That Bulk Life Ep. 2 | A New Deadlift PR – 600lbs!

That Bulk Life Ep. 2 | A New Deadlift PR – 600lbs!

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as far as my way in this morning 20 7.2 so it’s veterans day and alyssa has off of school today she’s supposed to come to the gym with me she’s ditching me to go hang out with her mom aren’t you what do you want me to say like a grandpa that he was a World War two veteran and you’re not from the state’s you don’t know what veterans day is basically it’s a national holiday here a lot of love off of work in school that’s why Alyssa’s not at work takes and schools are closed and we commemorate and remember and honor all of our servicemen and women who have served the country in one way or another so that’s kind of what the holiday is all about the restaurant isn’t close though so I’m going in there I’m going to do some work and then it’s deadlift day today so I’m celebrating the holiday with some deadlifts back at it again guys yesterday I didn’t have any brown rice to the house and you guys know I love to eat brown rice fried rice pre-workout so today Hunter grams of brown rice three whole eggs and two chicken breasts so I just got to the gym guys and today is a deadlift day there’s supposed to be a five by five deadlift day I was following my programming right that’s what today would have been but I don’t feel like doing sets of five today so I’m going to do a bunch of doubles and then I’m gonna try and work my way up to probably like a 500 for a double and I’m just gonna start doing singles hopefully I’ll hit 585 for a single and if I hit 585 for a single then I’m going to try and hit 600 for a single which would be totally awesome because that would be a huge PR at this current body weight I’ve serious doubts 585 is happening today right now i just finished that set of a 495 for a double and just feeling heavier than normal right now why wait to say at least I did it my way that way to phase but in my heart I understand I made my move and it was all about you do I feel so far removed 585 wasn’t terrible guys and I feel like if I don’t try at least try 600 then i will definitely regret not trying it so 600 here we go in my way you were the one thing came away you are the one thing in my way 600 pounds in the books was a forum great no was it grind yes I freaking just did that it’s a new PR displayed so excited come in come in do you need me to open the door look at this at first I thought the candy cane said something that I realized they were just candy cakes I love how you just like interrupted my passion for your thrift storing give it a get away from my food it all smells like drift store good get away look at your the thrift store smell Stefano international that’s how you know it’s good so Alyssa and I are going out to there so I’m such a good husband I’m taking around on a date and I don’t anything nutritious to eat all day today for breakfast you guys so I have brown rice and some eggs so nothin nutritious really there and then during the deadlifts I had an entire box of sour patch kids which are delicious but but not nutritious and then when we go out to eat I don’t really trust myself to order anything micronutrients so I’m getting that all the way and get all my micronutrients all the way this meal and I’m having 300 grams of the sweet potato to earn 10 grams of some frozen strawberries and blueberries and 210 grams of some ground turkey with a little bit of low-calorie pizza sauce but anyways guys I gotta get ready for the state I hope you enjoyed the episode if you have been enjoying the new series give the video a thumbs up because it just helps a channel grow I’ll catch you guys in the next episode

This Post Was All About That Bulk Life Ep. 2 | A New Deadlift PR – 600lbs!.
That Bulk Life Ep. 2 | A New Deadlift PR - 600lbs!

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That Bulk Life Ep. 2 | A New Deadlift PR – 600lbs!
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