That Bulk Life Ep.1 | My Dieting E-Book & A Bench Press PR

That Bulk Life Ep.1 | My Dieting E-Book & A Bench Press PR

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feels like forever since I made a vlog it’s only been a week it’s weird how that feels but a lot of times I film I’m like back to back to back because I like to fill my workout days and then like I won’t fill my day off from the gym but it’s been it’s been a long time I’ve been working on a different project other than the blog so that’s why so as far as my weigh-ins went for the first week of November my weekly average Wayne was 206 I was up just over a quarter of a percent from the week before but 206 is lower than my average weight in October of 207 as you guys know I’m not really worried about gaining a lot of weight during my reverse diet I’m more focused on maximizing my metabolic capacity and as you can see here a lot of my weigh ins are more in the 207 range so also one thing I didn’t tell you guys was there’s some macro changes my macros are up to 375 grams at day now my fat is up to 60 grams a day but protein is still staying at 220 grams a day what i was saying guys i haven’t blogged much lately and the reason is because I’ve just been putting all of my time and to finally finishing this ebook I’ve been working on this thing for three years it’s geared towards beginners it’s all about finding your macros tracking your macros adjusting your macros as you see it’s like a pretty comprehensive guide right here in terms of my fitness bell on how to use that and then it even is like I was saying about adjusting your macros and how to go about that the book it comes with a spreadsheet the spreadsheets like my Bible this is basically how I know when to make all of my adjustments because like you guys know with my calendar I’m always trying to hit ranges in terms of body weight loss or gain depending on if I’m dieting or reverse dieting and I’m also trying to hit ranges in terms of my macros which I don’t really talk about a lot but it shows you in the spreadsheet when you need to make those changes so the spreadsheet is really a big reason why I’ve had so much success dieting and reverse dieting I’ve been working on it for so long i’m excited to finally just have closure it be done get out to the world help people with it because i know so many people are going to have success when they utilize the book also it goes through an entire example of somebody dieting with the spreadsheet for 16 weeks and reverse diet in using the spreadsheet for I think 12 weeks and it’s just very intuitive once you see how somebody’s doing it in the examples in the book then when when you’re dieting you know exactly what you want to look for and how to make your adjustments my first meal of the day is 400 grams of white potatoes because I brought all my brown rice to the restaurant you guys know I’m been eating a breakfast there pretty much every day my pre-workout meal has been there well I don’t have any of my apartment name work is all at the restaurant so no fried rice today have potatoes then I have 180 grams of some ground turkey with a little bit of local pizza sauce and 210 grams of frozen strawberries we’re at the gym and today is a low-volume push day I show you guys my last load volume push day and the big goal of that push day if you remember was 305 for five sets of triples on the flat bench and I did that no problem actually had a really good workout my last love I’ve day so today’s goal is 310 may be four five sets of triples but really I’m thinking for two or three sets of triples and then the other two or three sets I hit 305 so a little bit of progress and get a go get a little chunker well that’s that alright so I’m gonna head into the gym and and we’re gonna do this workout walk with me I swear these four walls we talking to me but every time I speak it’s like they don’t understand me I got abandoned by my family so I just communicate with the snow cat and its melody shriveling my feelings is the only way to explain if they don’t get the message and I guess I’m wasting my breath I feel the devil’s presence on my every step hoping that I slip really had my doubts today about getting 3 10 45 but after the second side I just feel really good I think would have no problem hitting these last three sets well cuz he trying to get me back I’m trying to find the light in a shadow with depth and that’s probably the thing that’s been causing me stress I can’t sleep at night when I close my eyes I reminisce and think of times of me being on the streets at night and going a whole day without eating them I just finished all five sets of three times and I think for the most part i averaged an RP of probably seven and i’m pretty sure the next time I’ve got a low volume push day I’ll be able to do at least a few sets with 315 if not all five sets at 315 because that moved pretty easy the only set that was challenging that my bed at seven and a half was the last set weather than that hey they all move smooth so pretty happy with a bench progress today for sure eating a bite and banana by my mom cuz something didn’t seem right see see what my life is like you will understand why I am the way I am I deal with the struggle bird’s head it man there ain’t at the worst day seeing your mom cursed with finding that wrong man who just hit her and eyes up a little kid I hate to admit this is why there’s a boy with my dad I guess I just finished the fifth set of overhead press and for the most part I think those shots were RP seven and a half the last set I was probably at least an eight and a half not quite a nine but I think the next a low-volume day I’m going to bump up to 170 at least for the first few sets so that’s encouraging I feel good today and feel strong and clearly i’m making progress look look about now this was like caving in I probably said something and they finally get when I ain’t tripping or dripping its way the game better be ready for what I’m bringing and I just hope that my time in ain’t can but no matter what I do people always seem upset so I say so I decided say screw it we’re doing 295 for the last two sets of grade 285 was yeah wasn’t that hard and keep on progressing didn’t I hate these verses what aggression rich enough attention mr. West Toby then jesus walks and I believed him cuz he did whenever they get guy to meet you down the path between right and wrong even though I’m old enough to know what I have to do see life is bliss so imma treat it like it is maybe I was at the wrong 295 was actually a lot easier than I thought it’d be those two sets total easy but that’s going to conclude the gym question today’s vlog so I will see you guys at the apartment for some post-workout food so I made a million peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches but approach zip guys if you want to make some delicious peanut butter with your PB 2 I used 6 servings of PB 2 and 1 tablespoon of honey also I sprinkle a little bit of salt in there and it turns out like that honey infused peanut butter that chip cells oh my lord it’s delicious you should really check this out if you love peanut butter you love honey why aren’t you putting honey in your PB 2 before a teaspoon of butter and jelly sandwiches you guys will notice that this is the first episode of a new series called that bulk life and the reason why I want to start a new series was because the full day of any videos are kind of like day in the life videos instead of just full day of eating and I want to make those just eating videos so in this series what you’re going to see is a lot more focus on my progress in terms of weigh-ins and how lean bulking is going more workout stuff and even like intra workout commentary sor
t of like I did today I think that that’s kind of cool and physique updates stuff like that and then the full day of eating videos will just focus on eating from now on it just I think that makes more sense you click on a full day of eating video you probably don’t want to see a day in the life video am i right so I hope you guys enjoyed this first episode of that bulk life and i’ll see you guys in episode 2 by the way give the video a like for me hitting 310 for five sets of triples today I think that’s a PR at this body weight

This Post Was All About That Bulk Life Ep.1 | My Dieting E-Book & A Bench Press PR.
That Bulk Life Ep.1 | My Dieting E-Book & A Bench Press PR

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