Sleepy After Lunch? Your SIESTA Means You Have…

Sleepy After Lunch? Your SIESTA Means You Have…

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so let’s talk about that after lunch siesta where you want to take a nap and why that is due to carbohydrates more than any other reason now there are many countries that take a siesta and by the way siesta comes from the Spanish word meaning nap and the Latin word for sixth hour and that refers to the countdown from dawn meaning midday so there are many countries known for these siestas Mexico certain countries in South America Italy Philippines Vietnam certain Mediterranean countries southern Europe and Spain and of course in America we don’t really officially say that we have a siesta but we basically fall asleep in front of our computer right after lunch so the question is is it normal for someone to get tired after eating now there’s actually a medical term for this post prandial which means after a meal zomlings and that means food comma and of course this is a common feature for diabetes so when you have the combination of especially refined carbohydrates and volume of calories together it can really create a blood sugar spike and an insulin spike both of these are going to make you tired now the question is why would they make you tired there’s several mechanisms going on that go beyond the insulin resistance mechanism where you’re having a lack of fuel go into the cell alright number one you activate something called the parasympathetic nervous system so there’s two parts of the autonomic nervous system you know the sympathetic which is flight-or-fight and the parasympathetic which is rest and digest so when you eat a lot of food especially we’re falling carbohydrates you’re going to activate this system over here and inhibit this system and you’re going to want to take a nap so that would be the gut brain connection and with that you’re going to have less blood to the brain and more blood into the digestive system so try to be awake when you don’t have the amount of blood to the brain it’s a little more difficult all right three decreases the arousal pathways in the hypothalamus in the brain making you tired and number four and this is interesting when you consume a high carb diet you’re gonna absorb certain amino acids but not others specifically you’re gonna absorb valine leucine isoleucine but not tryptophan so tryptophan is going to be absorbed through the blood-brain barrier and it’s gonna directly turn into serotonin and melatonin the sleep hormone so if you live in any one of these countries or in the US I want you to try an experiment like in Mexico you would have tortillas and corn based type things rice Italy you’re gonna have pasta Philippines in Vietnam you’re gonna have rice noodles the Mediterranean you’re gonna have more pasta and bread southern Europe well you might have potatoes or some other starch and in Spain you’re gonna have more carbs so here’s a challenge try and not consuming carbohydrates at your lunch for one week and you’re going to find your energy is going to go straight up the need for a nap is not going to be there and for those of you that are new to my channel check out this video on low carbs it will tell you exactly what to eat 

This Post Was All About Sleepy After Lunch? Your SIESTA Means You Have….
Sleepy After Lunch?  Your SIESTA Means You Have...

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Many people feel an afternoon crash, but what if I told you feeling sleepy after lunch is not normal? 

0:04 Why you feel sleepy after lunch 
0:10 Countries that take a siesta 
0:44 Postprandial somnolence
1:15 Why does this cause you to be tired after eating? 
2:39 An experiment 
In this video, we’re going to talk about why you’re sleepy after eating, or you feel like you really need an afternoon nap. 
The main reason you feel tired after eating is because of carbohydrates. 
There are many countries that take a siesta, such as:
• Mexico 
• Italy 
• Philippines  
• Vietnam 
• Certain Mediterranean countries 
• Southern Europe 
• Spain 
Is feeling sleepy after a meal normal? No. 
There is actually a name for feeling sleepy after eating. It’s called postprandial somnolence. Basically, this refers to the food coma you get every day. This is a common feature of diabetes. When you have the combination of refined carbohydrates and the volume of calories, this can cause a blood sugar spike and an insulin spike. Both of these can make you tired. 
Why does this cause you to be tired after eating? There are several things going on:
• You activate the parasympathetic nervous system. 
• You decrease the blood to the brain.
• You decrease the arousal pathways of the brain. 
• A high carb diet causes you to absorb certain amino acids but not others like tryptophan, which will be absorbed through the blood-brain barrier. Tryptophan will then directly turn into serotonin and melatonin (the sleep hormone).
If you live in a country where people typically take a siesta, consider trying not to consume carbohydrates with your lunch for one week. At the end of the week, see if this little experiment has helped you feel less sleepy after eating. 
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Thanks for watching! Consider cutting carbs out of your lunch and see if you still get sleepy after lunch.

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