Stress Induced Weight Gain: Dr. Berg Skype Interview with Cheryl Stytle

Stress Induced Weight Gain: Dr. Berg Skype Interview with Cheryl Stytle

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hey guys we have another great before-and-after Sheryl’s with us I think from Indiana right Cheryl correct okay great hey why don’t you just just jump right in and share your history of I saw the before pictures I want to know like how long ago was that and what actually happened well a little bit long story we’ll make it as short as possible that I was always thin as a kid and even after having four children remained size six probably at my biggest and about ten years ago I moved to Indiana from Kentucky and got into a little bit of a situation where I get depressed and I got very stressed and weight just started packing it on it was a big surprise to me one of those things where you know you don’t notice you’re getting big or at least I was kind of thankful that when I looked at myself in the mirror I didn’t see what was actually there because that would have beaten me even more depressed I don’t know it’s just a big a big weight gain over over eight to ten year period for no reason but stress it may have been a little diet but my diet really didn’t change no after having four kids being a size six you know I was a little more active but I didn’t think it make that big of a difference maybe my metabolism after turning 40 some 45 now so I’m really still not sure what caused the weight to pack on except for maybe stress and depression what toe what was your age at that time where you you started just like you’ve gained a lot of weight 38 38 okay so you went through all this stress were you sleeping at the time or now did you say sleeping yeah now my sleep has always been a problem it’s really interesting that you bring that up you know I I work a night shift job currently and sleep is still in she get six to eight hours but I’m lucky sometimes I’ll work two jobs when I call me into my other place of employment and I’ll get four or five and that’s like a collective sleep so the things I do need to work on is my sleep so I always hear I hear you in the back of my head you know recovery recovery and burning things and sleep and right yeah that’s a struggle from you probably saw the adrenal body type video where I talk about stress being like something I think it’s kind of a ignored area with weight gain but it’s very common did you see that video that I had on the adrenals I did yeah that’s probably your video for you because he the stress can activate a hormone called cortisol did you did you gain weight all over was it mainly in the midsection it was kind of all over yeah you see in my pictures I have a lot of face fat arm fat you know my shoes even fit better when I started keto I started losing weight you know on my rings I had to actually take off and put on a key ring because they wouldn’t fit my fingers so amazing it was all wow yeah cuz it’s almost like it’s a it’s amazing how because I saw you before picture and then the after it was like before during and after what was your peak weight that you hit that your maximum weight that you’re weighing your worth oh I kind of stopped looking about 220 hmm and I stopped taking pictures probably well before that it was just by chance I found a couple that were at my peak rate but I’m guessing it had to be at least 230 Wow I honestly didn’t want to step on a scale it didn’t want to be in front of a mirror I definitely didn’t want to take photos and it just got really bad so those pictures that you see the majority of them that the heavier weight was a year ago possibly two years ago and but the comparison of the weight loss that that happened with in the first three and a half to four months being on keto Wow that’s amazing what what prompted you to or motivated you just say you know what I got to find a solution here oh I think I faced reality and realized that you know I am big and what in the world happened it’s like I woke up literally you know woke up one day I’m like this just can’t happen I can’t I can’t allow myself to go out like this and I guess a bigger motivator is I am raising my four-year-old severely autistic granddaughter I’m completely nonverbal and totally depends on me 100% stressing me and my husband but you know when I would change her diaper and I struggled to get on the floor just with my belly being in the way of my thighs at a 90-degree angle that that that wasn’t right that that really pushed me to if I can’t sit on the floor properly at a 90 degree angle then there’s a problem Yeah right so so then what did you did you do some searches have you gone there no how did you find out about Kido well it’s interesting there was there’s a guy at work a younger gentleman and you know I well background a little bit I used to do some weight training so fitness competitions back in the day messed up my knee my meniscus which wasn’t new severe but you know it was a downward spiral of getting out of that kind of lifestyle hmm and though I saw this guy at work and he’s young he’s lost a lot of weight since high school they actually featured him in a local newspaper for doing such a good job and all these things so I just asked him one day was he was on his way to the gym and heading out of the building and said well you don’t how can I lose fat what’s going on nowadays because I’m out of the loop you know that’s been 15 years ago or more and he said well just try this keto diet I’m like what that’s what so he said it’s called ketogenic he sent me a text and how to spell it and all this good stuff and I started doing searches I found you almost instantly and your explanation of things and why and how and stuff and in this short your short but informational videos was very helpful to me because I don’t have much time so I’m like I can just scroll through your stuff all day long which I have already and I think I’ve watched every single one of your videos and yeah that’s how I found it I just you know it’s really interesting he he told me about the ketogenic diet and I promised you that I probably almost stayed up for two days just listening to things that everybody has to say positive negative I started dropped in the negative videos almost immediately the the results you know that I watched some testimonials and these before and afters and it just blew me away I couldn’t believe that that could happen Wow Wow yeah it’s awesome so you started and then you started obviously within several months you just started losing weight obviously right Oh immediately I mean I’m not real sure a three of my four daughters have currently been on keto as well one of them is still on keto with me and you know she’s thin but you know thinner her but she’s already lost 15 pounds in the past couple months and you know she’s amazed by it you know she really can’t tell very well but when she tries on clothes she couldn’t fit before and they’re almost loose she’s like whoa I’m like yeah awesome and then did you add intermittent fasting with ketosis at the same time or which how did you do those two well in the beginning I was kind of fumbling around and still learning I I did the whole bacon eggs cheese couple olives that kind of thing you know making sure that I was getting fat in probably getting a little too much fat but still losing drastic weight I didn’t really start in a minute fasting it kind of just happened I mean even now I’m kind of curious as to whether I’m really doing in a minute fasting I’ll eat twice a day it’s I would like to squeeze that into a four hour window or five hour window but as it stands I’ll eat at 7 p.m. and then I’ll eat at 3 o’clock in the morning when it’s my lunchtime at work and usually when I get u
p I’ll do my and my butter coffee so I mean I kind of slid in passing just because I’m not hungry you know I guess the fat is such an appetite suppressant for me that I just I’m not that’s so that’s so awesome because I think it’s probably the number one thing with people like they can’t really do a program because they’re always hungry and they’re always craving so you’re not going to stick to anything especially if it’s like Weight Watchers and try to do anything long-term so yeah I think with everyone I’m interviewing they say very similar things like the hunger goes away it’s easier to do go from meal to meal and then so did you see any other health benefits when you started doing this well yeah I have severe knee pain I used to have neuropathy in my right leg pretty severe to the point where I was gonna go get scallions and and things to figure out what was wrong because it was so painful you know it’s hard to describe we have this numbing thing and people are like well if it’s numb it doesn’t hurt I’m like no it’s nom it does hurt and I was really concerned about circulation and it that that went away I totally don’t have any more neuropathy in my legs my knees don’t hurt they still pop a bit and I have some weakness but I think getting into the gym will help me fix that and strengthen myself back up Wow but that’s that’s the biggest thing I’ve noticed the the aches and pains and shocks from the neuropathy in my legs have gone away wow my media clarity is a little bit better I have to admit I’d suffer from from a TD so I bounced around a lot mm-hmm but the clarity is better yeah and then do you what about how much do you weigh now I am right about one seven right 173 175 awesome I think I started off right around 2:30 220 was was the I just continued to get bigger after I marched the 220 and I’ll just chop it up to 230 and it may have been more it made me more about don’t think it was the less that’s fantastic yeah because I saw also some earlier pictures after you have for kids he didn’t seem to gain any weight there so the whole stress thing wow that’s just really just pushed you over the edge I used to Jim quite a bit I wasn’t Jimmer out there for a while when I was you know doing the fitness competition I would go 2 to 3 hours a day 5 a.m. and I loved that it was good for me at the time right now I haven’t even started any any workout whatsoever this is strictly just just diet and you know I was wondering if it’s a possibility if somebody is actually allergic to gluten if the effects show up faster within myself because one of my my daughters it’s a little heavier she tried it and she lost but she didn’t lose near as fast as I did yeah I’m really really good about watching my carbs those hidden sugars the glycemic index you know things that our diet doesn’t mean it’s keto and I think being very mindful and knowledgeable about that thanks to you I am able to tweak it up you know almost perfect Wow so in other words so she might have a gluten intolerance so she might squeeze in a little bit of gluten here and there well I think I had a gluten intolerance and that’s what helped me lose so quickly and she was you know I’m one of those people if I read the ingredients label and it says sugar I’m out and I went shopping with her one time when I went to visit and she’s like I was only wandering around a sugar I’m like is that sugar no so I’m pretty strict on the sugar bit if it says sugar I don’t care how little it is I usually won’t take it in and my idea a cheat meal is like going somewhere where I know there’s SG in the food you know so you know the glycemic index there on the MSG just freaks me out and I’m like that’s that’s too much hey once you once you experience it it’s like no one has to convince you it’s a lot easier because you know the effects and where other people are probably around you’re doing this you’re like yeah no thanks I already know what my body needs it’s kind of like a great experiment and just to see what works on your body and within like three months you just lost some serious weight that’s incredible pretty much that was insane and and for losing that much eating on my skin actually back and I was listening to some of your other interviews about how you know the keto diet everybody kept telling me that you know that looks like a mother and daughter picture it doesn’t even look like you you look you know ten years younger not only did you lose way that you lost years and and that was that’s interesting you know because you see other people go through any other program and their skin hangs and sags and and things like that and I really don’t see that in myself now I’m five years old have four children lost almost 60 pounds and Wow you know I’m glad you brought that up because um I just wanted to tell people that when you’re doing the combination of this you’re dropping insulin so therefore you’re fixing something called insulin resistance and that means that you’re gonna start pulling in more protein amino acids that are available now to make your connective tissue tighten up your skin so you don’t have this flabby skin like a diabetic would they have a lot of loose skin not to mention in a minute fasting and the growth hormone that then helps you tone as well it’s the anti aging and it’s also it’s called a protein sparer so your sparing your proteins your retaining protein you’re not losing protein and that’s why you can go from meal to meal comfortably without losing any muscle mass you actually gain muscle mass so I think it’s like you’re a perfect example of that what I’m doing is I’ll just kind of point this out as an experiment I don’t know if you noticed any improvements in your your vision but I wanted to say that instead of the keto Coffee thing what I’m doing now in the morning is I’m doing kind of a kale Kido kale shake with I mean just call it a kale shake and I add the coconut oil in there because you have these phytonutrients called xanthine and lutein in the kale it’s like off-the-charts which basically feed the macula and the retina and the brain and so I’m drinking massive amounts of kale in the morning and with the coconut which actually help to absorb it because those kind of nutrients are a fat-soluble they’re not water-soluble so you need a little fat so that’s why you need to put like olive oil on your salad so I’m doing that in the morning and nothing else just a kale shake and with the coconut oil oh my gosh like my vision is like completely different so just an idea for those people out there that have issues with the vision possible macular degeneration any problem the retina give it a shot for like a week and just see the before and after it’s quite interesting with my glasses on I’ve been noticing that things are blurry and I’m thinking my visions getting much worse what’s going on and seriously just a week ago I decided to lift up my glasses and try to read something from a distance like I usually do now it wasn’t clear but it was a lot clearer than usual like that spider-man effectors in the beginning of that movie when he takes off his glasses and he can see puts them on in a blurry it was literally almost like that so I can’t wait to get back to the eye doctor and see what improvement has happened because like I said I was I was very nervous that my vision was getting worse for some reasons no like people are telling me oh it’s your sugar levels it’s this it’s you know your blood sugars you know like a diabetic and your eyes are getting worse and as a matter of fact I think it’s getting better because it’s just yeah if I explained that properly totally you did and that’s that’s what I’m noticing with a lot of people because take a look at a diabetic what what happens they go blind why because the blood Sugar’s affect the vascular part to the nerves and around the retina so this potentially could actually I’m not saying reverse it but it can improve it greatly and so if you’re a diabetic or pre-diabetic I would give it a shot I’m speaking in nerd there was a couple of questions I should have written down but I had forgotten but you brought something to like I I have spinal s
tenosis and I saw your video recently on spinal stenosis I also have had my gallbladder removed probably five years ago I’m really horrible as time lines but I wonder some times if I’m pulling enough nutrients out of my fat or if I’m able to do so to be able to possibly repair that that that nerve column for my spinal stenosis so let me just tell people with spinal stenosis is is basically it’s a situation where the spinal column is not providing enough space for the spinal cord because there’s spurring or degeneration or calcium buildup so you have this you know pain and either in your neck or your lower back or your mid-back so that’s a vitamin k2 deficiency another fat-soluble vitamin just like what I said before the the lutein and the xanthine xanthine which are basically vital nutrients in the kale so vitamin k2 is a fad Seibel vitamin in grass-fed animal products and dairy it’s also in NATO which is if you want to do the fermented soy but here’s the point if you don’t have a gall bladder if you have a sluggish gall bladder you’re not gonna have enough of bile to pull those things in like you did before when you had it so I think with you Cheryl might be a good idea to even get some get the gall bladder formula with some purified bile salts just take like one your first meal right after the first meal that will give you a little that will actually substitute some of that bile salt to start pulling in the k2 that then will start removing the soft tissue calcium from the joints from the spinal column and that way I think that would be the best route for you because you could take the k2 it may work but it’s gonna work really good if you have bile and you take it at the same time things on my Christmas list let’s go through your store and get your kale shake and your wheatgrass and your your gallbladder formula and numerous different other things I’m really excited to be able to try them and see how that kicks in along with what I caught kitto 2.0 you know I haven’t went to the gym yet and I can’t wait to start doing the you know twice a week let my body recover you know do 20 minutes of high interval you know watching you jump around on the stumps in your back I was great I’m not sure if I could do that but maybe we’ll get there right exactly yeah did you see the one where I’d jump on a 5 foot actually about five or six feet up in the air it was absolutely insane I was kind of scared for you yeah it’s just to let people know I really didn’t jump that high I basically stood on that platform and jumped backwards and then reverse the camera I did and I should have had a blooper video because I almost broke my neck jumping backwards off of a five and a half foot platform well you fooled me what’s that you fooled me I thought you actually went up yeah I know it’s like it’s amazing you just reverse the camera but I I was like let me try this thing okay get the camera out and I jumped backwards and I go what did I just do and I just like almost broke my neck so anyway it turned out good but I should have had the blooper video on that right for those of you watching I’ll put a link down below of that video so you could see it but it’s a it looks pretty real so quick question about basil and besides a spice in my foods how can I add that in could it be just the green refugee my salads yeah you want to add a couple things you could do parsley is like really good parsley is good kale is good put in your salad I don’t know if you do in the kale shake yet but that would be also really good as well yeah for sure does that make sense yes and as far as building muscle when I get back into the gym you know since I used to do the fitness competitions and I was really lucky and I actually lost my cycle because I was at 6% body fat and I felt great during that time I want to get back into shape I want to put muscle back on you know I went through a lot of the muscle atrophy I’ve got the the dimples and the dents and things like that I watched some videos of yours on how to repair that Celia MS or whatever called I forget is there anything besides your your videos that you could you know currently point out that that would help that you know I don’t want to up my protein too much so I don’t want to turn into too much sugar you know those kinds of things but what’s good for a building muscle on keto and my next to point oh well I think um I just released a video today on that in fact to build your muscle the it really requires all the nutrients especially you know vitamin C and vitamin B and some protein but the two nutrients that are the most deficient after you fix your insulin resistance which it sounds like you did would be potassium get any uh potassium from the greens and then number two the trace minerals which is kind of hard to find so I would get that in a liquid but make sure it’s plant-based because all those enzymes that convert protein into body protein tissue muscle collagen joint which some people have a problem with requires the trace minerals I’m talking to like selenium iodine chromium so you take that your enzymes will finally have enough to start to get your protein nice and tight and lean and strong I’ll give you an example let’s say you’re deficient in manganese for example you’re gonna have problems with your disks you’re gonna have a slip disc you have a weak joining your back so each mineral does a certain thing to a certain part of your body so b12 is for the blood that’s cobalt that’s the trace mineral cobalt that goes with that so the trace minerals in general I think will make you have the unfair advantage so when you add your exercise that’ll be awesome now if you get sore after your workout d-ribose is is the remedy that I recommend to increase recovery that’s mainly for a muscle though and skeletal muscle recovery and cardiovascular muscle recovery which you may not have a problem with that but if you just want to grow muscle how the lean muscle have tight skin I would do the trace mineral that’s like going to be really important plus your hair your nails and your skin will be like a lot different you know underneath the chin things will just try to tighten up now when I get those right now usually doing the like overdoing the pink Himalayan salt and I always do my asparagus or my spinach or my cabbage you know artichokes Brussels sprouts things like that and I have make sure I have that with every meal or at least with dinner and is there is that the best way to get in my trace minerals are you well you have trace mineral product is it correct yeah the problem with the vegetables right now but they’re growing on soils that are devoid of trace minerals because the farmers aren’t putting them back into putting three minerals phosphorus nitrogen and one other mineral but trace minerals mainly come from the sea or where I get it from it’s uh it’s an ancient 71 or 72 million years ago the prehistoric plant life that’s where I get it from this layer and the earth they mix water but you can if you buy food that’s grown on soils close to the ocean you might get some or if you can buy food that’s grown like an some soils that have a volcanic you know ash that that would be another one but it’s it’s kind of really hard to find all the trace minerals in in the food nowadays so that’s probably what you’re running into you could do sea kelp seaweed but it’s it’s just it’s difficult it’s probably the number one missing nutrient that Americans at least Americans have but if you live on the coast of Africa or something like that you’re gonna get all your trace minerals that’s probably why Africans have perfect bone structure and their teeth if they don’t even go to a dentist I mean their proteins are good their tendons are good their muscles are good then you then they come to America right amazing with you and the gentlemen in Africa that had had lost so much weight he’s turning starting this keto movement there in this education process of his own that was that was amazing yes yeah it’s amazing it’s very cool well we’ll have to share we’ll have to do another interview maybe like in several months and after you include your workouts an
d just take it we’ll do it another one and just we’ll talk it’s very yeah that would be awesome well I want to thank you for this interview I think you’re gonna give a lot of people great ideas and it’s there’s a lot of women out there that had kids and went through stress and now they’re like wow maybe I can do it as well so thank you so much delicious why anybody would pass up the opportunity to put you know bacon fats and creams and all these good things the course grass-fed but you know wow they used to call it heart attack on a plate but now it’s healthy for you so that the the information out there is just mind-boggling you know everybody I see I look at their waistline and I think you know insulin resistance that’s insulin resistance or I’ll pick up a magazine at the at the checkout just just to look at things and it was a way to Weight Watchers magazine and it was pasta here a pasta there and I’m like below you know what are these people missing and why and I just really I guess I’m a conspiracy theorist as well I think that the industry is set up to make you stick to to get money and Big Pharma and you just pregnant so but no I appreciate you and all your information helping set the set the level straight and get me back on track that’s awesome well thank you so much Cheryl thank you you have a great day okay have a good one

This Post Was All About Stress Induced Weight Gain: Dr. Berg Skype Interview with Cheryl Stytle.
Stress Induced Weight Gain: Dr. Berg Skype Interview with Cheryl Stytle

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Dr. Berg interviews Cheryl Style. Her main weight gain happened after stress, not necessarily diet. She found Dr. Berg’s videos started a combination between the ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting and transformed her body and lost a good amount of weight. Her inflammation also decreased and she feels so much healthier. At her peak weight she approached 230 pounds, and now she is around 170 and this is without exercise.
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