Stop the 5 Causes of Inflammation: FAST!

Stop the 5 Causes of Inflammation: FAST!

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hey it’s me in this video I want to share with you the top anti-inflammatory cures okay so it’s the key is isolating what’s causing the inflammation so let’s just cover all the possibilities number one food allergies why because food allergies can create inflammation so the key is getting a log and finding out what you eat and then how you feel right after for example some people eat citrus an hour later they’re in severe pain okay or they might eat I don’t know nightshades and they get pain so you want to keep a log and just write down how you feel after everything you eat and then you just isolate like what did you when did you start feeling this way what to do we have just before that with me the sensitivity that I have that will put me in the serious pain is broccoli go figure I love broccoli but I can’t eat it it tears me up it used to be a lobster and we just put me in bed you know so so those are all things that can trigger inflammation the next thing we’ll talk about is hormones most of the hormone that controls inflammation is the coming from the adrenal gland the adrenal gland makes this hormone called cortisol which is anti-inflammatory so we need cortisol but not too much and not too little and if you run out of cortisol you can end up with all sorts of inflammatory disorders that’s why the doctors give you prednisone what is Brenda’s own and cortisol it’s cortisol it’s a hormone or they might give you cortisone cream or cortisone shots those are all anti-inflammatory okay so that hormone is an adrenal hormone I have something that I use as a natural cortisone which is called cortisol support this basically is great for inflammation it’s great for the person that has arthritis bursitis tendinitis chronic inflammation and pain this is what this is for cortisol so it just it’s it doesn’t have any drugs in it it’s natural but it supports the gland that makes cortisol so it’s a really good thing for inflammation okay so what triggers what messes that up in the first place stress so stress events will burn out the adrenal so that’s just one source now the next thing is insulin okay insulin if you have insulin resistance you’re gonna have a lot of inflammation in the body now what is insulin resistance it’s a pre-diabetic situation where the cells are not allowing the insulin to penetrate so you don’t get the nutrition themselves but one of the side-effects from either too much insulin or insulin resistance which is kind of too much insulin in certain parts of the body is a lot of inflammation so how do you fix that well you stop eating sugar you stop eating refined carbs okay breads pasta cereal crackers and some people say well that’s oh that’s really healthy for you well no it’s not very healthy for you it creates inflammation so just cut that out and you just might feel a lot better so there’s a lot of videos I have about insulin resistance that you can watch and you can reduce inflammation greatly in your body so that’s important number three the gall bladder now this typically occurs when you have right-sided problems so I have people that have like right-side like a finger pain or a toe pain or a knee pain and the right side usually that’s gallbladder and liver when that thing doesn’t work not only will it put pressure on the rest of the organs and kind of affect the nerves on the right side but all of the anti-inflammatory remedies that are listed you know or at the health of storr are usually essential fatty acids well guess what it takes to absorb those essential fatty acids a good gallbladder so again I have other videos in gallbladder you can you can watch on YouTube but that’s one source that you want to look at and even like fibromyalgia people that have other management’s usually a gallbladder and it’s interesting because they don’t know it as the patient comes in my clinic they don’t know it’s the gallbladder so what I’ll do is I’ll rate the fibromyalgia and then I’ll just do a little acupressure in the gallbladder and then I’ll reread it and it’s completely gone and it was blown away they don’t realize that our analogy is referred from that darn gallbladder okay and I might give them gallbladder formula for that as well but maybe I might just do some acupressure so number four old injuries so if you have old injuries like I do like in the back or the joint or the wrist or the elbow or the shoulder you had maybe a old injury or a surgery that’s now stiff here’s what you do you can take the gallbladder formula but there’s something else you can do that will also help you want to actually massage the opposite joint okay just try it don’t even believe me just try it if you sprained your right ankle and it’s inflamed work on the opposite ankle same thing with the knee same thing with the hip same thing with the wrist work on this one just massage it wherever it hurts on one side you work on the opposite side and especially to your shoulder okay but the key is you have to massage the exact mirror image side just try it it’ll work okay that’s a little secret just between you and me and it works like magic okay the last thing has to do with soft tissue calcium in the body many people are even taking calcium and they’re feeling worse which is bad but they have soft tissue calcium that builds up in the joints it’s arthritis bursitis tendinitis they tend to get stones and spurs and kidney stones and heel spurs and tartar in the teeth in golf stones and kidney stones so what you need to do is you need to take two remedies for that vitamin k2 okay which is a maybe a new thing for you probably never heard of it but it’s vitamin k2 and then take vitamin d3 and you want to take those together I like to take these in the same ratio like this is 10,000 IU’s I do 100 micro micro grams for every 10,000 IU’s so like I sell both of these and I just I might give two of each – 2 K – 2 D 3 and I would take that in the morning with some breakfast and then take that over a period of time that’s slowly gets rid of the soft tissue calcium that could be causing the arthritis that you caught that are that’s underneath the inflammation okay so it’s a soft tissue calcium so I just want to kind of expand your idea on inflammation in general so you can kind of pinpoint what what you have a problem with and apply some of this information I will see you in the next video

This Post Was All About Stop the 5 Causes of Inflammation: FAST!.
Stop the 5 Causes of Inflammation: FAST!

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There are 5 main things that cause inflammation or are related to inflammation.
1. Food allergies
2. Hormones
3. Gallbladder
4. Old Injuries
5. Lack of K2 and D3
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