Our Dietary Guidelines are Based on Junk Science: Dr. Berg & Ivor Cummins

Our Dietary Guidelines are Based on Junk Science: Dr. Berg & Ivor Cummins

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[Music] hey everyone I’m really excited to bring you an amazing interview that Ivor Cummings okay so if you haven’t heard of this guy you have to check them out because he’s like the the science of keto and low carb and cholesterol he’s done his research I just want to tell a quick story I am I was searching around because I I pretty much read everything out there related to keto and I was looking at Kindle books and I noticed this book it was called eat rich live long mastering the low carb keto spectrum and I said I’ve never seen that before I just noticed a hot over 100 reviews 97% 5/5 star so I’m like what I’ve never seen that high percentage like there’s it’s amazing so I had to get it had to read it I was thoroughly impressed and so and then I started watching your videos so I’m really honored to have you to interview you because I’m I I really were on the same wavelength so mr. Cummings is a engineer and what I like about that is that you think in logics you look at cause and effect honestly I believe that medicine really does not it’s not very scientific conventional medicine it’s not very logical it’s mainstream is just like completely illogical so unfortunately you know other people from the outside have to come in to try to figure this out and dissect it and you looked at this from an engineer standpoint cause and effect to make it really simple for people to understand so I really appreciate that hey thanks a lot Eric and I’m delighted to be a to be in an interview here so it’s an honor for me also for sure awesome well we’re just gonna dive right and I have some questions the first question I have is them from your experience from your research what is the single common denominator with most health problems chronic health problems nowadays the use you’re seeing like what’s the com if you had to like pick one thing yeah well Eric it’s hard to big warm thing because I find that multifactorial is often used as an excuse like in heart disease it’s multi factors as 300 factors and that kind of gets people off the hook would be but not clarifying what you need to do but in fairness this health problem is multi-factor too but if you’re going to pick a few of the top items or Pareto items we like to call them so the Pareto principle is the top 20% of causes that lead to 80% of your problem so I think the triumvirate for myself and dr. Jeff Gerber my co-author is processed food and bringing as it brings in refined carbohydrates sugars and vegetable oils so industrial seed oils so if you’re allowed to dodge the question you’d say those three together are the Nexxus that’s driving a lot of modern chronic disease if you had to pick I’d say sugars refined carbs as being a head of the vegetable oils but it’s a very hard call because there’s great science on both as to how they can drive dysfunction obesity and liver problems and insulin resistance over time but I think the key message is for people if you eliminate sugars refined carbs and the industrial seed oils the vegetable oils if you just did that alone you’d be way ahead of the puffy oh yeah so then what so for those viewers that are under trying to trying to grasp their wits around this what do those consuming vegetables and triggers do to the body like what what do they influence what’s the thing that it does to the body right well the vegetable oils there’s many many hypotheses and to a greater or lesser extent some of them are proven out so one thing about the vegetable oils is their promise to oxidation in the body so their own stable polyunsaturated aaalac put it very well we need some of these polyunsaturated vegetable oils and the percentage you need in your diet is very low because they act as signaling molecules and cell men brain fluidity molecules so they’re kind of technical components that you need but you should not be using them as fuel because when you take in excessive amounts you have excessive polyunsaturated in the body a proneness oxidation and damage and oxidative stress and then inflammatory cascades which dr. K’s in deep nutrition Ventris in great detail and all of the evidence behind us so there’s the whole instability of these molecules when taken to excess certainly when you cook them and eat them even more so and then there’s also emerging theories that they drive obesity through enhancing influence sensitivity of your adipocytes or your fat cells and enabling them to enlarge and gather more fat than otherwise would occur so I think there’s some great animal model experiments on vegetable oils that people may not be aware of in one area they did rat experiments where they gave high percentages of vegetable oils like soybean oil and linoleic acid is another big component and they found that when you fed them quite a lot of vegetable oil in their diet if you subjected them to alcohol they got massive liver damage but in the same experiments when they had very low poly on a trip and high saturated animal fat like beef tallow they gave the same large amount of alcohol but had almost no liver damage that’s just that’s an interesting one so one of those papers was entitled that vegetable oils are essentially required for liver damage from alcohol not just that they make it worse but you almost need to have them in the diet and they went through all the mechanisms and then you’ve got obesity so there’s many recent experiments quite recent on mouse models where they fed 8 to 10 percent of these vegetable oils versus one percent which is what humans traditionally had and they saw hugely increased liver fat obesity and other issues in the mice at the 8 to 10 percent and they raised the issue that we’ve been told to eat vegetable oils we’re eating eight to ten percent we tested this in an animal model and we see it causes obesity and liver fatty liver the very things that humans are experienced in the last 40 years as weed more vegetable oils Wow so one could go on but there’s so so much evidence and we have it in the book especially in the appendix we don’t want to go too heavy and the main body of the books who even appendix from vegetable oils going through this and much much more and human human trials the Sidney Hart trial had the data was essentially perfectly put aside thirty years ago and it was basically rediscovered by a team in the UK in the British Medical Association and they published that the people on the higher vegetable oil had twenty to thirty percent more cardiovascular death and all cause mortality and in the yeah the Veterans Administration trial they saw a slight improvement in cardiovascular events from the man with the high vegetable oil but no improvement in all cause mortality and quietly a year later they published a paper explaining that the reason there was no improvement in all cause even though the heart events reduced a little whilst there was an increase in cancer and cancer death which was significant so there’s all of these human trials to but as you well know the ones that go against the dogma that the Polly’s are gods and the satyrs babs they quietly disappear and that’s the way the bias works Wow amazing and then as far as the and you you talked extensively extensively about this the topic between some people people consuming high cholesterol foods and heart disease can you touch on that a little bit because it’s been ingrained in almost brainwashed into our minds that oh yeah cholesterol oh my gosh you’re eating all those eggs it’s gonna cause a heart attack well yeah at the forty lead off Eric I’m sure you see the recent report coming out showing tha
t eggs actually cause no harm for heart disease even in diabetics and the whole the whole literature is a bit of a mess but very simply at many kids go and Sookie’s decided he was researcher that saturated fat drove up cholesterol in the blood and the cholesterol in the blood was a causal driving factor for heart disease now that’s all kind of a half truth and not correct but hey it even Ansell thirty years ago or forty years ago he realized quite quickly that dietary cholesterol didn’t change your blood cholesterol so even that guy simply a wiped dietary cholesterol intake off office table and yet you’re right the myth still is here i think the u.s. is one of the last countries in the civilized world to remove cholesterol as a cause for concern in the diet just a year or two ago the rest of the world knew this for decades so the dietary cholesterol is is meaningless because if you eat less cholesterol you’re never will make more cholesterol the crucial components as you know and if you eat more cholesterol you will either passage into bile salts or whatever our annular liver will make less so it makes no difference so the remaining question is of course the dietary fat is that a problem yeah mmm yeah and that brings up the next question relating to you have this whole group of plant-based people and then you have the meat eaters and there’s you know several so-called credible doctors who are saying no it’s the fat it’s the fat that’s causing the insulin resistance it’s not the sugar what’s your thoughts on that yeah that’s a tricky one because this is a complex topic and it is relatively easy for people to twist data so there’s a hint of truth in that that if you eat large amounts of fat and they’ve done this in human experiments especially in people who have some insulin resistance or overweight and they hit them at a large amount of fat often with a little bit of sugar alongside you do see a spike in insulin resistance but there are mechanisms by which if you take a large bowl of so fast and your body has to become infamous a cellular level right to keep sugar out as a fuel source and to use the fat for fuel so there’s an element of truth in us but the key thing is that chronically over time it’s the refined carbs and sugars which really cause the insulin spikes that with time lead to insulin resistance and through their action in the liver and one of the best ways to show the falsehood in what you’ve just mentioned about those doctors is Professor vol ik and professor Finney have done many human trials and they do know that if you eat a lot of fat with a lot of refined carbohydrate the carbohydrate must be metabolized first the fat does not get metabolized properly and it tends to go into storage or arrays energy levels or fats in the blood however when they switch people who are challenged like diabetic people are obese people and they switch them to a very low carb with a very high fat diet then they get dramatic improvement in their body markers blood markers over the following week four months and their blood fat levels actually drop right down by eating a very high fat diet but the key is they’re not eating sugars and refined carbs they’re switching to a fat metabolism absolute absolutely I mean if you I think people they’re not gonna read the studies themselves but you you’re aware of the the rodent that my studies they’re they’re high fat diet is not really standardized it’s it’s oh hi sugar and high fat well in they calling an eye fat so right there you’re gonna you know alter the data there that’s a massive kind of scam I I so strong word to use but to be quite honest Eric it’s an incredible scam I have gone through endless medicine rat studies and you’re absolutely right the high-fat diets they’re called hft they got an Akram hft we we put in hft and oh look they got fast oh look they got in so resistant which are absolutely right there full of dextrose and vegetable oils or an 8% soybean oil a mixture of sugar and vegetable oils along with a load of large an absolute toxic bomb and but then they blame it all on the fashion friendly to all the people well no you shouldn’t eat eggs it’s insane it’s insane it’s totally insane and and then the other thing is that you’ll see this I don’t know who’s behind it but they’re pushing this thing where oh well yeah kudos good for weight loss but we don’t know the long-term effects it’s probably dangerous long-term I’m like what what why do you say that where does that come from like mm-hmm they try to you know they’re trying to different angles of course you know you have something that’s so powerful but we have thousands of people with amazing results but then you have you’re gonna have the opposing side you’re gonna have you know mainstream and you’re gonna put these little doubts in people and so they’re a little scared well I want to do it long-term I’m like what are you gonna go back to the carbs like sugars it yeah it’s crazy and one way they Trude out on keto as well was the epileptic kids over the past decades they were in ketogenic diets and they showed some evidence of some issues over time but I went through those studies and I challenged people to give me clean studies and they’re not out there they have a fused studies and the kids had lots of Polly’s because of course these poor guys believe the fat fat is bad so they put a lot of poly in there as they’re fast which we’ve already said is not a good idea they’ve also got medications concurrent they’re taking multiple medications so you look at these kids that maybe don’t do so great over time but it’s a really bad your diet under on multiple meds and they already have medical issues by definition because they had epilepsy and other somewhat comorbidities so using that as evidence is farcical but they do you’re right they do users along the long term thing you see the onus of proof is on them at to say there’s a long term problem because it’s a perfectly natural diet proven evolutionarily and in many many populations very healthy populations with no chronic disease traditionally so the default is it’s fine prove it’s not but you’re right they bring this thing up they bring up doubt but they’re pass that they said high carb low fat has been proven to fail at the population yeah we’ve done that experiment yeah it wasn’t just to fail I did it’s it’s a catastrophic explosive fail and we got 60 52 percent of the adult American population last year in the paper are acknowledged to be pre-diabetic or diabetic now they’re all essentially diabetic Wow you know yeah they all have hyperinsulinemia they have glucose metabolism issues hypertension which goes with us all the classic stuff so the majority of adult Americans are now essentially essentially diabetic more if you measured with insulin and we tell them to eat more carbohydrates even though by definition their carbohydrate intolerance because they’re diabetic it’s it’s the most obvious thing to me I just like sometimes I’m like is it Maya a planet an alien plan here can’t people see it I want to bring up this point dr. Kraft you were able to interview him before he passed away this guy he wrote I mean did the research for I don’t know how many years can you can you just tell us a thumbnail sketch about dr. Kraft and who he was and what he discovered or observed right Eric yeah so dr. Kraft we discovered in 2014 I think from professor’s grand show field in New Zealand and when I looked him up I thought wow I gotta talk to this guy because what he found with me so powerful from my five years of research I’m basically was a medical captain in World War two would you believe actually stationed in Panama he came back he was a pathologist and he became a doctor of nuclear medicine which the running a few in the states in the 50s and 60s trained to use radio nucleotides and radioactive substances in the body so very special guy and pathologists are amazing generally I find because they really root cause and they do the analysis Nate they go deep so long story short he found he had access to the new insulin tests he researched diabetes massively he discovered that diabetes type 2 is
a disease of high-end forum and that this was known from the 60s with the work of yellow and Bernstein and he realized that the whole diabetes world was treating it as a disease of high glucose but that was only a symptom so what he did was he eventually went on to test 15,000 patients with a five-hour glucose insulin assay where he fed them glucose and he measured the glucose and insulin over five hours around seven measurements and he realized after a thousand patients that there were five special patterns that people had even though he had thousand people there are only five patterns of insulin response you could have and he realized Truths research only one of those patterns was healthy non-diabetic and all the other ones were a form of diabetes he called it diabetes in situ and basically he realized that we are not diagnosing the vast majority of diabetics because the glucose measures they used to diagnose for the time the low glucose has gone up your way down your diabetes journey it’s the rising insulin after eating carbohydrate that shows you when you’re first diabetic and he realized essentially that 90% of the people who had passed a fasting glucose test could fail his insulin test Wow and yeah and even 50% of his people who would pass a glucose tolerance test could fail his insulin test so he realized was an enormous amount of diabetes out there and his test was the one to use yeah he’s a great we interviewed a man couple years ago he died at 95 last year but an amazing man Christian nine children devout hugely wanting to get the message out but he was he was robust no one wanted to hear the American Diabetes Association no one wants to hear I mean just the fact that you know doctors rarely ever check insulin if ever and to know that you can have diabetes with normal blood sugars which is so bizarre it’s high insulin that’s the chain at the first chain of event that occurs BAM hi yeah that’s it and and after time some people down across their insulin will flag as their pancreas becomes problematic so they won’t show up at high insulin because they’re further down their journey but the beauty is by looking at insulin you’ll always catch people at the earliest stage you are heading into trouble because yeah and he his other statement which was a little strong was those with cardiovascular disease not identified with diabetes are simply undiagnosed though is essentially saying that most cardiovascular disease is diabetic type dysfunction it’s just for not diagnosing it and now I think myself and dr. Garber there are many many other drivers but I think it’s in fairness to dr. Kraft the line share of of cardiovascular disease problems particularly severe ones are tied to this physiology and the euro aspire study last year in Europe or two years ago they essentially found out that just measuring glucose seventy-five percent of heart disease victims from ages 18 to 80 across 25 countries 75% have diabetic abnormality which is incredible three-quarters and they didn’t measure insulin so a huge amount of cardiovascular disease is diabetes not all of that in the US or a world water that was across 25 European countries and ages yeah and they picked cardiovascular disease patients from ages 18 to 80 so in engineering world we call that a really good pole you’re pulling all the ages randomly all the countries and you’re getting a big picture of you and they wanted to see how much glucose metabolism issues like diabetes is in heart disease victims and they found out they got a shock I think together shark I didn’t right yeah so what’s your what’s your kind of guess at how many people have higher levels of insulin one of those patterns in the US what do you think it’s because he he found this in the seventies in me he did and it’s very important he was taking in many patients who had suspected diabetes but we’re not failing the tests in fairness he was taking walk-in patients so he didn’t have a random sample so his group proved his methods they were a great group to prove his methodology in his test but they didn’t represent the states so myself and dr. Gerber if 52% are published as being pre-diabetic or diabetic and that’s two years ago and they didn’t really look too closely an insulin or anything we reckon and many other doctors in this low carb field in our network estimate 60 to 65 percent of adult Americans have not got normal at you insulin emia or good healthy insulin response so you may be up to two-thirds would not pass our criteria and I guess we see that when we walk out in the street race you know it you know it’s not a shock and the other countries are all catching up you know Mexico massive issue Brazil enormous issue particularly in the population centers China has gone from 1% in the decade I think to 12% full-blown and their papers talking about a catastrophe coming so this this is blossoming all over the world Wow when I tell clients they want to know they want to get the insulin test even the doctor doesn’t want to do it or they don’t even never even heard of it I mean I don’t understand why this test isn’t it more available yeah I think it’s because it’s well craft found he was swimming upstream and all the guys on his side the the ear nose and throat doctors actually got involved because some of those guys discovered that 98% of their Meniere’s disease and kinases are tinnitus patients ninety-eight percent plus were failing the craft test so they discovered all there’s many errors in balance and tinnitus is massively to do with glucose metabolism issues but all of those guys were pushing and having conferences but the established Orthodox world doesn’t really want to look at insulin insulin is problematic if you start looking at insulin you find your way towards low carb you find your way towards keto if you look at insulin too much you begin to say well hold on a minute what are their cholesterol their cholesterol is far they’re all comfortable focusing even though insulin is vastly more important so I’d only get the conspiracy I just think all of the industrial pharmaceutical food industry and even research and medical research are all kind of gently always pushing towards the bad cholesterol and the high carb guidelines and this stuff all is uncomfortable to them and I think we’re seeing it unfolding now it is they have a great inability to be wrong and I have to be right they really have to be right about this like just because it would just be devastating if they were wrong so it’s have to maintain this logical rightness even though it’s completely insane yeah and they’ll die right exactly I reckon I reckon they’ll they’ll change slowly they can’t change quickly for the exact reason you said but we’ll see the guidelines changing will see more insulin focus but it’ll have to be slow to protect essentially all the reputations so everyone fill out 30 years in the orthodoxy has been you know going from warm him she’s and it’s suddenly over a year or two we say hold on a minute we’re completely wrong to look at cholesterol we talk about the moments the the blood cholesterol and we should have been looking at insulin we’re completely wrong about high carb it’s crazy we should have been looking at just vegetable carbon fibers real food carb and higher healthy fats it’s all that changed within a year or two I mean everyone has egg in their face I mean it’s so bad like I would like to be them either would I in fact you know I do a lot of educational videos and one of the where I get a lot of my material is I basically get it from mainstream medical sites health care sites because they basically you just look at their data and you could you know for a fact it’s it’s 180 degrees backwards I mean like you just do the opposite you’ll be very successful it they always have it wrong it’s just very ironic so it’s incredible and it came up the other day actually that I mentioned to someone I’ve said this before the only thing they were really correct on on the big series of things like cholesterol fat carb you know salt all of these big things they talked about the only thing they were really right about was smoking right hicc
ups alright but even then it took them 30 or 40 years after the data was in to get it right so they were slowed down yeah all of the other ones I mean it couldn’t happen by chance that you’d be wrong on six seven things in a role like it’s six coin tosses heads and I think that’s where it just sue should everyone to go with the initial hypothesis and just be an echo chamber and stick with us and then together all wrong well even you being an engineer I wanted to be an engineer but I was terrible at math and you have to know math so you’d be engineer you you wouldn’t survive if you didn’t get it right I mean you you couldn’t you couldn’t function you have to be able to find the truth the causing the foot I mean like so if they got away with it for this long it’s just it’s insane yeah well end you’re absolutely hit the nail on the head you to succeed in the engineering business you must get root cause and you cannot just do band-aids or mitigating fixes like you know the drugs that hope your blood pressure that will never succumb header will kill you so everyone is forced to to be violently going after the route calls find out the mechanisms find out what’s causing it and eliminate the calls there’s no point putting a bandaid on us or sticking a drug on it it’s it’s not good enough to survive but in the medical business ironically it’s kind of the opposite because the business booms if you don’t prevent and if you have to do procedures and you have to do stents and you have to do bypasses and it’s kind of driven the opposite way it’s not anyone’s fault in a way it’s just the way it is the business booms if you steer clear of Route cars and unfixed paths show up after the event mostly as long as I medication lasts for 24 hours we’re good we can just take the next pill yeah what’s your thought about the calcium score son with the vascular system and what’s good with where does that come from you think yeah well that’s a really important one and one of my big goals when dr. Gerber as well and we features in the book and explained there is the calcium scan as the ultimate test for if you have significant arterial disease so just briefly for people a calcium scans a high-speed x-ray it sees the calcium in your coronary arteries and the calcium is brought in by your body to repair essentially shore up or repair inflamed arteries that are in danger of of tearing and causing a clasp on a heart attack so it’s a natural evolutionary process a response to injury where basically the exact same mechanisms that create bone are used in the artery to strengthen areas that’s it the beauty is the CAC scan the CT scan of the heart is a five minute scan low radiation nowadays like a mammogram really hundred dollars and in a moment you can see the calcium and when you see the amount of calcium you know the amount of disease you going on four years and your risk with a zero score compared to a very high score but a few percent of middle aged people will have you can have a 30 plus times higher risk of a cardiac event or death with a high score so a view of a high blood pressure you might be two or three times more likely or if you have a really high cholesterol or some blood sugar two times three times more likely in the next ten years if you have a high calcium score it can be 30 times more likely so hopefully people realize that gives you the answer so we feel very strongly a middle-aged person you know the calcium scan will immediately tell you your risk level and if you really got to work hard but if you do work hard and you go low-carb you get some exposure low stress sleep magnesium and all the things that you’d be very well aware of keto fasting all the good things done together and they’re not hard and you’ll feel better and you’ll lose weight and you’ll feel fantastic all of that together can actually stop the calcification increasing so even a high scoring person like my support or David Bob at an Irish entrepreneur he had to score 4000 but he is practically not risen over the last six years with exactly the things we know about and if he didn’t do those things he would have kept rising at 20 or 30 percent a year until the event happened so the beauty is even a high score you can take action and that’s that’s the fantastic thing so I guess there’s a movie the Widowmaker if people’s gonna ask about that motion yeah yeah well my my supporter David Bobbitt and the Irish heart disease awareness charity set up they founded a big-budget movie the Widowmaker and if you google my name and Widowmaker you’ll pretty quickly hear a version you can watch straight away and it tells a fascinating story after calcium scan and high for 30 years it didn’t get adopted a bit like insulin and it’s narrated by Gillian Anderson and Larry King as in us and all the professor’s of imaging so so it’s a great watch Wow that is I recently saw the magic pill but I want to put I’ll put a link down below for for that movie and I do want to mention to everyone I rarely recommend books you guys need to get eat rich live long mastering a low-carb keto spectrum for weight loss longevity I’ll put a link down below check this out because it’s just filled with incredible data all the secrets are right there and I was impressed what’s your thoughts on in a minute fasting I interpret a five-second reaction I love and I guess it gives to do i IC fasting as essentially a performance drug and I know that sounds funny but I’ve said it before when people resonated when I go on stage speaking at a big event or anything big coming up or I need to be at my best I almost never eat for 24 hours before that event I go into it 24 28 hours and to be quite honest I’d I’d actually feel not so happy if I didn’t do that because the edge it gives the mental acuity is the feeling of energy and vibrancy it’s huge so that’s just warm advantage and fasting basically for longest periods brings down your insulin brings down all your hormone levels allows your body to normalize especially for people who have high insulin or diabetic dysfunction fasting is very reparative or are very helpful and over longer periods we’ll bring in our top adji so it’ll kind of use up old damage less healthy cells and recycle them break them up reuse them for new proteins a beautiful process of self-healing basically and and fasting it just you can’t really do it when you are on a high-carb food pyramid diet because when you’re a car burner and you go without food you know you feel bad but the beauty is when you become fat adapted and you’ve been a low carb or keto diet for a while and all the enzymes have been made to smoothly burn your body fast fluidly then you can fast with unity and I I just love happy Hallows berg I love us I love the feeling in the afternoon when I haven’t eaten since the night before and I know the meal I get at 6:00 p.m. it’s gonna be really good ancestral healthy fats you know some vegetables low carb and it’s gonna be delicious it’s gonna be even more delicious because I’ve been fasting in in Ireland we used to say hunger as a good sauce but if you’re a fat adapter the hunger is very manageable you feel great but a little bit of hunger though does make the meal when you when you have a special and you relish it so I’m kind of rambling but I just love fasting it’s I’m all over it might as well myself a cognitive function elevation of mood I mean it’s like and then you start eating and I was like no I don’t feel as good now I’m like you know I can go longer so yeah I am I’m all over it I’m in termina fasting and keto and that’s awesome did you have anything else that you wanted to talk about in your recent studies things that you’re you’re researching or any interesting things that you’re involved with well yeah I I’m I’m gonna be in Prague actually next week at a conference food news and that’s gonna be fun and Czechoslovakia and it’s a sign that things are moving because it’s essentially a low-carb biased conference they’re not calling a low-carb too much they’re trying to keep it as an healthy food and question processed food then in the public health collaboration PHC in the UK in London a few days later
and then there’s loads of events in the US this year going to quito fest and north carolina I think that’s July and ancestral health and low-carb USA and San Diego and Keyshia Kahne in Texas so I think it’s great that really the whole low-carb keto thing is blossoming and the forces that try to push against that the invention derly ER they’re beginning to have an issue I think so it’s great times but I will just mention one other paper I got the other day 2014 and I was amazed I didn’t have it already and actually I’ll send it on to you if you don’t have it and it was the metabolic syndrome it’s much bigger than you think by a team of doctors and profs and what they did was they knew that the metabolic syndrome which is huge in the world was kind of defined by insulin even though they don’t even measure insulin and that they measure HDL and glucose so they said well let’s go and look at all the metabolic syndrome papers and pull out the ones where they measured insulin because like you said Eric they don’t measure insulin much so they had six hundreds they got to answer sixty or seventy where they have insulin measurements and they were addressing all different diseases cardiovascular disease cancer you know if you think you can rheumatoid arthritis all these inflammatory diseases and what they found out insulin stood up as being higher for the people with the problems and I think around fifty eight hundred sixty-one papers in other words hyperinsulinemia which is metabolic syndrome which is type 2 diabetes syndrome is all kind of the warm thing you measure what high insulin and high insulin showed up in nearly every paper as being highly linked to all these different diseases and they basically said this is huge and are correct but like you say Eric very few doctors realizes this is the big thing in the next ten years is to put hyperinsulinemia at the center of chronic disease and get everyone looking others and the likes of the calcium scan for middle-aged people to find out where they are and then take action yeah there are two big things I I’m just like when I go over a metabolic syndrome II there’s this oh there’s associated high in sign I’m like no it’s causing it why can’t you see that it’s just it’s very ironic and it’s just it’s frustrating especially since people are going they’re going to them for advice Wow oh yeah I want to get that paper for sure I’ll pick it onto your straightaway awesome well I want to really thank you for your time and your what you’re doing telling the story of you know giving people the truth about their health I also want to recommend everyone needs to get the book I’m gonna put a link down below watch Widowmaker got to check that out I haven’t watched the whole thing I watched the preview I’m gonna is it a Netflix – or is it Amazon yeah the full movie is it might be still on Netflix but I did the short version is is accessible they give you a link for that and of course the full version is on a couple of different formats I think but it’s kind of been out a couple years and it didn’t get really widely circulated there was a very ironic twist where it was put in for the Oscars a few years ago and there was a mistake made it was put in for Maine fella instead of Maine documentary and it could have worn what unfortunately was put in the wrong category anyway so that’s an aside but yeah and the book we go into CAC in detail in the book and cholesterol and answers other questions about why people believe cholesterol is important and why it has some importance but but not what people think and I think we’re on iTunes or on Amazon or in Costco we’re in Barnes & Noble it’s it’s available all over I think awesome Wow well thank you so much I appreciate this thank you so much Eric and and thanks for you having me on I’m delighted pleasure absolutely great and then of course you have the I guess here the only thing I know about Ireland is the butter Kerrygold yeah we take that for granted but the other thing in Ireland is the nature of Ireland with its enormous amount of grass fields and it’s economically viable and default to just have cattle on the grass so not because we’re amazing green people we just happen to have grass Felda fed as a default and we have to carry gold grass-fed butter as a default it’s all just default now I’m sure in the coming years corporates and unfarmed corporations will try and turn it into something even more profitable but for the moment you leave amazing food and interest in Eric you love this it’s ten say it’s ten dollars let’s say for two pounds of lean premium mince or ground beef so say say it’s ten dollars for two pounds right beside that there’s the high fat generic same cattle same cows but it’s high fat it’s not healthy not lean and that’s four dollars for two pounds so it’s less than half the cost for the very product that I will have to get crazy it’s reversed and eggs are quite cheap because of the feeling that eggs are not so healthy it keeps the price down it’s basically you’re getting all this high fat high quality product for a really good deal essentially yeah and if the world turns it’ll get a little more expensive but in fairness that’s that’s a small price to pay to the curb the epidemics but but yeah that’s interesting Wow yeah I’ll pay more for the more fat any day absolutely nutrient density and healthy fats exactly

This Post Was All About Our Dietary Guidelines are Based on Junk Science: Dr. Berg & Ivor Cummins.
Our Dietary Guidelines are Based on Junk Science: Dr. Berg & Ivor Cummins

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Ivor Cummins is one of the authors of the book “Eat Rich, Live Long: Mastering the Low-Carb & Keto Spectrum”. I highly recommend it.
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Ivor Cummins talks about the research and studies behind cholesterol hype and give you the true data. Hyperinsulinemia is the starting point and leads to all of the symptoms of metabolic syndrome.
Dr. Eric Berg DC Bio:
Dr. Berg, 52 years of age is a chiropractor who specializes in weight loss through nutritional and natural methods. His private practice is located in Alexandria, Virginia. His clients include senior officials in the U.S. government and the Justice Department, ambassadors, medical doctors, high-level executives of prominent corporations, scientists, engineers, professors, and other clients from all walks of life. He is the author of The New Body Type Guides, published by KB Publishing in January 2017. Dr. Berg trains chiropractors, physicians and allied healthcare practitioners in his methods, and to date he has trained over 2,500 healthcare professionals. He has been a past member of the Endocrinology Society, and has taught students as an adjunct professor at Howard University.
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Dr. Eric Berg received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1988. His use of “doctor” or “Dr.” in relation to himself solely refers to that degree. Dr. Berg is a licensed chiropractor in Virginia, California, and Louisiana, but he no longer practices chiropractic in any state and does not see patients. This video is for general informational purposes only. It should not be used to self-diagnose and it is not a substitute for a medical exam, cure, treatment, diagnosis, and prescription or recommendation. It does not create a doctor-patient relationship between Dr. Berg and you. You should not make any change in your health regimen or diet before first consulting a physician and obtaining a medical exam, diagnosis, and recommendation. Always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. The Health & Wellness, Dr. Berg Nutritionals and Dr. Eric Berg, D.C. are not liable or responsible for any advice, course of treatment, diagnosis or any other information, services or product you obtain through this video or site.
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