Reverse Dieting Full Day Of Eating | Date Night With Alyssa | What I Eat In A Day #4

Reverse Dieting Full Day Of Eating | Date Night With Alyssa | What I Eat In A Day #4

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check this out guys Alyssa left me this is a present this morning she is the best wife every Friday her and I we have a date night and in this Friday night we’re going out to dinner tonight I don’t know where I’m gonna make reservations to yet it’s gonna be somewhere good weighing in today at 206 on the dot these are the biggest blueberries look at my hand these are dinosaur blueberries are crazy alright guys so breakfast is prepped I’ve got my two eggs half cup of rice 160 grams of ground turkey with a couple of servings of chi-chi salsa and 140 grams of the dinosaur blueberries macros today I’m trying to hit 250 grams of carbs 50 grams of fat and 210 listen right let’s take two macro goals for the day 275 grams of carbs 50 grams of fat and 210 grams of protein the plan of the day is leg day and errands for Z restaurant it’s like a French sometimes they do these weird voices and I don’t even think these places exist these accents my shopping cart looks like some type of detox gone wrong it’s like nine cranberry juices and a low calorie loaf of bread I was wondering if I could make a reservation for tonight at seven alright thanks a lot like I said guys it’s a leg day and my leg days have been starting with a very very unpopular exercise on YouTube I’ve been starting with Smith Machine squats I know everybody thumbs down for Smith machines clots there’s a reason I’ve been doing them though it’s because the last two years I’ve had two injuries the first injury I had was a torn lateral meniscus 11 millimeter tear my left meniscus not enjoyable after I had that injury going to parallel or below parallel is painful every now and again and if I upset my knee then I it can be painful all day all night it can wake me up all night so staying away from knee pain is important to me sometimes doing the regular squats just aggravates the knee then after I tore my lateral meniscus I herniated my l5 s1 disk in my lower back which is definitely not enjoyable injury especially when you go see two neurosurgeons and they’re like yeah you probably should have a microdiscectomy not really what you want to hear so I’d never had the surgery gave it time to heal the whole nine yards I feel a lot better these days sometimes the discs can resorb back into your body and not cause you any pain I had a lot of pain for months that’s gone now I think I’ve said this in a different blog so if you’ve heard this I’m sorry that I’m repeating myself but there are a lot of new subscribers who have never heard me talk about this and I want to tell you what I’m doing the sissy smith machine squats waiting for Alyssa to get home but we have two hours before I dinner reservation tonight so I figured I’m kind of hungry might as well make a little bit of a snack although I think for most people this would be a meal so this is what I made I’ve got 375 grams of some red potatoes with two cups I think it’s a hundred and seventy grams of cauliflower mixed in and a really great trick guys to volumize your potatoes to make you think you’re eating more potatoes it’s just to throw some cauliflower in there sort of tastes like potatoes and you have no idea it’s cauliflower when you add a little bit of black pepper and salt then two servings it’s like 170 grams of some shrimp it’s like 32 grams of protein and for dessert two cups or 280 grams of some frozen strawberries so Alyssa and I are getting the grilled shrimp we’re gonna split this and then I’m getting the local beet salad I’m also gonna get dat nouns bone-in ribeye what are you gonna bed you’re getting a Caesar salad yeah sandwich so this is the beet salad and then we’re splitting the shrimp with hummus this looks yummy oh my god and this is Alyssa’s Caesar salad you enjoying it oh this is a fan of this place so far the lights in the restaurant keep flickering and if you’ve seen stranger things that you know like flickering lights as big things to show basically we’re inside the show after dinner we stopped at this like bar that both of us had never been to for one of her co-workers birthday parties and then this happened both of us were the youngest people there and we were having a good time but we are also the first people i think to leave the birthday party it’s only like 1120 at night we’re both really exhausted that feels like it’s one o’clock in the morning or something like that but I hope you enjoy the episode guys and I will see you in the next one

This Post Was All About Reverse Dieting Full Day Of Eating | Date Night With Alyssa | What I Eat In A Day #4.
Reverse Dieting Full Day Of Eating | Date Night With Alyssa | What I Eat In A Day #4

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Reverse Dieting Full Day Of Eating | Date Night With Alyssa | What I Eat In A Day #4
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