Rid the Loose Flabby Skin!

Rid the Loose Flabby Skin!

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hey it’s me again in this video we’re going to talk about flabby skin whether it’s in the back of your arms and Ernie’s your chin or your legs your butt or your hips let’s cover what’s underneath that now in the past video I’ve talked about cortisol which is an adrenal hormone being the root cause of loose skin and if you’re on but there’s another very common cause and that has to do with this one hormone called insulin okay but it’s really a condition of insulin resistance but let me just explain what that means insulin resistance is a condition where you have a ton of insulin but it’s not working okay because your body is resisting at the cellular level all right now you need insulin you Duff definitely you cannot live without it but the problem is we have too much of it because there are diets like sugars and things like that but check this out your cells have a little window that allows insulin to drive fuel in the cells but also insulin is one of the main hormones that drives amino acid into the cells it’s the hormone that allows the absorption of proteins specifically branched amino acids now what does branched amino acids now you see this a lot of times and people that are exercising weightlifters because branched amino acids are specifically good to repair and replenish lost muscle okay so if you’re losing muscle you atrophying you would want branch amino acids but the problem is the insulin is not working to pull those amino acids into the cell be cute because you could have insulin resistance right but what caused this problem in the first is you had you had too much insulin and then now of a sudden your body is rejecting it and so now you’re stuck with you can’t absorb insulin yet you have too much okay it’s kind of a weird situation so in an insulin resistant cell you really are kind of like your cells are starving for protein amino acids and fuel so so here’s some symptoms with to know that you have this number one you can’t lose weight number two you have a bell at number three a brain fog fatigue if you skip a meal you get very irritable you can’t go a long time without eating when you’re eating you’re not satisfied when you’re eating you get tired right after you’re eating these are just common symptoms it’s kind of a pre-diabetic State so what happens is you get this signal sent back to the pancreas that makes insulin and telling the pancreas hey we don’t have an event Celyn here so go ahead and pump out more more insulin because it’s being blocked so now the pancreas thinks that doesn’t have enough so it’s driving more and more insulin to force the nutrition into the cell so you end up with a real bad situation because all that excess insulin creates other issues so here we end up with a body that doesn’t have amino acids and you get flabby skin and aging and all sorts of issues with diabetes yet on the other side all this excess insulin is creating belly fat but also a lot of cognitive problems it will create something called an amyloid or amyloid fib roll with what does that mean it’s amyloids are sticky protein structures in the brain that are nearly always found in Alzheimer’s Parkinson’s dementia even it’s kind of like a diabetes type 3 it’s also found in strokes I’m going to put some links down there so here’s my thought obviously you want to increase your longevity of your memory your brain you don’t want to get Alzheimer’s well you want to fix this insulin resistant problem because amyloids come from high levels of insulin and that gets stuck in the brain and last thing you want to do is end up with a stroke so they talk about clogged arteries right well but they don’t talk about amyloids being clogging the arteries to talk about cholesterol well amyloid is a protein well so is so is the cholesterol – it’s a high-density lipoprotein but that’s a whole other lecture but the point is that you may find that you’re getting brain fog and memory problems and you know going into the whole Alzheimer’s thing realize that you want to fix this situation so that way the brain can start absorbing the fuel it needs and the protein it means your your muscles can come back the skin can start becoming tone so let’s just talk about what that means as far as what you have to do in your diet number one obviously you have to get the sugars out okay and you may already know that refined sugars breads pasta cereal crackers things like that secondly you need to get the alcohol out of your system out of your diet completely right now because that’s going to create a problem next one never ever ever ever combine protein with sugar okay because that could be even like like the breads with the bun and the pastries and all that stuff when you add sugar to protein you dramatically exaggerate the insulin I mean like goes way up in fact if you should add sugar to anything it’s actually even worse you better off eating sugar alone then you would combining it so we don’t want to add the sugar even if you add sugar and fat you accentuate insulin so we don’t want to do that okay snacking will also create this problem so you don’t want to snack between meals eating fat with the meal is not going to be a problem because it allows you to go longer so fat is not the cause of insulin resistance despite what some people might tell you sometimes they’ll be do experiments on rats using corn oil or stone soy oil so it’s it’s very very cloudy as far as the research on that but I found that you can easily do fats and if you’re concerned just stick with coconut oil peanuts and things like that but we want that fat with the meal so you can go longer without eating so you want two to three meals a day okay so that’s a really important thing you want the greens in there you want to avoid the foods that trigger insulin okay that’s excessive protein combining protein with sugar sugar itself and snacking those are the culprits right there a couple of things let’s say you drink coffee right and you drink a lot of coffee all that caffeine is going to trigger more insulin as well so if you’re going to drink coffee keep it a very small amount only in the morning and then that’s it for the day okay so so getting your skin back is not about eating more protein it’s about finding out what’s underneath it is it a stress State is it cortisol is it that you have no activity like you’re not exercising I mean that could be a situation because you need to work the body or is that this insulin resistance thing which is actually very very common okay so I just want to enlighten you on this definitely put your comments below and sink down there of a quiz that you can take too so if you have a situation and you want to find out what’s underneath it filter quiz and actually we’ll send you report that kind of tells us what’s wrong with your body as far as the root cause okay thanks for watching I’ll see you the next video

This Post Was All About Rid the Loose Flabby Skin!.
Rid the Loose Flabby Skin!

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Dr. Berg talks about the relationship between loose flabby skin and insulin resistance. Insulin helps pull in amino acids, and if they can’t because the cell is resisting insulin, the cell starves of amino acids causing loose skin under arms, chin, belly legs, etc. Insulin resistance also can cause amyloids. These sticky proteins can clog up your brain, causing alzheimers, memory problems, which is considered diabetes type 3, stroke.
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