and the soy sauce and the sesame oil yes delicious anyways that is gonna do it for this vlog hope you guys enjoyed it if you did give it a thumbs up give it a like and I’ll catch guys to the next one who told you can eat my cookies mmm oh jeez I gotta get the recipe from lives but then cook it down now

This Post Was All About That Bulk Life Ep. 4 | The End Is Near.
That Bulk Life Ep. 4 | The End Is Near

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That Bulk Life Ep. 4 | The End Is Near
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