Spike Your Blood Oxygen Levels Using Nutrition

Spike Your Blood Oxygen Levels Using Nutrition

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hey guys dr. Berg here in this short video we’re going to talk about the three factors that affect oxygen and their nutritional factors okay in the body so what happens is we have this condition called acidosis that’s different than alkalosis it means your body’s too acid so the ph is too low and we’re talking about in the blood normally the blood pH should be slightly alkaline and what happens is the pH goes slightly too low okay so we’re just talking to small little variations so when your body is too acid your breathing is going to be off you’re going to be like you’re going to sigh frequently you’re going to kind of go just can’t get enough air it’s air hunger that’s one of the big symptoms all right so what do you do basically very simple you take calcium magnesium take it before bed take a little calcium magnesium boom correct the pH the way you get this condition is actually being in ketosis for a period of time now it’s not a bad thing to be in ketosis because you’re burning fat but ketones are acidic so you always have to offset it by eating more calcium magnesium what I do I consume so much vegetable that I don’t have a problem with a loss of calcium okay or I might do some cheese on a regular basis at night but just realize if you’re breathing soft you need to alkalize your body with alkaline minerals vegetables or calcium I’m using would be the best thing all right another way to know that you need calcium is or magnesium is if you have cramps and your cats okay so that’s acidosis secondly vitamin C deficiencies vitamin C is stored in your adrenal glands and vitamin C allows your body to hold oxygen in the body longer and better and so with the vitamin C deficiency you won’t be able to hold your breath very long okay you will not be able to you’re going to get out of breath when you climb stairs fast your muscles will fatigue faster without vitamin C especially if you’re going up in kind like your legs are heavier but mainly you can’t hold your breath for a long time that’s adrenal problem but see the adrenal stores vitamin C so you just don’t have enough vitamin C to store it so it drops out and you have oxygen problems mainly shows up incline walking up stairs out of breath you know that type of thing all right just make sure that when you take vitamin C you always take it from a food concentrate don’t take it from some synthetic pill because the type of vitamin C you’re getting from synthetics are just ascorbic acid and that’s just one little piece of the vitamin C complex you need the whole vitamin C complex so I like to get it from food base a good source would be the wheatgrass juice powder that actually provides the full vitamin C complex then we get to vitamin E vitamin E deficiencies will create problems with high altitude breathing problems at the top of every mountain top you will see empty bottles of vitamin E because mountain climbers consume a lot of vitamin E to help them climb higher and be able to survive at higher altitude so if you’re deficient in vitamin E the muscle tissue in your heart will demand so much more oxygen you’ll start getting cramping of the muscles in the heart and so like angina pain chest pain is really a vitamin E deficiency so vitamin E provides the oxygen to the muscle tissue if you’re if you have muscle damage from an injury you need vitamin E so vitamin E is really important in recovering muscle tissue and increasing oxygenation of the muscle itself and the heart all right where do you get vitamin E you get it from raw nuts you get it from the vegetables you get it from avocados okay that’s what you get you get it from a lot of them you can get it from basically seeds nuts vegetables things like that alright so those are the three factors that you want to look at if you want to increase your oxygen carrying capacity and I will see you in the next video

This Post Was All About Spike Your Blood Oxygen Levels Using Nutrition.
Spike Your Blood Oxygen Levels Using Nutrition

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Dr. Berg explains how to increase your oxygen levels with 3 things:
1. Fixing acidosis
2. Vitamin C deficiency
3. Vitamin E deficiency
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