Sodium: Which Salt Minimizes Water Retention? – Thomas DeLauer

Sodium: Which Salt Minimizes Water Retention? – Thomas DeLauer

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you know what I’ve never understood is why the expression like a salty old man like where did that come from salty old guy sitting at the bar I mean is someone tasting him I don’t understand but anyway I digress I want to talk about salt I want to talk about the three different kinds of salt the reason I’m doing this video is because so many people have asked me exactly what salt is best and before I go any further I’m going to ask you if you can please give this video a share because I’m going to drop some knowledge on you that might just help you get the most out of your salt and stop and retaining water so much okay three different kinds of salt I want to touch on iodized salt regular table salt okay Himalayan salt that cool pink stuff fits in the rock form and then an awesome one called truffle salt and I’m not talking about chocolate truffles okay iodized salt so back in the early 1900s we found that people were generally deficient in iodine and I’ve done other videos talking about iodine how it affects the thyroid and that t4 and t3 production and all that but we’re not going to go into detail there but they started adding iodine to salt well this manufactured processed salt loses almost all the nutritional value all the minerals it’s what is called unopposed sodium and that comes from a good friend of mine dr. Decker Weiss who kind of coined that term okay unopposed sodium meaning there’s no other minerals there so you just have plain old salt that’s been completely D nutritional eyes and only has salt and some extra iodine so what that ends up doing is causing an imbalance in your body you don’t have the potassium you don’t have the magnesium you don’t have the phosphorus you don’t have all these other minerals that you need to keep sodium opposed and balanced so very very unhealthy in a lot of the senses you don’t want to be adding a lot of that that’s what’s going to make you feel puffy that’s what’s going to make you retain water that’s what’s going to make you feel pretty lethargic and raise your blood pressure in a really really negative way okay the next one is pink so you see me do videos with pink salt all the time it’s good stuff okay I have it in a lot of my recipes I put in a lot of my morning drinks and those cocktails and things like that but there are some negative aspects of pink in Mullane salt but first let me tap the benefits super-wide abundant profile of minerals they’re usually looking at more than 80 or at least so it’s thought which means we’re getting manganese we’re getting magnesium we’re getting Tasi and we’re getting iodine all in it’s fairly natural form however we are starting to find that pink salt is now starting to be Overmind yes even that we’re starting to deplete the resources but additionally we have to import it all the way from the Paulette abet or any other Himalayan country to really get the benefit you see its mined out of caves there and that’s a pretty limited resource so eventually we’re going to run out of that so when we’re trying to be a little bit efficient may not be the best route to go but now let’s dive into the one that I find to be the best and this is truffle salt a lot of people don’t know what truffle salt is what it is is it’s sea salt that has little teeny bits of white and brown or black truffle in it just like you see the little pigs those little boars that are always digging for the truffles for the little fine delicacies that you have in like Italian dishes oh that’s exactly what it is sea salt with a little teeny specks of that well the cool thing is those little chunks of truffle are what give it the most abundant mineral profile of just about anything on the planet you see you get these crazy high levels of iodine you get these crazy high levels of magnesium potassium so it totally balance out the sodium you can almost literally find that if you use truffle salt you don’t have as much of an issue with water retention and blood pressure as you would with iodine salt or even Himalayan salt but to be honest one of the best things about truffle salt is the fact that it has something called immunomodulators you see it actually works on inflammatory mediators and helps your body reduce inflammation so when you look at other salts that are actually causing some inflammation in the body due to water retention in the D month you’ve got truffle salt it’s actually doing the opposite it’s not just more balanced and helping you keep water at bay that way but it’s also helping your body reduce inflammation and boost your immune system so right then and there of those three iodized salt Himalayan salt and truffle salt do your best to find that truffle salt get a little bit more of a well earthy taste so you don’t have to be that salty old man sitting at the bar you can be a nice vibrant fresh person that’s getting the minerals that you need to look and feel your best as always keep it locked in here on these videos if you like this video give it a share and comment exactly what you’d like to see next I will see you in the next video

This Post Was All About Sodium: Which Salt Minimizes Water Retention? – Thomas DeLauer.
Sodium: Which Salt Minimizes Water Retention? - Thomas DeLauer

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Sodium: Which Salt Minimizes Water Retention? – Thomas DeLauer… Visit My Site for more: Not all salts are the same – the differences include:
Healthfulness, how they are made, texture and flavor.
Iodized salt:
The least healthy of the salt options – highly processed
Traditional table salt:
Generally obtained through salt mines/ processed to eliminate minerals with a chemical added to stop clumping. Iodized salt has iodine added, which is a trace element that we need for health, however this is found naturally in alternative salt options.
Pink Himalayan Salt:
A healthier salt option as it is mined from salt caves that are stone ground.
Benefits Include-
Trace minerals and elements remain
Provide good taste and color
May contain around 80 trace minerals and elements – some of these include iodine, magnesium, zinc, iron and potassium.
Minerals play an integral part in our health, including but not limited to:
Thyroid health
Hearth health
Bone strength
Weight management
Nervous system function
The way we eat leads many to be deficient in minerals – due to lack of soil quality and lack of quality food consumed.
Truffle Salt:
This is the healthiest option and is earthy with an almost meaty flavor.
Sea salt with pieces of black or white truffle- Sea salt contains the trace minerals and elements.
A fungi that grows underground
Mushrooms and truffles have been known to have health benefits since early civilization.
Nutrients include:
High in protein
All essential amino acids
Many essential minerals, including?
Health benefits:
1. What’s the difference between sea salt and table salt?
2. Minerals in Himalayan sea salt: spectral analysis
3. Mushrooms and truffles: historical biofactories for complementary medicine…

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