Sleeping, But Don’t Feel Rested?

Sleeping, But Don’t Feel Rested?

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More specifically, you want help with Sleeping, But Don’t Feel Rested??

hey guys dr. Burke here do you find that you’re sleeping but you’re not fully rested in the morning when you wake up well this video is for you okay not normally when you go to sleep there are four cycles of sleep okay they’re waves of sleep patterns from a superficial to a deep sleep superficial deep sleep through the night the superficial sleep is the REM sleep that’s a very active sleep but the deeper sleep is called the delta that’s when you dream but you don’t remember your dreams okay you need to get the Delta wave in order to wake up feeling rejuvenated so what happens is the quality of your sleep is poor and that’s what causes this problem I have people that sleep like nine hours and they’re still tired that’s insane so here’s what you need to know all stress accumulates in your body so everything from birth is has affected our bodies and to some degree it kind of gets stuck in certain parts of the body and also your adrenal glands don’t really have an off switch and I’ve done a video on this before if you understand the nervous system there’s two parts is the sympathetic nervous system and the parasympathetic nervous system sympathetic is the flutter flight the on switch parasympathetic is the off switch calm relaxation sleep okay but the adrenal doesn’t have a person pathetic innovation it only has sympathetic which means that over time when the sympathetic starts getting activated more and more it’s more difficult to turn off so let’s say you’re go to bed at night and you’re laying there and you’re not tired on your thinking or your head is just not tired but your body’s exhausted or your legs are restless or your heart feels like it’s beating too fast or you have tension in your neck so you want to first identify what part of your body will not turn off okay now the adrenal glands are located in the abdomen and so a lot of times that’s where the area where people have like a lot of energy and electrical energy that just won’t turn off so I developed a technique it’s an acupressure technique and you can learn it and you can use a tool to actually extract the stress and I do this every night before I go to sleep and it really can turn the body off so you can really relax so there’s a technique for your upper part of your neck okay when you’re working the neck part and you’re hitting these points right below the skull there is a technique for the middle part of the neck and the lower part of the neck that gets the neck to fully relaxed if your neck is tense you’re not going to sleep then we work on the opposite foot that’s the back of the skull and you have all these attachments to the spine in the skull you work on this point and it almost feels like your spine elongates when you do that then we work on the muscles underneath your collarbone okay and that is muscles that a lot of people when they’re there slouching all day before their computer and they get tight you would want to do those points as well and that frees up a lot of tension actually in your upper your back and your traps then we get into my most favorite one which is the adrenal points now you’re not working on the adrenal glands themselves you’re working on the acupressure points on the surface of the skin so you would do both sides very close to the the midline you start in the lower part and work yourself up and work out these points and you’re going to feel pockets of tension at first and you would hold those gently until it’s fully melts to the point where your body can only just like relax I will guarantee if you attempt to do this you will not make it through these points you will fall asleep before you hit the points okay and there’s some other points as well comes with a little bit of a manual and you can learn this if you want to check it out so I put a link down below to get the the tool it’s a massage tool plus the manual and it comes with videos as well so go ahead and check it out thanks for watching and put your comments below

This Post Was All About Sleeping, But Don’t Feel Rested?.
Sleeping, But Don't Feel Rested?

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Dr. Berg talks about the reason people become sleep deprived and don’t feel rested when they awake. This can create some serious fatigue, exhaustion and can stop weight loss, Then in the morning, you lose your focus and alertness. Some people can associated this with depression when it’s really exhaustion. To get into the deep sleep (delta wave) rejuvenation sleep, use Dr. Berg’s acupressure technique and pull out old stress, since all stress accumulates.
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