Problems with High Protein Diet

Problems with High Protein Diet

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hey dr. Berg here in this short video we’re going to talk about the problems with high-protein diets now protein does trigger the fat burning process which is good but if your liver is toxic or weak or it’s damaged you’re not going to be able to handle all that heavy protein so in other words protein is hard on your liver and when that waste builds up and you can’t detoxify it it can kind of make you feel kind of cause bad breath it can clog up you know the lymphatic system and it can back up because what’s happening is protein does trigger the fat burning process but all that fat has to go through the liver so you end up with more of a fatty liver yeah so the other problem with high protein diet it doesn’t provide all of the nutrition in other words vegetables provide the vitamins and minerals protein provides the amino acids and some of the essential fatty acids okay so it doesn’t provide vitamins and minerals so what does that mean it means that you’re going to you can create deficiencies specifically in potassium and calcium so potassium is very very very important in heart rate in balancing out the blood sugars in storing sugar in your liver and counteracting the counteracting the heavy protein in the body so we need potassium and a lot of different chemical processes in the body and potassium mainly comes from vegetables right so and then calcium tube so high protein diets can deplete your body of this mineral calcium not to mention certain if they’re deficient in a lot of vitamins so you start becoming out of balance in that situation so I recommend if you’re in a high protein diet consume a lot of vegetables to kind of balance out all that waste the problem that you might be told is that you don’t want to consume any carbohydrates because that’s going to slow down the fat burning process and vegetables are carbohydrates but I guarantee if you’re eating spinach or kale or salad or celery those are not the carbohydrates that are going to affect your your fat burning’ because they’re very low in sugar extreme like almost zero and sugar so they’re very bitter so it’s not going to be a problem of course if you have grains or fruit that will be a problem but if you consume a lot of vegetables with the high protein or and I’m not even like to like to say high protein because if you do too much protein like more than like eight ounces or nine ounces or ten ounces and your liver is not good or you’re a little bit older all that’s going to be connect stir is going to be converted to fat okay because that’s one of the triggers of fat making hormones so if you have a smaller amount that would be good especially in the liver so I recommend anything anywhere between three to four ounces and of course you’re going to hear conflicting information you’re going to hear that all our bodies need so much per per pound like we needed like a hundred grams of protein a day whatever well I don’t know who came up with those figures but you have to be very healthy to handle that all that protein every decade you age the more difficult it is to digest that protein and people do better with just a little bit of protein and not a tremendous amount we’re not losing all this protein through I mean like we don’t shed muscle protein like 50 grams of muscle protein every day we don’t shed the protein in our body that much it goes right through us so it’s not that we’re losing protein that we have to replace it so we don’t need as much as you might think okay so these are the two keys with protein diets and below I a little nutritional quiz that you can take it’s an online analysis that you can find out just clicking you add in your foods just click the foods that you eat and then it will print out if you’re getting all the nutrition from the diet that you’re currently eating and then it will give you a graph on what you should eat to fulfill the nutrient requirements you need and I spent personally over my own with my own money about $150,000 to create this quiz and it’s free to the public just to take and to get information what you’re going to realize when you take it is you’re going to find out where your weaknesses are so you can start to focus on that so I hope you enjoyed that quiz and I hope you enjoy the video and I will see you in the next one

This Post Was All About Problems with High Protein Diet.
Problems with High Protein Diet

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The problem with high protein diets is that it stresses the liver and doesn’t provide for vitamins and minerals. In this video, Dr. Berg explains how protein diets can be hard on the liver and is missing what you need the most.
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