Nuts and Seeds on a Ketogenic Diet

Nuts and Seeds on a Ketogenic Diet

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hi guys I got a question about nuts and seeds on a ketogenic diet they’re totally okay to do but let me just kind of cover some points about it pecans are really fatty and those are real good nut to consume on this eating plan macadamia nuts are even better because they’re more fat the thing is about macadamia nuts so sometimes they go rancid so you have to make sure that you get them fresh walnuts too can go rancid make sure that the fresh not the ones that you buy in the bin that sit there for like six months cashews are a bit high in carbohydrate so if you’re going to consume those do smaller amounts but they’re very sweet and they’re very easy and addictive to keep eating especially around the holidays the problem is keeping them in bowls around your house everywhere you go at night you’re like tempted or watching other people eating them it’s like not good I had a person’s just recently made a comment I thought it was kind of funny they said it’s not about watching your diets but watching other people’s diet it’s like wow that’s just ten ten things okay let’s talk about the nut butters like peanut butter make sure on the label it does not have added sugar hydrogenated oils you just want sea salt and peanuts that’s it or sea salt and almonds that’s it because they put so much other stuff in there and you want to make sure that the actual penis doesn’t have added monosodium glutamate or modified food starts they add that in there to make the peanuts or the mixed nuts tastes better I’m going to recommend you because it’s really easy to overdo nuts and irritate the gall bladder especially if the nut is raw because it has phytic acid which tends to irritate the gall bladder and cause right shoulder pain two to three ounces in a given meal that’s what you want to stick with trying to go more than that especially if you have a gallbladder issue and then we have the seeds seeds are high in nutrients high in healthy fats low in carb seeds are actually even better than the nuts stars nutrient wise you have the sunflower seeds the hemp seeds chia seeds flax seeds you can make crackers with them we’re going to put our recipe on cracker you can put them on salads you can make a trail mix there’s so many different ways you can even there’s even a recipe you can make a kind of a rice out of hemp but anyway these are okay these are the guidelines and put your comments below hi guys hey listen I created a pretty amazing evaluation quiz down below that actually analyzes your symptoms to find the cause the root cause of all of your symptoms the most likely cause so take the quiz now and we’ll send you report

This Post Was All About Nuts and Seeds on a Ketogenic Diet.
Nuts and Seeds on a Ketogenic Diet

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Dr. Berg talks about nuts and seeds on a ketogenic diet. Pecans and macadamia nuts are the fattiest and thus the best. Cashews are too high in carbs and are not recommended. If you are going to do peanuts, make sure if its in a butter that there is no sugar added or additional items except for sea salt and peanuts – organic would be best. Almost butter is higher quality than peanut butter. It’s easy to over eat these nut butters and nuts themselves so stick with 2-3 ounces of nuts per meal.
Seeds are even better than nuts. They are higher in nutrients, lower in carbs and higher in healthy fats – making them perfect when doing ketogenic. I recommend hemp seeds, chia and flax.
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