Raw Veggies Versus Cooked Veggies?

Raw Veggies Versus Cooked Veggies?

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hey guys dr. Burke here I wanted to touch on the difference between eating raw vegetables and cooked vegetables first of all the purpose of eating vegetables is to get the vitamins and the minerals that you need from a good source okay now when something is raw vs. cooked the difference is Rahl has enzymes in that vegetable enzymes are very very good for you and that helps break down the food and it gives you great properties health properties but the problem is that many people are missing the normal enzymes that the pancreas are supposed to release to be able to digest some of these fibers in the vegetable for example if I consume broccoli it will cause serious pain in my intestinal tract I can consume cabbage all day long I could do kale but broccoli for some reason tears me up so that’s not necessarily an allergy it’s a missing enzyme that creates inflammation and I’ll feel like I have a cramp for the next hour so it’s very uncomfortable so what that means is that somehow along the line I had some damage in my pancreas and I couldn’t I couldn’t generate those enzymes so that’s one one thing but there’s other things too if your stomach has low acid and the way you know your stomach has low acid is that you have indigestion like you eat food it gets stuck there or you have acid reflux or you have GERD or you might have constipation or bloating that means the acids are lower and if the acids are lower it it we can’t create the triggering effect for the release of enzymes from your pancreas so that could be the very reason why you’re not releasing the enzymes because when I was in college grad school I was taking the mega packs of Rolaids because I had heartburn that crazy little did I know that was caused by not enough acid from all the stress that I was going through but that’s something that you can if you actually just increase the pH of the stomach acidify the stomach many times you can see a great benefit of the full digestion of even vegetables so that’s something to look at the next thing is that you have low good bacteria in your gut if the bacteria by the way 90% of this friendly bacteria does most does the digestion in the small intestine if you don’t have enough of that then you’re going to get a lot of bloating and excess fermentation and rotting and all sorts of problems but these microbes are the things that make enzymes for these fibers in other words they live on fiber now if you’re not used to consuming kale or a lot of other vegetables that you don’t normally eat like even broccoli or cabbage maybe you have just like iceberg lettuce or spring green and then you switch over you haven’t developed the enzymes yet and these microbes have to grow and adapt to your foods over a slower period of time before you can digest them so if you change over and you feel like you’re not losing way and you feel bloated all that means is you’ve got to cut it back you’re not ready to consume that many vegetables because that’s too much fiber for these microbes to deal with now what I do is I have you go back to those vegetables that you were consuming before and gradually introduce it until you can achieve seven – you know 10 cups of vegetables but you have to sometimes ease into it you can’t do it overnight the other thing you can do is you can steam the vegetables or cook them that way you can break them down a little bit more and it’s a lot easier on the system to digest and you still get the same minerals you might not have all the vitamins but you still get the good minerals that you need from these vegetables so that’s one way and then also fermented vegetables like sauerkraut kimchi all these ferment pickles those are really easy to digest because the lactic acid from the bacteria in that they make that from has already broke it down for you so you can consume with some of that and that will really help your system but again some people can’t tolerate too much so what I like to do go for some raw but try not to go too much to the point where you feel bloated so you have to adjust that adjust the amount of raw vegetables until you have no bloating okay and no side effects but again we have to slowly go into this make sure you maybe increase your acidity in your stomach maybe use a probiotic to start building up or just start off slowly introducing over time so you can develop your own microbes and your body can adapt to that situation okay so that’s the only point I want to make between these two so go ahead and comment below and I’ll see in the next video

This Post Was All About Raw Veggies Versus Cooked Veggies?.
Raw Veggies Versus Cooked Veggies?

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Dr. Berg talks about the difference in eating raw vegetables and cooked vegetables. The purpose of eating the vegetables is to get the vitamins and minerals from a good source. Raw vegetables are a good source of enzymes which help to breakdown food in your body.
If you have missing enzymes either from your pancreas or from your gut (the friendly bacteria make enzymes). This could be a lack of stomach acid because it takes an acid stomach to release pancreatic enzymes OR maybe you had a antibiotics in the past, which destroyed your friendly bacteria. This might cause your body to have acid reflux, gurd or constipation.
He suggests slowly introducing certain veggies into the diet over time to allow the microbes to grow and adapt to this new digestion. Cooked vegetables might not have the vitamins but are a good souce of minerals that are required by the body.
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