My Dieting & Weight Loss Ebook – MACROS MADE EASY!

My Dieting & Weight Loss Ebook – MACROS MADE EASY!

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what’s going on guys today I have an extra huge announcement I’ve got like butterflies just thinking about it my dieting ebook macro is made easy it is finally being released today presale has been going on from past like two or three weeks and it is finally over everybody is finally getting their copy of the book if you are new to counting macros or maybe you’ve been counting macros you just haven’t had the success that you’ve wanted to see this book will be a total help to you this book will show you how to design a plan that’s customized for your body it’ll show you how to track your macros how to adjust your macro so that as you progress through the diet you continue to lose weight everything in the book is exactly what i’m doing and utilizing for my contest prep and even if you’re not doing contest prep you’re just a beginner trying to diet all this information is still applicable to the average dieter so i hope you consider picking up a copy especially if you’ve been kind of lost with diving I’m very proud of it Alyssa and I we’ve been working endlessly this past month I’ve been working out it on and off in the past three years crazy that today’s the day anyways if you’ve been on the fence as to whether or not to get the book I’m still going to keep the offer code going to the next week or so just as a celebration of the book coming out so you want to save yourself 25% just use the offer code pre-sale I checkout and you’ll save yourself a little bit ago I think after the offer code the book is like 20 to 50 US dollars so i hope everybody is having a great start to their 2017 I really can’t put into words how much your support the past two and half years has meant to me on the channel I’ve had so much fun making videos on YouTube the past two and a half years and all of the support seeing the channel grow and a community start to build on here especially lately with how much content I’ve been putting out has been really exciting thank you guys again so much I’ll see in the next video

This Post Was All About My Dieting & Weight Loss Ebook – MACROS MADE EASY!.
My Dieting & Weight Loss Ebook - MACROS MADE EASY!

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Pick-up a copy of the E-book below:
Save 25% just use the code “PRESALE” at checkout:
Today is THE DAY!
The E-book launched!!! I still can’t believe it – I have butterflies in my stomach. And I couldn’t have done it without my wife – She did an amazing job formatting and editing the book.
If you’ve been struggling to lose weight, and your sick of doing all of the gimmicky/hoaxy things like “shakes”, “challenges”,”fixes”, “tiny tupperware diets”, etc. and you want to create a plan SPECIFICALLY FOR YOURSELF – This book is a GREAT place to do it.
This book encourages making a lifestyle change, it’s not a “diet”. This is NOT a get skinny quick program or anything like that. It’s about making sustainable progress in a sustainable way.
And of course, the worst part about dieting is the finality of it – the dreaded weight you gain back when it’s over. This book will give you CLEAR INSTRUCTIONS how to make that transition in a way that will allow you to limit the weight you gain back, but also shows how you can eat MORE FOOD during that transition.
It’s also NOT ABOUT FOOD RESTRICTION. Yes, you have to limit your portions, but if you want to eat cookies, pizza, cake, brownies etc. you CAN DO SO! And I explain this more in-depth in the book.
If you purchased the E-book THANK YOU SO MUCH. I look forward to seeing everyone’s progress in the Facebook Group/Community that I created for the book.
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