Reversing Atherosclerosis (Hardening of the Arteries)

Reversing Atherosclerosis (Hardening of the Arteries)

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Burke here in this video we’re going to talk about how to reverse atherosclerosis that’s Harding of your arteries now typically people have this idea that this problem comes purely from consuming too much cholesterol okay so let’s kind of dissect really what happens here’s an artery there’s always a pre-existing lesion or crack in the artery before this whole chain of event occurs it’s a micro hemorrhaging and what happens is the cholesterol comes in there as a band-aid to heal the the bleeding crack in your arteries so that’s what that’s one big purpose of cholesterol and it actually works with calcium to form a like a little band-aid and what causes the lesion or the crack is usually either a low vitamin C situation because the person is not consuming enough vegetables okay that’s number one because vitamin C and I’m not talking about the synthetic vitamin C I’m talking about real vitamin C in its whole complex because vitamin C in the complex has a factor it’s a type of copper in an enzyme form called tyrosinase which basically helps you form collagen okay so if you don’t have that factor you get a lot of cracks in problems in the vascular system okay loss of collagen everything becomes very rigid so we need the vitamin C from the vegetables okay the other thing that will cause it would be high insulin because the person consumes too much sugar or refined carbohydrates that can also cause inflammation and micro hemorrhaging so we have this lesion body comes in forms a little plaquing thing to try to protect it with cholesterol and by the way cholesterol will also go way up with insulin in fact unless you have a genetic problem with cholesterol which is very rare I will bet anything your cholesterol is coming from too much insulin so if you were to cut out all the carbs like refined carbs and sugars and alcohol that cholesterol will come down faster than anything we probably within a month okay that’s just the side down so here we got this combination of stroll and calcium plaquing and then what happens is that it starts getting bigger and bigger and bigger and it creates like a clogging of an artery okay now other things that can cause this calcium buildup would be taking too much calcium in the wrong form especially let’s say you’re taking calcium carbonate that is limestone that is cement okay then you actually add it with vitamin D calcium with vitamin D you know what vitamin D does it actually helps you absorb calcium in the gut by 20 times okay not not by 20 a percent 20x so you’re absorbing all this calcium and the blood is filling up with calcium that’s going to cause quote what’s called hypercalcemia so the combination of this vitamin D with calcium which so many people are taking as a supplement because you get tested by the doctor he says you’re low vitamin D so you start taking it you add some calcium in there right and you think you’re doing yourself some good but what happens is you’re just filling up the arteries with calcium especially if you don’t have the magnet magnesium because magnesium helps to buffer the calcium as well so what’s missing in this whole picture well in order for you to have vitamin D work correctly in calcium you need another vitamin called vitamin k2 you’ve never heard about this you need to do some research I put some links below so you can watch some more data on k2 but vitamin k2 probably in the next few years will be very very mainstream because what it does it basically removes calcium from the soft tissues of the body it helps to clean up the calcification on the arteries it basically prevents your arteries turning into bone and stone it makes your arteries more elastic it’s really good for blood pressure so k2 well guess where you get vitamin k2 it’s in it’s a fat Seibel vitamin so it’s in all the fats that the doctor has been telling you to avoid it’s in cheese it’s an egg yolk sinn grass-fed fatty meats it’s also in a soy product called NATO it’s a Japan dish but mainly it’s in the fats so here the person is consuming a low-fat diet their arteries are clogged they put them on coumadin and by the way blocks vitamin k1 so now you can’t eat the vegetables where you going to get your vitamin C from you take it from a pill it’s usually going to be synthetic so you’re going to take the synthetic vitamin C which will actually aggravate everything so it really is is messed up what we need to do is we need to if you’re uncommitted you need to take the right amount of vegetables okay I have a video on that if you want to see that that our low vitamin K get the vitamin C heal this original thing start taking vitamin k2 you can take d3 and you can probably even take some calcium but probably not a good idea unless you have cramps in your calves that’s a good indication you need calcium but most people can get it from the food because you’re eating these foods right here like cheese that’s going to give you enough calcium I think the only time that I recommend a calcium supplement is typically if the person has cramps in the calf or they’ve osteoporosis or osteopenia okay I’d like to get that one from the food but vitamin D is important as well but we need to vitamin k2 okay so if you were to do these things reduce the insulin take the vegetables add the K to avoid the calcium you’ll be in pretty good shape and you can create some nice change over time and by the way the people that are taking anti assets while they’re getting the calcium carbonate you’ll be better off joining on cement down the street you know alright so I threw a lot at you hope this helped and I will see you in the next video hey guys thank you so much for watching please click the subscribe button and I will see you in the next video

This Post Was All About Reversing Atherosclerosis (Hardening of the Arteries).
Reversing Atherosclerosis (Hardening of the Arteries)

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