Right Wrist Pain (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome) Relief by Dr. Berg

Right Wrist Pain (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome) Relief by Dr. Berg

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hey guys it’s me again we’re going to do another before and after now we have someone with wrist pain your right wrist bothers you so tell me just a little bit about what’s going on with your wrist so I’ve had tendonitis for several years and it’s you know I need to do yoga to keep my back in check and that helps but it’s hard with the wrist so it’s it doesn’t go back all the way and I can’t put pressure on it so I can’t do the planks and the push ups in that kind of position and the downward dog all of that it just makes it really difficult I can just do it for a much shorter amount of time and hold it and then the pain comes in also chopping vegetables and using my hands just it just gets really tight and sore and you know I can’t vacuum because that’s sort of in and out just like it’s like too much but it’s just this right wrist here and I’ve done a lot I’ve done the physical therapy even went as far maybe I think 10 years ago to do radiation and I do I do these stretches that that help but it just doesn’t go away so anytime yeah anytime I’m like doing you know the type of thing that I want to be doing which is like exercising on the floor push-ups that type of thing yoga it just it flares okay so what we know for sure is that there has to be something else going on with this there has to be something else going on so we’re going to go a little deeper and so I have a question do you have digestive problems yes I do have a history of that I’m on it with with diet but I know that there’s still some lingering issues I’m really in control with die and probiotics but there is still some lingering issue so definitely yes okay so the first thing I’m gonna do is I’m gonna do a little before because it doesn’t really hurt when she doesn’t move it it’s like when she moves it or activates it so go ahead and try to like do like a little push up or resistance and tell me if you feel something yeah so I mean if I put my weight on it I’ll definitely just like a push up position so you can see it won’t go as far as this hand in terms of the angle and and it just begins to feel like it’s going to give way yeah it’s kind of like a weakness yes okay so unstable weakness and and yeah unstable weak and very tender and painful yeah okay so what we want to do is we want to rate that 10 being fully strong zero being completely weak give me a number um I would say six okay so what we want to do is we want to isolate it now the first thing I’m going to check before I do anything is the gallbladder why because the gallbladder is a source of a lot of problems it’s it creates the nerve that goes up to the the nerves of the neck which happen to connect to the hand I’ve had people come in with splints on the hand the thumb the fingers and they’re like ah what’s wrong they get therapy nothing happens so let’s just see if the gallbladder is involved I’m going to do a little tiny little test so I’m going to have you lay on your back with your head over here so if you’ve watched some of my other videos you probably see that there’s a lot of hidden pain syndromes from gallbladder so I’m just going to kind of gently kind of stimulate the flow of the gallbladder so it can drain a little bit and tell me if that’s is it sore a little bit yeah right there yeah again are not pressing on the gallbladder the soft tissue around the gallbladder which is connected to the gallbladder and I’m just and you can even do this to yourself you work on this little area right here you find out where the tenderness is yeah right there good morning and I’m just going to hold this for about an hour now looks good I’m doing this for about two minutes here and pressing up into this area right here so the next thing we do is just compare so now let’s have our set up let’s have you sit right here and then go ahead and do the same thing you did before and let’s just compare it was a six tell me what’s going on now hmm hmm feels a little bit more um flexible how about the stability factor or the strength it was a six what is it now um yeah it definitely does feel stronger the pain is still there but it’s definitely um like I feel a little bit of pain in the wrist but it’s definitely it feels um a little bit more stable and a little bit more like it’s bending that bending 90 degrees but yeah cuz it doesn’t usually go as far as this one so it does Wow yeah cool now let’s let’s have you lay back again I want to just check something okay so now what I’m going to do is I’m going to come in here a little bit more into the liver area right through in here now she did tell me she did kind of go off for eating for a little bit and there’s a some insulin resistance up so there’s a little bit of a blood sugar thing so we’ll what I’m going to advise and I’m going to show you you know one of the challenges when you do the eating plan is you add more fat which is hard hard to digest if there’s a gallbladder issue so I’m going to recommend as a simple no-brainer is some outside of vinegar plus are you taking that that is an acidifier for your stomach that will release your own bile so when she takes it before a meal like four before meal the stomach will release by out it’ll digest so much better it’ll take the pressure off this gallbladder and it’ll make it easier to stick to the program and improves insulin resistant and it will help the gallbladder and I think that pain thing will go away especially if it’s related to the digestion so so we talked before this and we are like okay how do we completely fix this well once we find what’s causing it by what we’re doing now we’re testing something see what gets a fast change and then we’re going to focus on the gallbladder improving the digestion that’s we want to do like keep your diet and keep these other thing yeah and then really help the digestion and that’s going to fully resolve this issue with the hand because like it affects your writing you’re a teacher and you know this whole thing so now I’m going to come a little lower yeah so now we’re right on the heart of it right – and there says like gall stones no I think she has the gall stones I think it’s just a sluggish gall bladder and there’s a little duck there that you drain stuff out that’s a little congested and that comes from eating poorly sometimes in your past you have a history of eating poorly change my day about nine seven years ago but before that before that it was very high carb very high crackers and right right high carb crackers pasta join the club I was there for 28 years so I know what you’re talking about so now let’s reduce recapping okay go ahead and do that same same thing again yeah it feels very similar to this one to the left one and it still feels a little bit of pain but it definitely does feel more stable and less weak and less and more more able to bend 90 degrees which I have never been able to bend 90 degrees so but it does I still feel a little bit of pain okay it’s not as like it’s not as easy to do it as this one but it’s definitely I’m just feeling more stable on it which is weird I usually feel like I it’s going to give way awesome just sit right here so the other thing you do for wrist pain is you work on the opposite side so we’ll take this side and we’ll just go into the muscle to here and when you press on the if it hurts on the wrist like it hurts right here then you you work on the muscles connected to the wrist but on the opposite side right through and here and this will be a little bit sore as you work this out but that’s how you kind of get rid of that pain component because it’s been compensating you probably supp
ort this side and you put more pressure on this side as you work out right right right right absolutely like right here this thing and I have these weird bumps that they look like like all over my hands actually of my arms until my elbow area so let’s look at those bumps in a second I’m going to just I want to just okay so now go ahead and just reaches the same thing let me touch no time is happening with the pain hmm the pain is still there it’s a little bit less um but again feeling stable feeling yeah I mean because I’ve never been able to to bend at ninety degrees so it feels like it’s a it’s doing it and it feels stable but there’s a little bit of pain not not much but there’s definitely pain here and here here maybe because it’s stretching farther than it’s been stretched a very long time so that’s the pain here but the pain that’s there is yeah is um it’s it’s less but it’s it’s still there but it’s definitely less and it feels more stable awesome so so this is because it’s coming from the digestion we just have to work more on the digestion because this is the symptom and this is the cause so just a matter of getting this once this is better the pain will probably completely go away probably have to work a little bit on here but your problem is not in your wrist and that’s why the physical therapy did no work because they put radiation in your wrist okay now so that’s cool are you happy with that yeah okay good so now show me those bumps okay so you can you don’t if you can see it it’s a little blue but you can feel it yeah yeah elbows and nobody has been able to tell me what they’re they wanted to have a biopsied and I was a little bit scared to do that but my side of that and I have them all up and you can see my rushed upon from my liver but I have them here so here’s the thing these are like little tiny little they’re kind of like little tiny little bumps type things were growing on the skin anything with skin is related to vitamin A deficiency and guess what it takes to digest vitamin A bile bile yes so by oh yeah and every year I’ve been doing it for the past three years and I was just this last year when I did it a month ago they said that I was borderline a deficient which was the first time because all the fat soluble vitamins before were good the DKA but this time I was a vitamin actually D was borderline and a was ding-ding-ding-ding so yeah so skin is all about the fat soluble vitamins and you always look to her gallbladder that’s digesting those so she doesn’t have enough bile so with you probably some upset of vinegar Plus before the meal and maybe one gallbladder after to get the fat side with vitamins in there and the skin will be really nice so vitamin A deficiency is create acne bumps little goose pimple bumps anything with skin is the vitamin A but most people get enough on the diet they just can’t absorb it and guess what all the remedies for in the anti-inflammatory remedies are the omega-3 fatty acids they’re all fat related so even vitamin D deficiency will cause pain so again it’s a matter of that digestive system getting that thing back that’s why a lot of our thrit ik type stuff and pain in general is liver and it’s connected to the gallbladder so so this is this is what we’ll do we’re going to strengthen the gallbladder you probably do it a little bit acupressure each day this will totally be cleared probably take maybe two weeks at the very most and I think you’re good and then you just have to keep your eating in just keep really really standard and then if you tend to one cheat have some healthy junk food without this sugar but we want I think you’re going to have to add a little more fat with the meals with the gall bladder will help to allow you to go longer without eating and and because you cannot fix insulin resistance without fat so like we have but the problem is like it might be hard to digest so don’t go crazy just a little bit and then gradually increase that you’ll go longer without eating you drop insulin you’ll heal the insulin resistance digestion will do better so it’s a sonico plan yeah absolutely yeah that makes sense okay awesome well thank you very much thank you okay

This Post Was All About Right Wrist Pain (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome) Relief by Dr. Berg.
Right Wrist Pain (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome) Relief by Dr. Berg

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Dr. Berg explain a unique cause of right right pain through a referral nerve problem with the gallbladder.
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