Not Losing Weight on the Ketogenic Diet: #1 Reason

Not Losing Weight on the Ketogenic Diet: #1 Reason

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okay so you’re not losing weight on keto all right there’s a reason for that there’s many reasons the biggest reason is this you’re not using in a minute fasting effectively let me explain healthy keto is low carb large amounts of vegetables we’re not going to count those in the carb equation higher fat moderate protein to get in to ketosis where your body is making ketones you have to lower the car you can be in ketosis from the dietary fat and not your own fat so we have dietary fat and then we have your fat that’s being burned as your reserve fat your potential energy we’re going to call it so it takes a while for you to burn up the dietary fat to turn in the ketones especially if your metabolism is slow so if you’re consuming three meals a day doing keto and your metabolism is not really really fast we’re not giving our bodies enough time to use all this energy from the dietary fat what you want to do is this you want to go three meals down the two meals down the one meal a day okay now the way that you transition from three to two to one is by your own hunger if you’re not hungry you don’t eat so you let your body adjust to the point where you can go longer longer longer to the point where you’re eventually at one meal a day especially if you’re forty 56 years old this is where you want to go if your metabolism is slow some people need to do a longer fast but the big point is when you’re fasting you’re not starving you’re running on your stored fuel this is the goal and once you adapt and your hunger is down and you’re not craving anymore you maybe want to reduce the amount of fat and that will also force your body to start using your fat reserves so even know Quito is not necessarily about counting calories so you can easily overdo it by doing three meals a day so weight loss is not just about being in ketosis and testing your urine and saying oh I’m in Quito is because the ketosis could be coming from this right here the dietary fat and not your own fat reserve that’s why you’re not losing weight so if you’re new to this I put a link down below of a really simple mini course you can take an intermittent fasting that will teach you exactly how to do this thanks for watching hey guys I’m not sure if you have my app yet dr. Berg app it’s totally free you should download it okay this is what it looks like you click it it gives you all sorts of great resources I have all my YouTube videos on this app okay and it’s regularly uploading the most recent ones all the YouTube videos are also converted to audio versions okay so you can use it when you’re walking exercising driving your car I have a mini course on there I’ll be putting additional courses I have a lot of recipes on there and this is new and also PDF resources so there’s various downloads PDFs that you can get as well and if you wouldn’t mind after you download it check it out give me your unbiased review and tell me how you like it I want to know 

This Post Was All About Not Losing Weight on the Ketogenic Diet: #1 Reason.
Not Losing Weight on the Ketogenic Diet: #1 Reason

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Dr. Berg talks about not losing weight on ketogenic diet. The biggest reason for that is not using intermittent fasting effectively. In healthy ketosis, it takes a while to burn the dietary fat and to turn it into ketones especially if your metabolism is slow. So if you are consuming three meals a day while doing keto(ketogenic diet) and your metabolism is not fast, you are not giving your bodies enough time to use all the energy from the dietary fat.
What to do?
Do from three meals a day down to two meals and into one. The way to transition from three meals to one is by your own hunger. If you are not hungry, don’t eat. Let your body adjust to a point where you can go longer and longer. The big point is when you are fasting, you are not starving and you are running on your stored fuel.
Weight loss is not just about being in ketosis and testing from the urine because the ketosis can also be coming from dietary fat and not in your own fat reserve that causes you to not lose weight.
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