Perfecting Your Sleep & Energy

Perfecting Your Sleep & Energy

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hey guys in this video we’re going to talk about perfecting your sleep and energy okay so normally an average person will go through four 90-minute sleep cycles through waves from a superficial sleep to a deep sleep okay four times through the night the ideal time to go to bed that aligns with your hormones would be right around 10:45 to even up to eleven o’clock at night okay that’s the optimum time to go to sleep just to catch that first wave if you miss this first wave sometimes you have to wait a period of time before you catch it – you’re tired you ever noticed like when you’re really tired at night and all of a sudden you stay up and also now you’re awake because you miss the wave okay so there’s little on off switches in your brain the back part of the brainstem that caused you to go to sleep and then wake up their little hormonal II controlled on/off switches that work with a little clock inside your your brain as well you have a little clock it’s called the suprachiasmatic nuclei not that you need to know that but basically it’s a little clock that is regulated by light in dark so if you’re in your office all day long and you don’t really get outside that can throw off your sleep cycles now as far as what happens in the REM sleep REM sleep is not the deep sleep it’s a superficial sleep that you’re almost the wavelength is almost similar to when you’re awake but you’re actually having vivid dreams that you remember okay the real rejuvenating sleep is when you hit the Delta okay down here so this is what we’re talking about how do you achieve your full capacity Delta sleep that’s how you generate energy you don’t want to stimulate yourself during the day you want to get to sleep which will naturally recharge you just like a battery so you can have energy during the day so the Delta wave sleep gives you the most restorative repair regeneration growth immune system repair of any of the sleep it also increases a hormone called growth hormone growth hormone in a child helps them grow an adult it’s more of an anti-aging because there’s a certain point where you stop growing it’s an anti-aging hormone it’s involved in weight loss repairing a muscle after exercise so all the benefits of your exercise occurs to your growth hormone in the Delta wave sleep okay so if you’re not sleeping then you should use that as an indicator to know that you shouldn’t be exercising too hard because you’re going to over train and you’re not going to repair and you kind of break things down in fact when you have insomnia and you don’t sleep very good you can put a lot of stress on your heart okay on the days you don’t sleep you should do walking and not push it because you can actually increase your chance of getting a heart attack so the other thing I want to talk about is that you set up several scenarios here you have a situation where you can’t get to sleep or you wake up at 2:00 in the middle of night and can’t get back to sleep and you’re fully awake and you’re just like your mind’s going you’re probably more awake here than you are in the morning or the best sleep is an hour before the alarm clock goes off or you wake up exhausted or you’re up with your bladder all night long okay so each one of those situations are a little bit different number one can’t get to sleep is a simple mineral deficiency either deficiency of calcium magnesium or potassium okay all three of those will keep you up at night and you just can’t wind down those minerals are the calming minerals all right wake up at 2:00 that’s more of a higher adrenal cortisol so your adrenals are kind of jacked up in it and the the cortisol is on our circadian rhythm and it’s altered to the point where it just kicks in there and it’s almost like it kind of like activates core salt and adrenaline and wakes you up okay so you’re just awake ready to go so if that’s the case you need to support the adrenal gland now if your bladder is making you wake up every hour then in basically what is normal is not getting up at all okay some people say well I don’t have a bladder problem well I get up four three times a night well that’s not normal you should be able to go to the whole night that this right here is an insulin problem its insulin resistance I’ll put a link down below because every time that I have people improve their insulin dysfunction this symptom goes away if you ever notice a diabetic they’re peeing excessively right well there’s definitely a connection between blood sugars and urination and fluid all right so that should help you with that if you’re waking up exhausted then there’s several other things that we need to do which I’m going to get into right now number one I’ve noticed that when I consume the right amount of vegetables which gets the minerals gets all the other nutrients that I need I sleep much much better than when I don’t consume enough vegetables so you need to have between 7 10 cups just a couple salads it’s not hard to do if you’re bloating from your vegetables that’s not going to work either so you’re going to have to find some vegetables that you can consume comfortably without bloating number 2 do not consume excessive protein large amounts of protein especially late at night or for dinner you go for dinner you have this huge steak and not a good idea because protein is a stimulant and that will wake you up prevent sleeping so you want 3 to 6 ounces okay and I would at that dinner I would have your salad first and then your protein versus the protein first and then a side salad it’s just you’ll find that you won’t use as much protein if you have your salad first or your vegetables first two is caffeine okay do one small cup in the morning that’s what I recommend you start getting more and it does affect your sleep quality and even tea will do that as well so and even chocolate with it’s not caffeine it’s another stimulant that will also keep you up if you have too much about small amounts okay of course sugar-free snacking at night let’s say you have dinner and then between dinner let’s say at six o’clock till 11:00 you are snacking popcorn peanuts you just keep eating putting things from your mouth well that’s going to really raise insulin it’s going to keep you from sleeping as well because you’re going to feel bloated so what you want to do for dinner is have enough fat and vegetable because this gives you the potassium to be satisfied so you’re not so hungry at night okay if you’re new to my videos I’ll put some links down below but most you’ve already know that okay number five waiting sugar because that raises insulin and insulin will definitely keep you up at night as well diabetics do not sleep well also insulin will deplete the calcium okay insulin will deplete the potassium and it will happen when potassium is low the heart rate goes higher so try to go to sleep with your heart rate elevated like in at 90 or even 100 you’re not going to sleep so if you can hear your pulse rate in your ear on your pillow at night boom boom that means you need more potassium it could be because you’re not having enough vegetables or your insulin is too high okay and that comes from insulin resistance and then so we want to keep the pulse rate low it’s really surprising that some people have a pulse rate of like 110 normal is 72 but ideally you want an even lower especially if you want to try to sleep overtraining here you are you want to lose weight you start working out you do the boot camps and that alone can keep you from sleeping over train and getting your pulse rate too high that’s why I like interval training what you’re doing you’re getting your pulse rate up for a short period
of time and you’re letting it rest for a longer period of time we need you CrossFit which is actually not good for the average person your recovery times are so short that it’s going to affect your sleeping because an average person doesn’t recover that fast so you spike your pulse rate you start resting the pulse rate comes down a little bit and start working on it again so you never allow your body to come fully all the way down and reset to the bottom level so it’s a problem walking regular walking on the days that you don’t do the high intensity thing go for a long walk get space that is the absolute best thing for sleep just getting out there in nature and just getting your space versus sitting in office 24/7 okay so and then lastly I use my sleep aid which has there’s two versions one is a vegetarian which without the glandular adrenal gland you learn support and the other one is the regular one with granular support so you have your choice on that one but it doesn’t have melatonin it has some really awesome combinations of certain herbs and nutrients to really put you in a nice wonderful sleep to support the adrenal I take one before I go to bed it really helps so you might want to try that anyway thank you so much for watching put your comments below hey you probably already subscribed but if you haven’t press this little button down below and I will keep you updated

This Post Was All About Perfecting Your Sleep & Energy.
Perfecting Your Sleep & Energy

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Normally people will go through 4 cycles of sleep. The best time to go to sleep is 10:45-11:00pm. The superficial sleep is called REM and deep sleep is called the delta wave sleep.
To improve sleep:
1. Add more vegetables – 7-10 cups per day.
2. Avoid excess protein – 3-6 ounces.
3. Avoid too much caffeine
4. Don’t snack in the evening
5. Avoid sugar – excess insulin causes your bladder to more active.
6. Avoid over-training – and walk regularly.
If you can’t get to sleep – you need minerals (calcium, potassium and magnesium (recommend electrolyte powder –
If you wake up at 2am in the middle of the night, then support your adrenals:
If your bladder is waking you up too much, then this is insulin resistance. Get on the ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting.


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