Protein | Best and Worst Protein Sources – Thomas DeLauer

Protein | Best and Worst Protein Sources – Thomas DeLauer

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what is up Six Pack Shortcuts it is Thomas de Lauer and I am back at you with some awesome nutrition content that showed you the way you can get the most out of your diet so you can get the most out of the gym and get the body that you want alright today I’m talking about protein powders now I’m not just talking about any old protein powders I’m talking about if you are someone that would benefit from protein powder or not should you consume protein powder from a jug or should you just eat good old-fashioned meat all right what if I told you that protein powders weren’t important because of the protein value that’s not why we consume protein powders to be completely honest you see the benefits of protein powders come from the insulin spike when we consume protein we have an insulin spike just like if we were to consume carbohydrates in fact it’s even more so protein is what is called something that is insulin Oh jinuk meaning it causes a spike in insulin when you have that spike in insulin it opens the cell door way so the cell can be receptive to whatever nutrients are in play in this case protein so when you consume meat you don’t have a huge insulin spike but when you consume protein powder it absorbs so darn fast that you spike your insulin and are more apt to absorb the protein that is why protein powders are beneficial so don’t be mistaken okay now you know me I like to come from a traditional school of thought and have real talk without bro science I like to keep it real because that’s how you build a real body okay so my favorite kinds of protein powder are as follows okay we’ve got grass-fed whey protein isolate now isolate is a key word here isolated protein basically means that it’s protein powder and the protein has been isolated from the rest of the way from the rest of the dairy so you don’t have all the junk you don’t have the case in you don’t have the lactose you just have pure unadulterated protein that your body can synthesize and build muscle tissue period now the fact that being grass-fed is beneficial simply is because we want to get that protein that is sourced from good healthy cattle good healthy cows that are not grain fed okay they’re fed off of grass so they have a nice natural nutrient balance that’s going to pass on through to you when you need it the most now the next protein source that I am a huge fan of and I’m prepared the claws are going to come out from all the trolls right now I know this is going to be P protein YP protein why am i pulling some kind of veggie nonsense on you I have good reason okay I’m not opposed to dairy I just told you that my top one would be that grass-fed whey but P protein gives your digestive system a little bit of a break it’s good to alternate now and then sometimes veggie proteins help you it’s still a complete protein still going to cause that insulin spike still going to cause your muscles in your cells to uptake that protein the same way that it would with dairy it’s just something different and it might leave a little bit less of a carbon footprint if you will in your system so that you can do it for a long time the third protein powder source that I recommend isn’t even a powder it’s meat just eat your whole foods and you know me I’m talking about good old-fashioned organic sustainably raised healthy quality meat that isn’t from poorly treated animals where the quality is total garbage okay true story and I hope you can a little bit chuckle out of this when I was trying to put on a lot of muscle I was bulking a lot I promise adding meat into a blender blending it up pulverizing it and chugging it just as a way of trying to get it down I basically made my own meat protein powder which now in retrospect is kind of disturbing I don’t suggest you do that it’s nasty but after your workout you can definitely go ahead and have a nice organic chicken breast have a nice lean piece of fish something that’s sustainably caught something like Cod okay go for that route you don’t always need to have protein powders protein powders are just that a supplement they’re a supplement to a good healthy diet and let’s build a real body here let’s have some real talk all right now let’s go into what you should avoid first one casein protein why is casein protein bad and why is it touted as something that you need to have before bed casein protein digests slowly so they always tell us consume casein protein before bed so you have a sustained release throughout the course of the night news flash for you marketing okay one more thing for people to sell you that case protein is not critical in fact it’s actually bad for you and will actually hurt your gains and hurt your progress here’s why when you consume casein protein it kind of turns into like this gelatinous substance within your intestinal tract it creates excess mucus that is why it digests slower but it also inhibits the digestion of other good things that you need it hurts your gut bacteria here’s a little science for you okay so casein protein contains something called B C m7 what that B C m7 is is a bioactive opioid now literally what that means is it triggers opioid receptors within your body similar to drugs that would trigger the opioid receptors like morphine talking about oxycotin things like that it actually is addictive that’s why dairy becomes addictive now some of you might think this is cool and you might go get hooked on dairy but the fact is it’s not healthy for you it is slowing down your progress and it’s not needed you’ll get the casein protein that you need in small enough quantities from other sources the other protein powder that I suggest you stay away from is going to be a beef protein isolate okay traditional marketing will have you believe that a beef protein isolate is literally like instantize beef just like Thomas de Lauer’s good old-fashioned meat shakes that he used to make not true if you did the math and you actually quantified it that stuff would have to be about $200 per pound to actually get the amount of protein that you’re getting per scoop if it was actually instantize meat what it is is it’s poorly browned cuts it’s basically tinned in its collagen it’s little bits and pieces like that they’ve added amino acids to to make it a quote/unquote complete protein it’s not good quality you’re going to spend the money on that you’re better off to just eat a nice lean piece of organic grass-fed beef now hope I didn’t scare you with this video I wanted to give you some good solid insight and the solid take away from this is rotate stuff up don’t consume the same thing over and over again if you do you start triggering antibody responses within your body can start rejecting the process you’re not going to absorb as much all right so as always keep it locked in here on my videos on Six Pack Shortcuts and honestly if you like having these videos back comment because us here at Six Pack Shortcuts we want to know what you want to see that we can create the ultimate best content and also create the best products for you alright I will see you in the next video

This Post Was All About Protein | Best and Worst Protein Sources – Thomas DeLauer.
Protein | Best and Worst Protein Sources - Thomas DeLauer

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One of the things that I get asked a lot is simply this, “Is protein better from a powder or from a meat.” Well, in this video, I dive into some pretty intricate detail as to what the best and worst protein sources are in the food market!
Protein | Best and Worst Protein Sources – Thomas DeLauer
Stay tuned and learn which foods you should avoid, but which ones you should eat more of when it comes to tapping into the best possible result.
It’s so much more than just grabbing chicken at the store or even buying a protein powder, you really want to make sure that you’re focusing on quality over quantity when it comes to your protein sources and I will break it all down for you here.
No more casein protein that clogs you up, no more beef proteins that are amino spiked. I am talking about real food :-)

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