Serious Side-Effects from Excess Calcium (Soft-Tissue Calcium) by Dr. Berg

Serious Side-Effects from Excess Calcium (Soft-Tissue Calcium) by Dr. Berg

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okay so this is fascinating I kind of stumbled on this the other day and I wanted to kind of connect the dots for you I started looking at all these things in there’s like a common denominator excess calcium now when I say excess calcium I’m talking about calcium that’s locked up in the body it’s not necessarily just because you have too much calcium let’s just say it’s unavailable calcium it’s like plugging everything up because it’s unavailable it’s not ionized it’s not broken down and there’s too much of it so it’s called hypercalcemia in the blood and the calcium is going in inside the cell inside the cell and outside the cell you have 10,000 times the concentration of calcium outside the cell so when that calcium starts going inside the cell intracellular calcium that’s what I’m also talking about that too okay so when I talk about excess calcium and talking about calcium in the wrong place of your body alright we’re not talking about excess calcium in the bone all right so check this out this is incredible let’s just kind of go through what calcium can do hey that rhymed okay so let’s just start right up here in China chest pain calcium causes stimulates the sympathetic nervous system that causes contraction of the smooth muscle the cardiac muscle and the nerve the nerve muscle then nerve nothing there muscle but the neurology so too much calcium can cause a cramp of the heart and cause angina it’s chest pain and even a heart attack because the heart is contracting too much and it’s not relaxing because they don’t have enough magnesium okay now arrhythmias too much calcium but just so you know low calcium could also cause arrhythmias too but more likely it’s excess calcium because it affects the electrical conductivity of the heart so you have atrial fib too much calcium and the heart rate too high too much calcium you can even have a stroke because it excess calcium will stimulate too much fibrin and that goes in there and it starts plugging stuff up because remember calcium is kind of like the cement that patches stuff up in the body and if there’s damage in the arteries for example it goes in there cause blacking and a thorough squatter clacking and it plugs up the arteries so it’s trying to help you but it’s basically plugging everything up and then this alone will cause a heart attack all right high blood pressure why because the the arteries are not elastic anymore and you’re going to get like an adrenal problem would be excess cortisol will cause a high systolic blood pressure first so the excess calcium okay now fibroids I did a whole video on this and I talked about calcium deficiency what I should have done is clarified it means unavailable calcium because it’s locked up in the cells and it’s unavailable so it would be deficient but five calcium controls the communication of cells and if that calcium loses control then the cells plural rate and they they start duplicating and start growing and you start getting tumors and fibroids and polyps and pimples and cancer and from the loss of control of calcium okay calcium stimulates the sympathetic nervous system and that therefore it messes up the parasympathetic so you can have a bladder valve problem because of the autonomic nervous system now you can’t relax and contract that bladder muscle so you’re going to fluid retention yet it’s not going to come out all the valves are controlled with the autonomic nervous system so if calcium causes too much it’s going to create it in balance with your autonomic nervous system you’re going to Pete way too much at night and you’re going to have a valve problem and then we got cramps one cause of cramps is too much calcium we talked about at that another video and then you’re going to get something called soft tissue calcification and soft tissue calcification that’s in the arteries as plaque the joints is spurring and grinding and popping and clicking and stiffness and all the itís like bursitis tendinitis arthritis all the addresses because there’s calcium deposits that are going all over the place stenosis that’s the the canal on the spinal column is getting smaller because there’s a buildup of calcium around the canal and then tetany which is twitching underneath the left eyelid cataracts that’s calcium in the eyes joint clicking all excessive calcium itching and hives is excess calcium constipation is excess calcium why because what’s the common remedy people use magnesium the constipation because it lowers the calcium and relaxes the colon but you can be very fatigued if you have excess calcium decrease reflexes week so we have the smooth muscle you lose tone with with too much calcium and that’s another thing with the colon it’s all smooth muscle so that actually just kind of gets all flabby in congested because of excess calcium so you get a hypo smooth muscle contraction and and what smooth muscle you have the bronchial tubes you have the arteries in the heart you have the cut of the colon all that is effective effected and then we have insomnia too much calcium so be your like your head can’t go to sleep with your body’s tired anxiety depression thirty percent of time it’s from hypercalcemia so that’s all we want to give the person more magnesium for that bronchial constriction boom excess calcium asthma why because calcium when it ionizing goes into the tissues it helps the mucous membranes it protects you against a lot of different things but if it’s not if it’s clogging everything up you get asthma you’ll get the chronic cough at night so you had this chronic cough and then mucous membranes are all swollen of the colon of the sinus and the lung so we get a lot of mucous membrane’s problem – colon and viruses come out of remission when you get excess calcium – canker sore yeah that’s excess calcium so here’s some facts the calcium stimulates sympathetics causes contraction of smooth muscle calcium channel blockers are used for the heart for high blood pressure why don’t they just get to the root of it they never do that magnesium is the natural calcium channel blocker because it opposes calcium high sympathetic dominant causes low parasympathetic alright let’s talk about the causes I’m not just saying stop consuming calcium unless it’s calcium carbonate and the person is taking on a calcium but many times the root cause of excess calcium is a lack of fat soluble vitamins because people are avoiding fat they think it’s bad but fat cybo vitamins are needed to transport the calcium like vitamin F is all the essential fatty acids in fish oil and these essential fatty acids are converted to an available type of essential fatty acids called conjugated linoleic acid CLA with some microbes in your gut so there could be a digestive problem that’s now allowing you to utilize this fat so low vitamin F that’s essential fatty acids and fish oils low vitamin k2 we did a video on that even low vitamin D can cause that but I’m going to explain this because high vitamin D will cause hypercalcemia as well so let me kind of clarify what I mean by that if the person has low vitamin D the para thyroid gland will overreact it will overreact the parathyroid gland will overreact and spike the vitamin D storage in that gland and then that’s what causes the hyper calcium state so there’s a whole chain of reactions so with this situation you can have too much or too little vitamin D depending on what’s going on the other thing too is let’s say you don’t have enough bile and your gall bladder you’re not going to absorb any of these fats so it doesn’t even matter so you want t
o kind of keep going deeper and deeper deeper you find the root problem but I put a lot of people on omega-3 fatty acids of fish oils k2 vitamin D for excess calcium and it’s a great remedy for all these things right here okay now we also have cortisol stress can cause this as well because it makes the body alkaline calcium can’t travel an alkaline body okay so we have to certify and that’s why apple cider vinegar ionizes calcium for cramps and it gets rid of cramps because it mobilizes calcium and it’s good for a lot of different things alright low hydrochloric acid in the stomach could also be the source of excess calcium and so that’s kind of a summary of what’s going on but the heart is really really it really needs a lot of this fat because it runs on oxidized fatty acids that not on glucose it runs on fat alright so I hope this helped and it might be a little complex so you might have to watch this multiple times

This Post Was All About Serious Side-Effects from Excess Calcium (Soft-Tissue Calcium) by Dr. Berg.
Serious Side-Effects from Excess Calcium (Soft-Tissue Calcium) by Dr. Berg

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Dr. Berg explains about calcium intake, facts and impacts on your body. In this video, Dr. Berg connects the dots with excess calcium that is locked in the body that is unavailable because it’s not broken down. He also talks about the symptoms of this unused calcium.
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