Nutrition Tip | Do Leftovers Lose Nutrients? | The Effects of Amines

Nutrition Tip | Do Leftovers Lose Nutrients? | The Effects of Amines

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all right all you meal Preppers out there I have a little bit of Patten news for you I know I am always instilling in you to make sure you are prepared and plan ahead with your food but I have to renege on that a little bit because here’s the thing there are some recent science that it’s talking about a means and a means are a byproduct of protein degeneration and protein breakdown basically biogenic amines are the byproduct of microbial decarboxylation that’s a fancy way of saying protein breakdown generating a means but what REM means right now it sounds like Greek if you’ve ever taken an antihistamine before for an allergic reaction of some kind well then you know what I’m talking about because if you look at the word histamine you’ll see it’s hissed and me that suffix is a mean and a mean is the byproduct of breakdown that can cause an allergic response within the body now histamine is just one of many a means that can be a product of leftover food but I want to talk about how you can get around this issue but I also want to educate you a little bit more on how leftovers can actually cause an issue within the body so you talk about that inflammation you talk about the allergic response well what if I told you that eating specific foods that are left over for a long period of time can actually trigger that same allergic response within your body that is an immune response now the most prevalent one is going to be that histamine response so you can literally have that swelling kind of going on the inside of your body but if you’ve ever eaten leftovers and paid attention to how your skin feels sometimes you might actually find you’re a little bit each year now there’s people that are going to be more sensitive to am bees people that are taking ma o is or antidepressants then there’s also just going to be those unfortunate ones that have a genetic predisposition to be more sensitive to that if you’ve ever met people that are just allergic to everything that kind of gives you a good indicator there but how do we get around this issue I mean the food companies get around it but they get around it by adding a bunch of preservatives they get around it by adding nitrates or just making prepackaged frozen foods or making it things like jerky where they’re gonna just add copious amounts of sodium that allow the food to last longer so how do we do this well I’ve got a little trick for you I think the best way that you can do it is to cook your proteins cook your meats every two days it sounds a little bit daunting but honestly it’s going to elicit a better response within your body allow you to get more nutrient absorption and ultimately help you feel better you see the foods that have the biggest amine production are usually the meats they’re usually the fish the red meats the chickens the wine the cheese even chocolate those are the top culprits here so if we can take those particular foods out of the diet and begin to cook them every couple of days rather than every three four or five six seven days you can make a huge step in how much you absorb in the way of nutrients now here’s one more thing for you for those that have digestive issues like a leaky gut or small intestinal bacterial overgrowth or Candida you are going to be that much more susceptible to suffering from an amine issue so it’s more important that you pay attention because your body doesn’t have the gut flora to combat that amines are powerful things so you want to pay specific attention to it now here’s one more thing to put it all together for you have you ever noticed that red meat or fish goes bad a lot quicker in the fridge that’s because of a meats so red meat and fish are the foods that you’re gonna want to make sure you try to cook every one to two days now I don’t mean to make life miserable for you I don’t mean to make it tough on you but I just want you to get the most out of your food and I want you to be on top of the emerging science and the research that is showing how we really should eat to get the most out of our day and get the most out of our diet see you in the next video

This Post Was All About Nutrition Tip | Do Leftovers Lose Nutrients? | The Effects of Amines.
Nutrition Tip | Do Leftovers Lose Nutrients? | The Effects of Amines

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Nutrition Tip | Do Leftovers Lose Nutrients? | The Effects of Amines- They may not lose nutrients, but they can make you sick! Learn more about working with me 1 on 1 at
Biogenic amines form when the amino acids in food undergo microbial decarboxylation. Amine formation is dependent upon the availability of the amino acids, the bacterial strains present and the level of decarboxylase activity. Amines are found in meat, cheese, fish, wine, chocolate and vegetables. Amines have been found to have negative effects on many individuals, including:
1. Migraines and headaches
2. Increased blood pressure, leading to heart failure and brain hemorrhage
3. Some are carcinogenic in large quantities
4. Histamine (one kind of amine) poisoning is a problem throughout the world and is associated with a severe allergic reaction – can include fever, vomiting, trouble breathing, rash and hypertension.
Some individuals have even more trouble processing amines than the rest of us:
1. Those taking MAOIs – antidepressants
2. Genetics – some have naturally fewer oxidizing enzymes and cannot break down large quantities of amines, leading to an over accumulation of amines in the body in manufacturing, prevented by:
1. Freezing or cooling foods
2. Food additives
3. Controlled atmospheric packaging and other packaging strategies
Storage and manufacture are important when it comes to amine formation. As food ages, amine quantity increases. So the older food is, the more amines it contains.
*This is why you have heard to different periods of time that it is alright to store meats. Fish and red meat specifically should only be stored for two days maximum, and eating right away and not keeping leftovers is even better, especially for those with amine sensitivity.
Just because foods does not grow mold or make you vomit does not mean that it is safe to eat. Gut flora imbalances can also cause histamine poisoning. When your gut has an imbalance of bacteria, such in the case of people with SIBO, histamine is actually created while you digest the food.
Note: Amines are heat stable compounds and are thus not removed by cooking. Some foods high in histamines include leftover meat, leftover and canned fish, smoked/cured/fermented meats, dairy and artificial colors and preservatives. This is only a small list, but of some of the biggest offenders.
Tips to avoid excess amines:
1. Eat as much fresh food as possible, minimizing or eliminating leftovers. Particularly leftover meat and fish.
-Even some fruits, vegetables and legumes can be high in amines, so it is best to cook these fresh as well
Reducing inflammation in the body and especially the gut can help to reduce risks associated with excess amines.
-Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, avoid dairy and gluten, reduce red meat
Intake, eat organic foods.
1. Control of Biogenic Amines in Food
2. Histamine Intolerance – Causes and Treatment

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