Shoulder Pain Techniques REVEALED!

Shoulder Pain Techniques REVEALED!

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hey guys in this video we’re going to talk about how to fix the shoulder now the first thing you have to realize is this 95% of all shoulder pain is coming from the gallbladder if it’s the right side and there’s two nerves down here in your digestion that run up through the neck and they’re called a free neck nerves so there’s a huge connection between your digestion and the shoulders and neck so many people have tightness in tension up here especially in the upper back the traps right here and it’s coming from down here so if that’s the case you get like a massage tool and you press into these points now I already know even her she had surgery for her digestive system and ever since then every time she has a pain on the left side so we know all we have to do to fix that is work on massaging these points over here okay so that’s how you would do that that’s just to kind of a quick thing and also you want to avoid certain foods that might be causing the distension in your gallbladder like the bread processor or crackers biscuits waffles pancakes muffins sodas grease all the foods that you price should be ting and that pain probably will go away but people don’t connect the dots you always ask like when did it start and what happened just before well I just ate something I shouldn’t in Elson boom you get the pain okay so now let’s say it’s an actual shoulder problem all right let’s say it could be multiple things but let’s say she had injury to the shoulder there’s two ways to fix it if it’s an injury to the shoulder you can press on the opposite side anywhere it hurts over here you can turn it off by pressing a naps aside but only do this after you did the gallbladder work through here or the massage on the digestive system because this won’t work unless this is working here because you’d be surprised even if someone injured themselves a lot of times it’s still connected to the digestion they don’t know it until they do that but anyway let’s just pretend that you have pain in your shoulder you can press on the opposite side okay that’s one thing but there’s several joints in the shoulder do you have on the top part called AC joint right here and sometimes it gets a little bit arthritic right here so we don’t fix this by rubbing on it what we do is we always work on the opposite muscles now the muscles that attach to the top you would work on the bottom muscle so I like to take my thumb up underneath you can probably even take this it’s hard to do this one on yourself there are ways you can do it but you want to take your thumb and raise up underneath that arm and press up into the shoulder right there and hold that that will knock this pain out like that okay if there’s pain on the front part like right here this is called the bicipital tendon there’s pain here I always like to work on the opposite side right here that should get rid of the pain really fast anytime you work on the opposite if it’s the exact mirror image it’ll be twice as tender on this side that means you have the right spot so that’s something that you can do you can work that out and boom it goes away like that secondly a lot of shoulder problems especially in the back you have to work on underneath the clavicle so you can you can even take this tool and kind of press up underneath this little collarbone here there’s muscles underneath here so tilt your head back forward good back forward let me just use this back forward and you start working on the front part which will actually relax the back part okay so those are some simple things that I do the other thing that’s interested is that interesting is that all this stuff up here like right up in here then not up here that’s all digestion or liver it’s not coming from just tight muscles that’s why you massage it massage it it never ever goes away comes back the next day because it’s all digestion so I use a product it’s called gall bladder formula and that actually gives you nutrition to support the gallbladder it helps lubricate the bile ducts it helps even the pancreas in the stomach and that takes a lot of pressure off here and the pain goes away it’s really interesting it also has a lot of neck problems too so those are some simple tips now one last thing rotator cuff if you have a tear in the rotator cuffs back here you’re going to have to get surgery because they don’t grow back if it’s completely tore okay maybe if it’s partially tore but if it’s completely separated all these techniques are not going to help all right and then there’s one common other shoulder problem that I notice with people that when they lift up their arm if you take your arm out here and try to lift it up this way you see how she can do that fine okay so let’s say she lifted this but she couldn’t get far and she’s raising the shoulder up like let me do it like this if they do this that that’s not good that means that this tendon has been tore okay so there’s a little tendon that comes through the supraspinatus muscle right here that allows us to raise up and a lot of people cut this from a fall whatever just old age it just separates right here it’s like a little pulley and they won’t be able to do this okay so if you can’t do this then we know you’re gonna have to go get it all true sound and probably get it sewn back and it’s very successful to do that but let’s say for example she has a hard time lifting this side and it’s like we don’t know if it’s completely severed but it could be just traumatized and she can’t raise the arm all the way up here well this is really cool because we can go then press on the opposite muscle that makes that arm go up which is the this side right on the top and we press in there and we hold and then we have a raise that up and a lot of times it just kind of fries right up it goes right up like that so in this technique you have to think in opposites anything on this side you work on that side anything on the front side you work on the back any motion that you can’t go into like raising up you know you want to think what raises the muscle going up like these muscles here well then you work on these muscles down here so you always have to work on out that’s okay so that’s just kind of a brief introduction of the shoulder hope that helped and makes them put some comments below I’ll see in the next video

This Post Was All About Shoulder Pain Techniques REVEALED!.
Shoulder Pain Techniques REVEALED!

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Dr. Berg talks about the various shoulder pain. Dr. Berg uses the principle of opposites (mirror imaging). However, for most right shoulder pain, check the gallbladder referral pain – this is very common.
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