Natural Ways to Reduce Glyphosate (GMO chemicals) in Your Body

Natural Ways to Reduce Glyphosate (GMO chemicals) in Your Body

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so I recently had a question from someone that wanted to know how to remove glyphosate from your body is it possible huh could we do it naturally and of course glyphosate is the poison in GMO foods okay so there are certain natural things that you can take to remove it but the best thing to do is just to start doing organic and I’m talking about meats as well because the animals eat the corn and the soy which is totally GML so it creates the problem dandelion greens you can get this up usually at the health food store or a grocery store it’s very fibrous but you can put a little bit in your salad it will help you can also get it as a supplement Barbary burdock activated charcoal and I’m not talking about the charcoal that you would use when you’re going on a barbecue okay so you want activated charcoal which doesn’t have any chemicals in it and bentonite clay you would want to take both of these on an empty stomach and by the way activated charcoal in general is really good for countering poisons so if you happen to run into a situation where someone’s being poisoned give them some activated charcoal real fast to help neutralize that effect okay humic and folic acid is a really good one I really like this one right here it can help remove glyphosate from your system now you also see some data out there that glyphosate is harmless on our bodies it only affects plants and weeds and microbes because it targets a very specific pathway well guess what we have microbes in her body like a lot of microbes so our microbes are affected by glyphosate and it blocks the microbes ability to make amino acids proteins like in neurotransmitters and it creates all sorts of problems in our body because we’re constantly exchanging with our microbes and we get certain byproducts from them and if we shut down those microbes it everything suffers our immune system our ability to absorb nutrients also glyphosate ki lates zinc and other trace minerals and we need zinc and other trace minerals for all sorts of cofee and our metabolism especially for our immune system glyphosate also weakens the adrenal system okay so not to mention a whole series of other issues setting up for risk for cancer and tumors and the list goes on and on so number one make sure you do organic everything and these are a few other things you can add to extract some of this chemical from the body all right thanks for watching so if you’re enjoying this content go ahead and share it with someone that could really benefit from it

This Post Was All About Natural Ways to Reduce Glyphosate (GMO chemicals) in Your Body.
Natural Ways to Reduce Glyphosate (GMO chemicals) in Your Body

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In this video, Dr. Berg talks about ways on how to remove glyphosate from the body. Glyphosate is the poison in GMO foods. There are certain natural things that you can take to remove it but the best thing to do is to start consuming organic foods including meats.
1. Dandelion
2. Barberry
3. Burdock
4. Activated Charcoal
5. Bentonite Clay
6. Humic/Fulvic
There’s a lot of microbes in our body and it is also affected by glyphosate by blocking the microbes’ ability to make amino acids and proteins that could create all sorts of problems in our body. Glyphosate also chelates with zinc and other trace minerals and it also weakens the adrenal system.
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