Overcoming Diabetes: Interesting Case Study – with Dr. Eric Berg DC

Overcoming Diabetes: Interesting Case Study – with Dr. Eric Berg DC

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so um so you sent me this incredible email I wanted to just kind of tell me kind of your your story and a thumbnail sketch what what happened you’ve gone to these doctors over and over again and just hasn’t really worked and you got the runaround I just want to hear you hear your story okay well first of all diabetes runs in my family the whole family starting as far back as I know from my grandparents and so I’ve always been preached to growing up that it’s it’s a going to happen okay my cousins and my fault all on my father’s side on the Neilson side all of my cousins and his brothers and everybody and so when I see that many people with diabetes I can’t go on the notion that it’s because they got fat I can’t go I’ve heard a lot of things about this it’s that was something to be on the lookout for and sure enough I knew I was having problems back in the 80s and I would talk to my doctors about it and I knew that if I had sugar in the morning and coffee I would be in big trouble by 9:00 o’clock right in the middle of a test or something you know mm-hmm by the time in the 90s rolled around it was really bad and I would talk so I learned to avoid sugar in the morning especially in my coffee or something and I would talk to my doctors about this and nobody was telling me anything they would just say eat an apple it has pectin it’ll help stabilize your blood or eat protein and I’m like I don’t understand all this but now I do I understand what was going on was that I was I was I was becoming a diabetic a full-blown diabetic and so I knew how pretty much to come in under the wire because I would I would fast before any tests like you’re supposed to so it never was showing up in my urine and they weren’t telling me anything and and one day I finally said enough is enough and I add on handsome raisin bran cereal which I never really ate but somebody else that had been visiting wanted it so I bought it there it was I said I’m going to have two big bowls and I’m really going to pour the sugar on it then I’m going to go to this doctor’s appointment and that’s that’s what happened is I had a gynecology appointment and they they do your full thing blood thing everything on the next thing I know I’m being grabbed by the elbow being escorted across the room I have a head there was a sugar in my urine so they pricked my finger and it came back 220 I said it’s fought full-blown diabetes great suddenly been how many years I’ve been trying to tell you something’s wrong something’s wrong you have to understand I had very limited knowledge at the time and this was probably about four years ago three to four years ahead be three years ago so they set me up an appointment with an endocrinologist and I went and I saw them and of course having the history I just I just went out and bought a meter and he immediately started doing what I was supposed to do check my blood was it seven times a day fasting before and after each meal and and after a while you pretty much could predict what it was going to be they put me on metformin 500 milligrams in the morning and evening and I took it religiously and then I I was only careful to eat um approved grains like quinoa or brown rice um very moderately at the same time I had an ongoing weight issue okay and the answer was to lose the weight yeah yeah that wasn’t going to happen I tried I mean I tried everything and I it got to a point one time where all I would eat work was apples apples seemed satisfying me you know it was good for my stomach I could work and eat it um if you got hungry you could eat one and and that worked pretty good and I did lose some weight who knows what kind of wait that’s another thing I know I didn’t like weighing myself because I’m smart enough to know that weight is nothing more than mass times gravity so which mass am I losing I have a very active job and I’m a very active person so I need a lot of muscle and when I go to try to do something and find out that I no longer have this muscle I know which mass I just lost mm-hmm well I gave up on the whole weighing yourself thing okay and then I took just metformin I did what I was supposed to do I’m really good at following orders and then I had this problem I ran out of it form it so what do you do when you run out of metformin you call your doctor you make an appointment do whatever you got to do when I called the doctor I got yelled at by the receptionist and like whoa what’s going on here this was last March I just got back from Montana you know I ran out of it Foreman that’s what you do you call your your doctor and they said where have you been I don’t get it what do you mean you haven’t been in in three years well you didn’t tell me – I didn’t know you wanted to see me I did exactly see you banging my door down to come in and see what’s the problem is not a problem we’ll get it strained out whatever we got to do is not a problem and so I went in and saw them I didn’t know they were going to draw blood that day I hadn’t fasted or anything and I truly believe in fasting before blood tests so they drew my blood and everything and I talked to what was the point is that it’s never the doctor I never see that off I always see a physician’s assistant or something but it’s never that I’ve never seen this doctor and I was telling her about where I was in life and what I was doing and how I was eating and I wanted to concentrate on my adrenal gland now fifty I was 52 at the time I’m now 53 I’m 52 years old um you know I really want to know what’s going on with my body and I want to I want to concentrate on my liver and I want to concentrate on my adrenal gland and I think if those two things are good everything else will come together and she says great let’s test these things I said okay so they drew some blood and I waited for these tests to come back and when I called them up it wasn’t good news it wasn’t good news I was wanting to hear that I could come off the metformin because I know it’s not good for your kidneys okay my father was on it for like 30 years I think he just recently passed away he was 84 when he passed away and and I am now at the age when he started his metformin so even though it was okay for him I didn’t want to be on the metformin mm-hmm so what they did is they put me on three pills not just one now it’s three it was the metformin plus something to protect my kidneys wonderful and then I think with Palestra all okay so in all this leading up to here I had tried going vegan I had tried everything I knew how to do it was hard for me to go vegan I failed I failed because one morning I looked in the mirror I looked at my hair like what is wrong with my hair what’s going on with my hair I felt fine but my hair was showing something okay sadly I was at it I ate a lot of fish a lot of brown rice and stuff and when that doctor’s report came back and they now had me on three pills I was furious I was upset and so I said okay I’ve got to see this for myself so I went down I got the hard copy came back and started looking up all the numbers and the numbers looked fine according to Google they looked fine I didn’t see anything wrong with them and then I was mad because of the cholesterol test I just I didn’t feel like they were even listening to me period they did what they wanted to do they ran whatever tests they wanted to run this is what the insurance pays for and that’s all there was to it and prescribe more medication so I called my insurance company with a bit of a complaint about this and I told him that I didn’t like the way I was treated and I don’t understand t
hese numbers they look fine so they put me in touch with their nurse which I was surprised they had a nurse and I talked to her and I said I don’t get it according to these numbers of what I’m looking at they look normal she said that’s because you are normal I said well then why are they doing this why are they putting me on more pills I don’t want this and the phone just went silent and she said frankly you should be afraid of this other one too okay the one that that protects your kidneys has side effects that’s wonderful something about swollen lips not yeah like I’m like now I can’t deal with this okay so I said okay all right I have to I have to do something about this so I went out I got the prescriptions I put him in the drawer and I closed the drawer and I said I’m going to give it six months six months and I started testing my blood after every single thing I did everything if I went for a walk I tested my blood if I drank a glass of water I tested my blood if I ate supper before supper during supper whatever I just kept testing my blood and I would I had all these mental notes and then I started taking notes you know just so I can you know what time of day what’s going on at this time of the day you know I had the morning phenomenon going on you know my a1c came back five 5.1 5.2 yeah I’m like this was supposed to be excellent why am i why am I having to keep taking this stuff well it turns out that five the five range may be excellent but it’s not perfect and I’m now striving for perfection okay so I so I kept doing this and then I had this glass of sugar-free wine punch okay everyone I like to have a little sugar free wine punching and it tastes good you know um boom the sugar went up to like 130 I’m like what’s up with this Wow okay you can’t lie to a diabetic you might be able to lie on labeling but you can’t lie to a diabetic because if the proof is in the blood so I started googling NutraSweet and what’s the other one you’re sweet Hasmukh aim is it aspartame sweetened Laos oh no not sweet on sweet those sweet little for the old one did you end up yes Splenda Splenda a NutraSweet and it come to find out they’re 50% sugar I’m like wonderful that’s just great have you ever seen um sugar free cuz when I was going when I was going through vegan that means to get away from cream as well right so I would I said okay well kinda gotta have cream in my coffee I’ll go berserk um that’s the one thing I think I have a weakness for scream in my coffee and um so I tried coffee make sugar free coffee me and my friend sends me a text and says what’s the first ingredient in coffee me I’m like I don’t know I looked at it you know what it is you want to know what it is it’s corn syrup in the trash that one so anyways so yeah I was testing my blood after everything I did and anything that would spike the blood went in the trash and that was it and what I found out at the same time I found you I found you I found something something that you put out had to have made sense to me because like I said all of what I had heard in the past wasn’t adding up you can’t blame McDonald’s for diabetes my grandpa didn’t have time at McDonald’s they weren’t fat I’ve got pictures on them they weren’t heavy but the one thing that struck me and I I kind of already knew because I have a good friend that whose wife had cancer and he was trying to get put weight on her and I said well that’s simple all you have to do is release insulin right that much I knew what I didn’t realize was that the one thing that must be absent to burn fat is insulin so the question is at what point in my blood um does insulin release I don’t know try to find that number somewhere so I’m guessing it’s somewhere around 99 100 anything over 100 maybe I don’t know but if you stop and think about what I was eating and it becomes very clear why I couldn’t lose weight okay so I would get up in the morning I may or may not eat breakfast depending um fruit was my friend strawberries blueberries um doesn’t matter if it has sugar in it it was your you’re going to have insulin in your system it may not spike it really bad to a point of like 200 or 220 but you still have insulin in your system and then at lunch like last year when I went skiing everyday for lunch I had brown rice and rainbow trout for lunch it’s just a little bit just a little done even a lot just a little bit you know nobody could figure out why I was heavy my friend that I’m staying with here now even said they never could figure out how I could be heavy she said all she could figure is that maybe when I wasn’t around them I was Challen down on potato chips or something you know and I’m like no my family couldn’t figure it out I was always that skinny kid you know and something it was very gradual it was very gradual and that’s what happens when insulin is in your system you don’t go through that natural process of eating food storing fat burning fat eating food you know um you just constantly have this insulin in your stomach so that just that led me to look up more stuff and like I said one thing led to another and I can’t remember the exact order that everything happened but I found out that beta cells and your pancreas are replicated between the ages and two and four months okay and genetically speaking some people either get them to either get a lot or they don’t and it just so happens I didn’t get a lot yeah the beta cells they sell the papers that makes insulin so yes yes and so over time when when those beta cells are having to continuously pump out insulin they get damaged okay so then my next thought was well let’s get some more beta cells how hard can that be they replicate right no they don’t they don’t just replicate and then a lot of things started to really make sense and that was the natural process of things when you’re diabetic you’ll gain flaked okay because of the insulin in your system all the time but eventually your body is going to say enough is enough and it’s going to start excreting that sugar and it’s also going to be excreting you’re not gonna be able to take nutrients in real well and you’re going to start dropping weight it’s one of the symptoms of diabetes which I never experienced I guess it never got that bad and the thirstiness is because your excreting that toxin called sugar you’re thirsty and your body’s trying to flush this out trying to excrete it through urine and eventually the weight will drop now I don’t know how far that would go I’m glad I never had to find out but when you’re according to the research that I was reading once once your percentage body fat gets down into the single digits guess what happens beta cells start replicating again so when I like to get my hard copy from my doctor’s first of all they don’t answer the phone I had to go in I mean the whole thing was just irritating okay I went and I got the hard copy I turned around and I’m exiting the office and what did I see hit me right in the face so the patients about twelve morbidly obese patients and I thought to myself they’re not helping these people at all has anybody ever told them that grains are just simply off-limits to you would they care I don’t know but I don’t think they enjoy being on insulin and forcing that sugar back into their body which is causing the problem in the first place so anyway so I went I did six months and no grains no grains no sugars no potatoes I don’t care about potatoes anyway because I never really cared for any of this stuff didn’t bother me the only reason I eat bread was because it held the sandwich you know that’s how you carry a sandwich and bread right six months and the next thing I knew when I was sitting there taking my blood and over again I started thinking and I’m like you know I do have some knowledge of all this from from what I’m seeing I should be in ketosis you know I don’t feel any different so I so I’ll and I’ll go get some keto strips and we’ll find out sure enough I was in ketosis and then I thought hmm okay so I’m burning fat but what fat so I googled that you know and he said when I read this so there’s no way to tell except by weighing yourself am I am i burn
ing the fat that I eat or am i burning the fat on my body you have to weigh yourself I’m like dead against a wing I’m said okay all right I’ll do it this one time I’ll weigh myself because I knew what I weighed when I went into the doctor’s office and lo and behold I was down 10 pounds I don’t know went up to somebody and I said do I look like I’ve lost 10 pounds and they said well you know 10 pounds is hard to tell you know and I said okay all right well whatever I’m just gonna keep on the same track because my my blood shirt was stabilizing at like 99 I thought that was great you know 99 am I good 100 down up down a little bit you know but not not not 110 or anything like that if I ever saw something go to 110 I was to the gym you know and I’d burn it off I had learned about how your muscles and everything will absorb that glue kichan you’ve got to use it you’ve got to use it up you got burn it up get it out so that’s what I was doing and I did that religiously for six months and I had absolutely no problem doing it um I didn’t miss any of the grains you don’t miss things that make your life miserable right so six months rolled around and I had another blood test taken it was just prior to going out of town had the blood drawn then I headed up to Vermont and I waited a few days till I thought the test had come back or they called me and told me that everything looked good but they wanted me to cut them at 4 min and a half and I had to lap because I’m like cut you can’t cut zero in half right I’m like what was that number that they want me to this metformin in half they must be worried that my blood sugar is going to drop too low yeah so I called him up trying to get the numbers out of them was like pulling teeth my a1c was four point six while medication none none and all I needed to be told all that time was to cut out all grains they’re off-limits to me it’s that simple it really is that easy and in the meantime I’m down about 35 pounds Wow and I still have the muscle I still have the muscle I continued to work out you know and doing with working with my weights and stuff because I’m a skier I’m out here in Montana for a couple months out of the year skiing so I was a little bit worried um because in the past when I’ve lost weight it’s been a lot of muscle so when I got out here this week my friend invited me out to come out early I hit the mountain hard I hit it for five days straight six hours a day not a problem not a problem so there’s no there’s no prep and I am not eating any different that’s the thing I’m having two eggs in the morning I carry my lunch my salad with me and I might have like a little pouch of tuna with it or something like that but following your advice has got me where I am and you know I can’t be any more thankful than this just being where I am it’s it you know and my mother is so happy you know because I put her on that diet she doesn’t miss than diabetes and she’d say but I don’t have diabetes I was like yes mom but if you want to do this any other thing you’ve got it gonna follow this you know so yeah and you know my father always struggled with it you know he as long as he stayed under seven he was okay with this doctor you know with the poor’s ace a one sing yeah cuz just to tell her when a one c is that like average blood sugars between six and three months six weeks three months and then basically normal you knows like I think five point two to five point five or something anything higher they say it’s diabetes so they’re trolden this paper here that I got from my doctor this is funny actually because they’re telling me that that my preference range is four point eight to five point six and I came in at four point six which is lower than the reference the reference range they call it don’t can you see it I hold it up close enough there is it I think I could see it well done I’ll put it right there at my little finger yeah I see that that’s amazing yeah that’s so did this doctor did all the numbers but you know so this doctor say wow your Sugar’s down are you going Wow what are you doing keep doing it get off the medication Oh talk to them I just haven’t talked to them you know it’s I’ve been really quite busy because my father passed away this past summer and so I’ve been going from New York like Syracuse to Florida back and forth I’ve been to New York I think five times in Florida three times along with running my own business and having two litters of puppies you know to talk to people that weren’t helping me just wasn’t on my list of priorities right yeah well I have an appointment to go in there and see them and I thought to myself what in the world am I seeing them for because I’m gonna throw down $30 and I’m doing all the work all they did was draw the blood quick feet wet right right let me get back if they want to talk to me I’ll talk to them but I don’t I don’t see why I should pay $30 to tell them what their job should have been I mean I mean do I have a point here yeah you Texas yeah I’ve been seeing them for some quite some time and I’m convinced that their job is to make me a returning customer yeah that sound what’s a sad to think that we’re in but that’s where I met with this yeah there’s some unfortunately system management of Europe so called symptoms and yeah I uh when I broke my arm my arm I went to the Orthodox and I’m sitting in the waiting room saying all these elderly people they just go in there they’re on some like this is crazy like I’m going on different right I put my water on the K 2 D 3 D 3 K to whatever however you want to put it okay she no longer uses a cane Wow people tell you that herself I didn’t know she was using a cane she had she had so much pain just trying to walk across the room she’s like 83 but you know to see her on skype or something i Skype with her just about every day huh you wouldn’t know that she was in that kind of trouble that’s for that hold that Torian you know she she wouldn’t use it until all of her other demon gone you know like mom yeah set it aside you know you know no no she so she finally went on it and then she she got back with me and she’s just so happy Wow yeah it k2 especially as you get older drives all the calcium others ought to show the joint out of the arteries so you can write serious pain out of a joint with that k2 and the d3 that’s awesome oh that’s fantastic I want to just to mention one thing about you mentioned about the insulin and kind of the relationship between blood sugars basically we have about a gal and a half of blood in our body and with a gal and a half of blood we need about one teaspoon of sugar that’s it anything more is like way too much so that one teaspoon of sugar and I’m I’m I’m just giving an average like an average body this is 100 I think it’s milliliters per deciliter whatever milligrams per deciliter which basically is 100 so we want it 100 maybe a little bit lower if your if your diet is really good because you’re adapting to lowered you’re not running on sugar anymore you can run on blood you’ll source so um so what what’s happening in the mountain correction is they’re slowly dropping all these normal values to put everyone on more medication do with cholesterol to doing with a1c you’re doing with zero the wouldn’t call that body body um you body mastersonmike index BMI body head they put all these people on obesity just basically made obesity into a disease and now they can treat that so it’s really I mean to me it’s really obvious some people don’t see it but it’s just a it’s the biggest scam on the planet it’s just it’s terrible I know that you know one of the my attention I had read many many years probably about ten years ago something about the doctors are going to have to admit that they’ve been wrong about cholesterol right and that the real problem was inflammation and that caught my attention okay and then there was a couple of things like this that caught my attention from you and that’s why I started I just started watching every video that you had you know on but I haven’t found any Fault in any of them yet you know I’m just you know I’m just saying because you know after talking t
o so many doctors and so many people so many people are brainwashed to think that if you you’ve got diabetes because you’re heavy yeah right yeah weight has nothing to do with it if that were a fact every backpacker out there would have diabetes right so what wasn’t making any sense I couldn’t buy that either but the whole thing with did once alone in your blood just so now when I test my blood it’s usually coming up about 86 Wow you know that’s Krister day it was 80 and here’s and here’s something to that I don’t have an answer to but it but it’s good and that is I went out to dinner with a friend and I ordered onion soup I figured how bad could that be right well when it came to me this is after my blood tests of 4.6 okay when it came to me I realized they they put a piece of bread in it I’m like what the heck who puts bread in their soup you know I’m like well whatever you know I just I can’t fight this right now I I got more important things to do so I’m like oh so I ate the bread and then my friend David is saying you want to have to see how much I know you know I don’t want to have a sit and then I thought you know what I think I will I think I will and it was on we were we were Applebee’s I think and it was on this some really thick bread like sour cream bread what do they call it sourdough bread or something huge like half a loaf of bread you know as like who who eats like this right so it was a half a sandwich so I really I got a full slice of bread and then I had a full slice of bread in my suit to yet like okay so I’m gonna do this just from my own my own experiment I use my own body as an experiment so when I got home it was just like maybe thirty minutes after we ate or something and I tested my blood and it was at 99 I’m like okay I’m gonna wait two hours and test it again tested it again two hours later 86 so something happened something kicked in God your system is something my system might be mmm exactly my system might be healing wouldn’t that be something I will never go back to eating wheat flour again though I don’t have a needful I can’t utilize it here all the time I thought it was me that I couldn’t utilize it wasn’t the me it was it was the flour you know right so now I use um uh almond flour I’ve got it I I don’t travel without my own food I’ve got a young Yeti cooler I keep it in the back of the truck and my mother just she chuckles but she likes she thinks she thinks this is great you know she’s so happy for me um you know some people are always gonna be critical of what you’re doing you know but I don’t care yeah I was like to ask those guys okay so what’s your solution you know I go you should just keep going to the doctor I’m not getting results no no I I have no prescriptions none zero zip em you need for a drugstore yeah no cream in it right I keep thinking to myself eel so weird I’ve been going to the drugstore every month for how long now you know it’s like I don’t have to do this anymore they’re gonna hate me and I keep thinking you know dr. Berg you better watch out they’re gonna knock him off well yeah you know I I never like tack any individual I’m gonna attack the system so you know that I got to tell people the truth I’m not trying to I’m not a renegade trying to like attack any individual cuz here’s the real problem you got these medical doctors and this is a common issue you go there and you like why can’t they see these things why can’t they just figure it out why are they doing that went to school all this you know this these years and they should trigger this out but the whole the whole system the school and how they’re taught you don’t have time to evaluate the data coming in it’s like a garden hose filled of data that they’re shoving down your throat right all you have to do is pass the test memorize pass the test you don’t evaluate the day to see if it’s true test it out to see if everything is so over you know eight years nine years of doing that you developed tremendous amounts of false data in your brain and you can’t really you’re not very flexible or open-minded after that you’re very you know closed-minded this is the way I was taught this is the way we’re going to do it so yeah they don’t really even understand it so it’s just very cookbook right now this is what we do we’re doing medicine take this so they really have a hard time looking outside the box it’s to me it’s almost a version of brainwashing again it’s like because they’re so adamant about this thing like like I’ll have people that will come off medication all the time and all I’m thinking the doctor should go wow this is amazing let me share this with my patients not one of them have ever as ever well a couple had but it’s not very common I had a guy Kitty Dallas’s he duchesses there’s no way you’re going to reverse that so we work with them his port was dry that means he he didn’t need to filter his blood he got off he didn’t need kidney dialysis anymore and the doctor didn’t even want to see him because it makes them wrong just like yeah just leave just good at all so you know it’s just I think they’re just caught up in the system the system is um there’s not a lot of science in it it’s the management of symptoms it’s a big business and unfortunately uh you know they do attack alternative doctors but yeah just making sure you don’t step on any too eatos right yeah yeah you know I’ve um you know I try to help people but I’m not a doctor and they times in or listened to me but um proof is in the package yeah yeah yeah they’re getting true I’m living proof and slow yeah and I’ll tell you and another another thing that happened was my husband is like one of these people that doesn’t wanna listen to anybody you know he’s one of these people right you know saying and so when I was testing my blood all the time I would like to test other people’s blood because I was so fascinated how it doesn’t change I’m like that is so that is so awesome I mean you know people would purposely eat a doughnut or something just so that I could test their blood two hours and see it not change you know and my husband would never let me test his blood you know and finally he decided I guess to jump on the bandwagon right he had had a steak he loved these huge steaks huge potatoes you know for supper and I probably had a salad or something right and um and two hours had gone by and I was testing my blood I would come out and tell him what my numbers were and then he goes you can test mine oh I jumped on that one you know I saw I buy tested too but he was eating some watermelon at the time I tested his blood and I just whoa I backed up right was it 272 without he reacted ah yeah he got up he walked in the kitchen and spit the watermelon in the sink I said you really want to see something come back in two hours and again he could lose his job over that Wow yes wake up call yeah because he has a CDL license he is high voltage and you can’t be going around with us with syrupy blood you know so now he thought that he had had issues with his prostate or something because he had urinate so much at night but now he thinks what it was is the sugar was too high so anyways I made a doctor’s appointment for him the next day and for some reason they wanted me to come in there with him so I went in and I don’t I don’t you know I’m not wanting people that hanging over him and mother him and stuff like that I figure he’s a grown man he can handle it wrong wrong right so come to find out he had had an a1c taken two years ago I said really because he was telling me he was his doctor said he was healthy and everything and I take one look at him and say I’d like to talk to your doctors you know so the doctor looked it up and it was seven point eight or something two years ago and I looked at him and I said seven point eight you hear me talk about the numbers all the time at what point did you think that there was nothing wrong with this right and then he got all puffy I’d you know like you know yeah you know okay so they drew some blood and they did an a1c right there in the office okay and they come to find out they had put him on some pill because he can’t take m
etformin he only has one kidney so he can’t take med forms they put him on something else which he decided he didn’t need because it was a hundred bucks a month for this pill okay so the doctor left the office and when she came through she she came flying through that door slammed that door wide open BAM his a1c was eleven point something she wanted to him you’re going on insulin right now no if ands or buts about it and he pitched a fit and and I pitched a fit you know it was like oh good yeah we were it was on in the doctor’s office right so I’m like look they’ll just do it until you bring it down and then we will manage it okay so he went home with the insulin and he started to stick it once a night until he could get it down to about 140 120 something like that it was taking along little longer than he wanted he wanted it down right now you know but I told him I said you’re gonna have to go work out right yeah so yeah so he did that and he ordered his pills you know and I said look I tell you what we’ll go to the Noland trail in Newport News if you’ve ever been there it’s a beautiful trail rolls over hills through the woods and it’s five miles long and then I started thinking we can’t run that I don’t know what condition his heart is in I you know I was really worried and it’s out through the woods and I’m like we’ll walk it and we’ll make it last two hours and this will bring it down 50 points and it brought it down 50 points and then you know he kept on he would go for a run you run a mile just around the block and he got it down to a bow look it was ranging between 99 and a hundred and ten or something like that you know whatever I said okay now stop everything just manage it here your diet and exercise mm-hmm and then he called his doctor right cuz he had an appointment I think three weeks later something like that he went back and saw her and he had been keeping his records and everything and she said she’s never seen anybody get that sugar under control so fast in her life ah he was motivated good coach and she got this I know you did yeah yeah I know really was all due to your help hmm that’s so great I really hope now he follows your advice and he sticks to it yes thank you so much Elaine for doing this presentation I wanted to I’m gonna let you go um but I really it was a wonderful story and I appreciate what you’re doing I’m spreading the word and um I try yeah you’re doing great yeah well thank you awesome my pleasure

This Post Was All About Overcoming Diabetes: Interesting Case Study – with Dr. Eric Berg DC.
Overcoming Diabetes: Interesting Case Study - with Dr. Eric Berg DC

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Dr. Berg talks about the common problems in diabetes, symptoms of diabetes, what causes diabetes and how to prevent diabetes.
Dr. Berg speaks to a diabetic patient who is suffering from diabetes. One of the female patients who is 52 years had diabetes from a long time, her entire family was suffering from diabetes. She was fasting often, checking her blood sugar levels several times a day. She had weight problems. She had to eat very carefully and choose the foods that were good for her diabetes diet.
She followed a systematic diabetic diet plan and now she is following fine. She is a great inspiration for someone who is suffering from diabetes and wants help in overcoming diabetes.
Dr. Eric Berg DC Bio:
Dr. Berg, 50 years of age is a chiropractor who specializes in weight loss through nutritional and natural methods. His private practice is located in Alexandria, Virginia. His clients include senior officials in the U.S. government and the Justice Department, ambassadors, medical doctors, high-level executives of prominent corporations, scientists, engineers, professors, and other clients from all walks of life. He is the author of The 7 Principles of Fat Burning, published by KB Publishing in January 2011. Dr. Berg trains chiropractors, physicians and allied healthcare practitioners in his methods, and to date he has trained over 2,500 healthcare professionals. He has been an active member of the Endocrinology Society, and has worked as a past part-time adjunct professor at Howard University.
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Dr. Eric Berg received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1988. His use of “doctor” or “Dr.” in relation to himself solely refers to that degree. Dr. Berg is a licensed chiropractor in Virginia, California, and Louisiana, but he no longer practices chiropractic in any state and does not see patients. This video is for general informational purposes only. It should not be used to self-diagnose and it is not a substitute for a medical exam, cure, treatment, diagnosis, and prescription or recommendation. It does not create a doctor-patient relationship between Dr. Berg and you. You should not make any change in your health regimen or diet before first consulting a physician and obtaining a medical exam, diagnosis, and recommendation. Always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. The Health & Wellness, Dr. Berg Nutritionals and Dr. Eric Berg, D.C. are not liable or responsible for any advice, course of treatment, diagnosis or any other information, services or product you obtain through this video or site.
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