Rid Sinus Congestion in 30 Seconds

Rid Sinus Congestion in 30 Seconds

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hey it’s me again in this video we’re going to show you an amazing technique to help sinuses reduce honest stress so just real quick my disclaimers we’re not training science infection or any type of sinus disease this is just a great technique to open up the sinuses so you can breathe better and it has to do with acupressure so here’s how it works in this is my great drawing of the side of the head with someone looking this way and we have seven bones in the neck and you have different parts of the nervous system that correlate with different organs and glands it just so happens the second vertebra in the neck c2 cervical – connects to the sinus passages up here so there’s a direct connection neurologically to the sinuses okay so what you’re going to be doing is you’re going to be using acupressure not needles to press this way from back to forward at the second vertebra okay so I’m going to demonstrate this with my camera person right now check it out so in the back of the neck you can see that we have the back of the skull right here and then we come down to the first vertebra and the second one third one fourth fifth sixth seventh okay so what we want to do is take your there’s two ways to do it you can have someone do it on you and I’m going to show you how to do that you take your middle finger right here and your thumb and we place it right underneath the skull and we drop down one inch okay and you should be on the second vertebra and then we just press in like this so we’re pressing directly in at the second vertebra and you’re going to feel a kind of a knot if they have sinus problems this is going to be hard as a rock and so we take our other hand and we we stay in it hold the head the forehead try not to mess up their hair that’s the most important part and we just press like this like a scissors at this second bone and we just hold pressure lightly for two minutes they’re going to start breathing better it’s going to open up the sinuses right here now if you don’t have someone to do this on you you can use a massage tool like this depending on the sides of the neck you can take this and press it right in now in him I’m going to take the medium width and press right in here but you could actually see this is a tripod this can go back on a couch or a tall back chair or laying on his back so we press this right down here and we just hold this pressure so we don’t use to have to have someone do it on us we press right through in here and then he lays there and he just lets the gravity put pressure on these points and that will open up the sinuses again this is great for sleep apnea just sign of stuff so it’s a second it’s not right up underneath the skull it’s down a little bit like an inch down and we press directly inward like that okay so that’s the procedure of how you’d use acupressure again you can use it on your fingers right here come straight in or you can use that device so there’s two more quick things you can do for the sinus stress number one we can drop the pH now what does it mean drop the pH it means that in in your body you have different levels of acidic things or alkaline things and the higher goes the more alkaline higher goes above seventh so in the blood your body balances the pH between seven point three six and seven point four four that’s a very narrow range so the blood is slightly alkaline alright and in other parts of the body that’s our that are more acid but so we want it within this range but what happens when the pH goes a little too too much above this when it goes above seven point four four and becomes too alkaline you start to getting more allergies more arthritis more histamines those are the things that create Jing and things like that so one great technique you can do is just to drop the pH a little bit by giving someone something more acidic like apple cider vinegar so if you have allergies something to reduce it all you have to do is add a little apple cider vinegar to your like a teaspoon or actually and some lemon juice so a teaspoon of lemon juice a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to your water and start drinking that that drops a pH a little bit and brings it within this range and so we’re just talking about relative values we’re not talking about making your blood very very ass or anything like that we just want to drop it down so it’s within the range so it’s not excessively alkaline all right so we want to drink that that will help reduce allergies when you go up too high and you start taking things that are too alkaline it can aggravate the allergies all right so we want to upset a vinegar lemon and water to help drop the pH a little bit and help your sinuses alright number two a vitamin a now what does vitamin A do it supports the mucous membranes it supports the inner skin of the sinuses the respiratory the entire track all the way down all the skin internally and externally as well so vitamin A will help support the tissues of the sinuses to help reduce the inflammation in the sinuses and guess what has the most vitamin A in addition to carrots it would be kale all right so again that kale shake keeps coming back to kale you take that every morning and helps your breathing it helps your sleeping and it’s great for sleep apnea because sleep apnea is really a congested sinus and you want to reduce the mucous membrane swelling and kale is one way to do it so go ahead and apply these three things acupressure dropping your pH and vitamin A

This Post Was All About Rid Sinus Congestion in 30 Seconds.
Rid Sinus Congestion in 30 Seconds

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You can reduce sinus and stress with acupressure. In this video, Dr. Berg discusses how you can relieve your sinus by using acupressure points. Just a simple massage can relieve sinus or sinus pain.
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