Reverse Dieting Full Day Of Eating | DEADLIFTS | What I Eat In a Day #3

Reverse Dieting Full Day Of Eating | DEADLIFTS | What I Eat In a Day #3

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so today I weighed in at 205 point 2 which is actually just less than a pound heavier than my all-time low way in which happened to be on my wedding day I weighed 204 point 4 if you haven’t seen my total transformation put that up on the screen for you guys so you can check that out I posted this to Instagram the photo on the right is March 1st and the photo on the left was August 20th my wedding day I lost 28 pounds between those two pictures anyways my macro goal is to start day one of reverse dieting it’s gonna be 50 grams of fat 275 grams of carbs in 210 grams of protein so way more carbs today yes so really this is my only precooked protein option right now and it’s 3 or 4 day old barbeque crock-pot chicken smells fine it smells fine think I can’t eat it oatmeal is done breakfast this morning these 80 grams of oats with a cup of unsweetened vanilla almond milk you know the rest and I ran out of barbecue sauce so 180 grams of the barbecue pulled chicken hopefully it’s not had with like four servings of calorie-free not calorie free but low sugar Heinz ketchup listen I are like way late to the game we started watching stranger things on Netflix last night start watching it like 9 o’clock at night I don’t know how we stopped that series is so good if you have Netflix you really should check it out if you recognize this then you’ve been a subscriber to the channel for a really long time right now I’m making the second meal of the day which is 350 grams avoid potatoes and I’ve got a 10 egg omelet 8 of which is egg whites 2 which is 2 full breath gym guys you know those days where you get to the gym and you just feel like the strongest man alive that’s not today I feel very average today I feel like it’s gonna be a very C if it was like an ABC to eat no there’s no F great of a workout I think it’s gonna be a C type of a workout anyways I’m ahead in there get this lift out of the way catch you guys in a bit you alright guys so it’s Saturday the vlog you were watching was happening on Tuesday but I just tried to start editing the full day of eating video from Tuesday and it turns out I deleted all of the rest of the footage after the gym so yeah figured to replace the deleted footage I would just show you guys what I’m making for dinner tonight even though I’m not hitting the same macro numbers but I did hit those goals for the day that I correspondent to just to give you guys an idea of how reverse dieting is going so far I think it was Tuesday was the video you guys were watching as you can see two oh five point two two oh five point four two oh six and then this morning was an all-time low way and qo4 point two so Alyssa and I we just got home from the gym just going for the grocery store we’re gonna unpack her groceries I don’t yeah I don’t know a bed so we’re gonna unpack her groceries and make dinner and I’ll show you guys the final two meals tonight or just whatever I’m eating tonight I’m making more than two minutes she’s so proud of her Halloween decorations over here she really is excited about these candles that is like the main event but she just picked up these flowers and she thinks they look like a little brain she keeps saying we don’t know you know what type of flowers those are babe we don’t know what type of flowers there but they look like Halloween brain flowers I have done nothing since we’ve come home except for snack on these olives and raspberries i factor didn’t like seven grams of fat I want to say in 12 grams of carbs it said spicy olives on the container definitely a lot spicier than I thought my mouth is still on fire right now as far as the raspberries go 70 grams of raspberries so far my macro is currently so far today guys 94 grams of protein probably gonna hit 210 220 carbs 141 probably hitting 425 maybe 450 like I said I’m gonna treat myself and then fat right now is twenty grams probably just hit the typical 50 pounds my dinner is all made right now so this is what I’ve got going on I did 250 grams of ground turkey 99% lean ground turkey with three servings of a vegetable peppers and onions type of a mix and then I covered it in two servings of mid speed stuff pretty sure you can put pizza sauce on anything babe and it’s delicious and while I was cooking dinner this is the depressing part I had six servings which is over 100 grams of carbs of pretzel crisps one thing I forgot to mention guys I am making dessert wall not really making dessert but I’m having two cups and you guys already know from the last full day of eating video 280 grams I turned it the wrong way of chef ready frozen strawberries these are the best frozen strawberries okay I just finished putting this last meal into MyFitnessPal I’m gonna finish the day at 237 grams of protein 445 grams of carbs and 39 grams of fat my last meal is six slices of french toast and I decided to test peanut butter and jelly on one of the slices of french toast never had peanut butter and jelly on french toast before but french toast is delicious peanut butter jelly is delicious just seems like that’s a delicious combination so also having for open-faced peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and two cups of vanilla almond milk that’s where I’m gonna end things tonight guys so Alyssa and I were watching narcos right now she kind of watched the first season which helped me but I’ve been catching up in the second season the second season is really good so I will catch you guys in the next episode

This Post Was All About Reverse Dieting Full Day Of Eating | DEADLIFTS | What I Eat In a Day #3.
Reverse Dieting Full Day Of Eating | DEADLIFTS | What I Eat In a Day #3

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Reverse Dieting Full Day Of Eating | What I Eat In a Day #3
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