Recovering From a Day Of Over Eating | What To Do If You Have A Cheat Day, Cheat Meal

Recovering From a Day Of Over Eating | What To Do If You Have A Cheat Day, Cheat Meal

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what’s happening guys last night I forgot to input some of my food into my Fitness Pal which happens all the time I’m notorious for waiting until the end of the night to enter in all of my food into My Fitness Pal I don’t enter it in throughout the day as I’m eating I just do it in one quick scoop swoop one quick swoop right before bed which means there are a lot of days that I end up over eating more than I should so today I want to share with you my process for dealing with those days days where I overeat just a little bit like yesterday where I had two servings of pastas like 500 calories more than I should have and also days where I really indulge and it might be considered a cheat day or a cheat meal and hopefully my tips in this video are gonna help you stay on track with your diet and keep progressing with your diet even if you have a day where you overeat a little bit or you overeat a lot all right so let’s talk scenario number one were you overeat just a little bit I am a perfect example for this scenario because like I said last night I had two servings of pasta that I didn’t put into MyFitnessPal and that worked out to be about 450 calories so I was 450 calories over my macro goals because at the end of the night I had hit my macros perfectly or so I thought but as it turns out I was way over my macaroni calorie goal for the day I didn’t realize it until I was laying in bed and I’m thinking to myself I never put the pasta into my fitness pal I have way over my macros today now before I get into this you have to understand that 450 calories for me is actually not a ton of calories because it’s actually only about 20% of my total calorie goals for the day right now and that’s not really a huge day of overeating for me I think days of really overeating and we’ll get to this in Scenario to our days where you go 50 or even a hundred percent over your total calorie goal and I’ll give you guys a different plan for handling days like that in a little bit so like I said last night I was 450 calories over my total calorie goal for the day so instead of eating 2600 calories I had about 3050 calories for the day my macros right now are 225 grams of protein 325 grams of carbs and 50 grams that that’s important to keep in mind because I’m gonna show you the changes I’m making today to make up for the 450 calories then I went over last night so what I like to do when I go over my calories just a little bit I like to make up for that the very next day what that means is I’m just gonna make some minor changes to my macros today so instead of my normal numbers today I’m gonna hit 225 grams of protein I’m keeping protein the same and I’ll explain why in a second I’m gonna hit 225 grams of carbs that’s a hundred grams less than my normal goal and that’s 400 calories right there that I’ll make up and then I’m also gonna hit 45 grams of fat instead of 50 grams of fat and that’ll be the other 50 calories it’s 45 but 45 calories close enough to 50 so by making those small changes to my macros today I’ll actually be at a 450 calorie deficit from my normal goal macros that I’ve been trying to hit and that’ll offset things from yesterday’s 450 calorie surplus basically it’ll balance out between the two days and I’ll be right where I should be now you might have noticed that my changes came specifically from carbs and fats and that I actually didn’t change my protein macro goals at all for when I took myself in this 450 calorie deficit there’s actually three reasons why I like to keep my protein where it’s at when I do this number one protein is extremely satiating basically it keeps you feeling full for an extended period of time and that’s important on a day where you’re not eating as much food as you typically do because you actually want to be able to adhere to the lower numbers that you’re trying to hit number two is pretty obvious protein has muscle sparing benefits and when I take myself into a caloric deficit I try to preserve as much muscle as I possibly can which is why not only on these days but in dieting in general I like to make most of my adjustments from carbs and fats and keep my protein at a pretty consistent level and my third and final reason for keeping protein where it’s at is the thermic effect of food protein has the highest thermogenic effect compared to all the other macronutrients upwards of 30% of the calories that you eat from protein are actually burned in the digestion process that’s way higher than carbs and fats so it just makes sense to keep your protein where it’s at so that you’re burning more calories by just eating food in general alright so now that we got scenario number one out of the way let’s talk about scenario number two where you Yuli go over your calorie goals for the day by like fifty or even a hundred percent this isn’t like I forgot to put something in my fitness pal this is more like I showed up at Thanksgiving and I was hungry oh if I do happen to have one of those days which doesn’t happen very often I don’t try to make up for it in just one day I’ll make my macro adjustments and decreases and I’ll spread them out over to three or even four days and then I get right back on track with my diet and I just start hitting the same numbers that I was hitting before and honestly guys when you take those three or four days to make up for that one awful day of eating usually you’ll be at the same way you were before or you might even weigh a little less it happens all the time for me anyways I want to give you a tangible example of what I would do if I went over my calorie goal by let’s say a hundred percent and for this example we’re just gonna create a person and say that their calorie goal was a thousand calories a day just because it’s a round number and just because it’s easy to work with I hope that none of you are eating a thousand calories a day because that’s like nothing but it’s an easy number to work with so for this example if they over ate by a hundred percent of their calorie goal that would mean that they had 2,000 calories in a day and let’s just say that this person decides they’re gonna take the next four days to make up that thousand calories that they went over their goal by during the day that they benched that means over the next four days this person’s gonna make up 250 calories per day in their diet let’s also assume that they’re following a 40-40-20 breakdown of their macros so 40% of their calories are coming from protein 40% from carbs and 20% from fat that’s 400 calories from protein 400 calories from carbs and 200 calories from fat like I said earlier I don’t like to make adjustments to protein so protein is still gonna stay at 400 calories a day but what I will do is I’ll make adjustments to carbs and fats so to create the 250 calorie deficit that we need to create over the four days what I would do is I decrease my carb calories from 400 calories to 200 and my fat calories from 200 to 150 and boom you have 250 calories of a deficit that you’re creating and over four days that’s thousand calories and the person will be back to a balanced number of calories that they should have consumed during the week so that’s just how I like to make up for a day where I go over my calorie goal by significant percentage like I said a significant percentage for me is like 50% or more I’ll be taking several days to make my adjustments and that’s how I like to make them and one thing I want to mention you guys does that want to make my adjustments I never bring my fat macros lower than 15% of my total
calories so just keep that in mind when you’re making these adjustments there’s just too many things that bats are essential for in the body and are good for and I don’t recommend bringing them lower than 15% anyways I hope this helps you guys devise a plan for dealing with days where you might forget to put something into My Fitness Pal or even days where you really over indulge and really enjoy yourself and if you happen to be new to tracking macros and you want to learn the ins and the outs of it or you just want help developing a weight loss plan of attack I did write me book macros made easy that can totally help you with all that if you want to grab a copy of it you can get one in the video description below I just want to thank you guys for all the support thanks for watching I hope you got something out of the video and I’ll see you in the next one

This Post Was All About Recovering From a Day Of Over Eating | What To Do If You Have A Cheat Day, Cheat Meal.
Recovering From a Day Of Over Eating | What To Do If You Have A Cheat Day, Cheat Meal

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Today I’m sharing with you my plan for how to recover from a day of bingeing and overeating. So, if you’re looking for what to do if you over eat, have a cheat day, cheat meal, or just binge in general, this video will show you how to lose weight from that day, and get back on track while you’re cutting and dieting,.
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