Soda vs 100 Percent Real Fruit Juice: What is Healthier?

Soda vs 100 Percent Real Fruit Juice: What is Healthier?

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so let’s talk about the difference between drinking soda and a hun percent fruit juice what would be worse what do you think well this is worse right here I’m going to tell you why soda that contains high-fructose corn syrup has 55% of it fructose okay one percent fruit juice has actually more fructose 65 percent of it being fructose now what’s so bad about fructose it comes from fruit right well fructose is treated in a similar manner that alcohol is treated in the liver because the liver has to deal with it a hundred percent so your cells can’t really absorb fructose so everything is forced down to the liver and there’s a condition that’s created called de novo lipid Genesis but basically your body is converting that sugar into fat okay and you’re developing a fatty liver and insulin resistance which is setting right up for diabetes children and teens get 15% of their total calories from soda and fruit juice but a lot of times people think that fruit juice is so much better what actually it’s worse so not only do you have more fructose with fruit juice but very low nutrients because it’s pasteurized it’s cooked to allow it to sit on the shelf for a lot longer so a lot of the nutrients that you see in the label are added back in there they weren’t in there originally because the heat and the oxidation exposure to oxygen has destroyed those nutrients of course you have no fiber – so you’re drinking just a lot of sugar and then you have the American Academy of Pediatrics which basically gave their daily juice recommendations if you’re less than 12 months old they say do not routinely give the child the juice okay well why don’t they just say do not give the child the juice routinely so don’t make a routine out of it if you’re between 1:00 and 3:00 you’re allowed up to four ounces per day between four and six you’re allowed six ounces a day and if you’re between 7 and 18 you can drink eight ounces per day now why would you even want to drink this juice if you getting all this fruit juice and you’re setting up yourself up for a fatty liver another big problem with fructose is that it creates ten times more glycated proteins than glucose what does glycated proteins that is the sticky damaging protein that occurs when you combine a sugar with a protein molecule so when you consume all this juice in your body it starts combining with various proteins and starts creating a lot of problems for you all right so the final question is should you drink soda or fruit juice Nev there okay drink water alright see you later so I want to thank you for being here and watching my videos if you haven’t already subscribed go ahead and do so so you can stay informed of future videos

This Post Was All About Soda vs 100 Percent Real Fruit Juice: What is Healthier?.
Soda vs 100 Percent Real Fruit Juice: What is Healthier?

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In this video, Dr. Berg talks about the difference between drinking soda and 100% fruit juice and why you shouldn’t drink these.
• Contains 55% high fructose corn syrup.
100% Fruit Juice
• Contains 65% high fructose corn syrup.
• Low nutrients – because it is pasteurized.
• No Fiber
• It creates 10x more glycated proteins than glucose (the sticky damaging protein).
Fructose is treated similarly to how alcohol is being treated in the liver – as it has to deal with it 100%. De Novo Lipogenesis is a condition where the body is converting sugar into fat – where you develop a fatty liver and insulin resistance which can also lead to diabetes.
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