Sharp Stomach Pain That Comes and Goes

Sharp Stomach Pain That Comes and Goes

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More specifically, you want help with Sharp Stomach Pain That Comes and Goes?

we’re going to talk about why you may have sharp stomach pain that comes and goes there are actually 10 reasons for this specific symptom the first one is something called SIBO and that stands for a small intestinal bacterial overgrowth now take a look at this you have the small intestine right here and you have the large intestine right here sound normally you’re supposed to have all the bacteria or most of the bacteria in the large intestine and not the small intestine now you have some bacteria in the small intestine but the majority is in the large intestine where it ferments especially fiber when you have an imbalance we have too many microbes in the small intestine what happens when you eat especially probiotics because you’re actually taking in microbes or fiber as in vegetables when the fiber goes in here you see microbes start eating the fiber and start to create this fermentation so you get all this gas and the microbes also will compete for the nutrients so you end up becoming deprived of nutrients because they’re pretty much eating everything that they see normally you’re not supposed to have all those microbes in here instead you’re supposed to have enzymes digesting the food from the pancreas and the lining of the small intestine and then breaking down the food and 90% of it is supposed to be absorbed in the small intestine so the worst thing to consume when you have SIBO is vegetables so this is a good time to be a carnivore for a couple months so you can actually clean this thing out and if you do have SIBO and I have videos on it I’ll put a link down below you need to be taking betaine hydrochloride to acidify the stomach so you can kill off the microbes in the stomach so they don’t end up in the small intestine number two let’s say you have a part of your intestine just a part of it the the part that’s at the very end right here let’s say this is inflamed okay let’s say you have a itis which is inflammation of the ileum right down over here and you eat food and it goes through this long little tube right here no pain no pain and then it hits this area of inflammation that’s raw and you just start hurting okay so if you have inflammation in a certain part your colon that’s why you get this sharp stomach pain and this usually comes from damage with something you’re eating whether it’s a food allergy okay like gluten for example or other allergies in which case you need to do a food allergy test and avoid those foods so you can start healing this area so I probably should just add gluten and food allergies also if you have an ulcer in part of your colon that can also cause pain and by the way chlorophyll is a great way to heal an ulcer all right number three a gallbladder and the bile duct so you got the liver right here that makes bile it comes down into this common bile duct it’s a little tube and it goes into the gallbladder where it’s concentrated and then when you eat this same contracts and it pushes it out into the small intestine with help of the enzymes from the pancreas together so we have bile plus lipase which is the enzyme from the pancreas to help break down fats but if you’re eating the wrong type of food or you have high levels of estrogen or cortisol you can develop a stone either in the gallbladder or on the bile duct and that can create a lot of irritation or if you’re eating the wrong type of foods like junk foods and vegetable oils like corn oil or soy oil which is highly inflammatory that can irritate these ducts right here and cause all sorts of pain and bloating when it becomes distended okay that pressure can cause pain so a problem with the gallbladder and this bile duct is very common I put some links down below for you to get more data on that area number four the pancreas or the pancreatic duct okay so the pancreas makes enzymes the pancreas also makes insulin okay so it actually makes a hormone actually several hormones and enzymes both functions if you’re consuming too many carbohydrates you’re gonna cause that pancreas to work really really hard because it has to pump out a tremendous amount of insulin now realize this pancreas has a dual function it’s making hormones and it’s also making enzymes so if you’re stimulating one part of the pancreas you’re also stimulating the other part too so you’re creating a big strain and that can interfere with the normal flow of digestive juices coming through here and it can swell up and cause all sorts of problems with pain congestion especially sharp pain in grains and it’s probably the number one reason why a lot of people have sharp pain in their stomach and for some people this could be literally poisonous to their system and really create a lot of damage into the small intestine through here and again the food knowledge is as well okay number six fortification what do I mean by fortification well they enriched flour products with iron and synthetic vitamins iron is a very very toxic to the microbes and to your body especially with men and postmenopausal women who are not menstruating and getting rid of their their blood each month so our bodies don’t have a good ability to get rid of excessive amounts of iron and iron is very very damaging to our brains to our gut and to the liver especially you can create all sorts of issues including cirrhosis so when someone’s consuming grains in America especially in Canada in the UK it’s fortified okay with iron and that’s one of the reasons why it just tears up your stomach in other countries that don’t fortify that they can somehow get away with consuming grains and not have the bloating and the digestive issues but they still have the weight gain because it turns into carbs pretty fast but the other thing that European countries will do and other countries around the world is that they will make bread products a little bit differently they’ll make the dough and then they’ll let it for men overnight as compared to the bread in the US where they don’t ferment it very long it ends up fermenting in your gut so you feel a lot of bloating and anytime you feel bloating you’re gonna get pain we’ve already talked about vegetable oils these are like the soy oils canola the corn oil cottonseed oil these are highly inflammatory to the digestive system and the amount of consumption of these oils are off the charts and this is hidden in a lot of foods especially salad dressing mayonnaise and you’re consuming on a regular basis and not even really realizing that this could be the reason why you have all this pain in your gut and then we have GMO grains so this would be soy and corn and even wheat is sprayed with glyphosate which is the Roundup Ready which can really irritate your digestive system and affect these microbes number 9 low stomach acid this is very very common if you don’t have enough acid in your stomach what’s going to happen is the food is going to go through here slightly undigested and as the food is not digested up here it ends up down here creating a huge strain and you’re gonna get abnormal fermentation bloating and pain a simple problem you just need to add outside of vinegar and betaine how to chloride and problems solved and last thing is frequent eating if you’re doing six meals a day three meals with three snacks not a good idea when you do it with fasting you allow the gut to heal and rest so if you’re experiencing sharp pain and you’re getting bloating you really need to do in a minute fasting it’
s the absolute best thing to do it gives your whole system a chance to reset and heal as far as protein goes you don’t want to do too much you want to do a moderate amount because too much protein can also overload the digestive system especially if you don’t have enough stomach acid and also you want to keep your carbs lower because that can really irritate the liver and the gallbladder and especially the pancreas and normally I recommend a lot of vegetables but not if you have SIBO alright thanks for watching and I’ll see you in the next video and if you haven’t already subscribed click the red button below and that little Bell icon so you can be notified of all the new videos that I’m gonna be releasing and I have some very cool and interesting videos coming up in the next coming weeks plus in addition to that you’ll be notified of the live Q&A sessions that I’m going to be doing throughout the week and you don’t want to miss those as well so stay tuned for more great content 

This Post Was All About Sharp Stomach Pain That Comes and Goes.
Sharp Stomach Pain That Comes and Goes

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Do you have sharp stomach pain that comes and goes? This might be why.
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Problem with Gallbladder and Bile Duct:
Iron Toxicity:
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Today, we’re going to talk about why you might have sharp stomach pain that comes and goes.
What causes stomach pain that comes and goes?
The worst thing to consume if you have SIBO is vegetables. If you have SIBO, try taking betaine hydrochloride.
2. Inflammation/Ulcer
This could be caused by damage from something you’re eating or a food allergy. Try a food allergy test to identify the problem. For an ulcer, taking chlorophyll may help.
3. Gallbladder/Bile ducts
Eating the wrong types of foods, or high levels of certain hormones can cause a stone. This can create irritation.
4. Pancreas/Duct
Carbs can cause your pancreas to work too hard. If it’s working too hard, the stimulation can interfere with the normal flow of digestive juices, which can cause a lot of problems.
5. Gluten
For some people, this can be poisonous and cause a lot of damage to their system.
6. Fortification (iron)
Enriched flour products contain iron. Excessive amounts of iron can be very toxic and cause a lot of damage.
7. Vegetable oil
Vegetable oils are highly inflammatory to the digestive system.
8. GMO grains
GMO grains are sprayed with glyphosate, which can irritate your digestive system.
9. Low stomach acid
If you don’t have enough acid in your stomach, it will cause food to go through undigested—causing problems. Try consuming apple cider vinegar and betaine hydrochloride.
10. Frequent eating
Intermittent fasting allows the gut to heal and rest.
Other than those things, try consuming moderate amounts of protein and keep your carbs low. Also, consume plenty of vegetables except if you have SIBO.
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I hope this helps you identify the real problem that’s causing your sharp stomach pain that comes and goes.

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