Muscle Cramps Spasms and Charley Horses

Muscle Cramps Spasms and Charley Horses

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hey dr. Burke here in this video we’re going to talk about cramps charley horses if you have these here are the causes there’s four main causes the number one cause of cramps in the especially when you’re sleeping at night is medication the side effects of high blood pressure medication also high cholesterol medication and also prednisone so that will majorly affect the contraction relaxation of your muscles especially at night so that’s number one number two too much calcium calcium causes the contraction of muscles now that usually comes because your stomach is off if you have a lot of acid reflux or digestive problems that means you don’t have enough acid and the calcium doesn’t get mobilized and so that’s your going to end up having too much calcium stuck in the joints and all that another cause would be taking like too many calcium supplements that are calcium carbonate that’s like rocks you’re going to plug up things let’s say you want to prevent osteoporosis you’re going to get a lot of crafts because you’re taking too much calcium so calcium you know it could be you’re taking too much vitamin D without divided the the other fats like vitamin k2 and also the omega-3 fatty acids but too much calcium because calcium always works with other minerals and it could be too you don’t have the magnesium to transport and to relate to calcium so you always want to take these minerals together especially calcium magnesium so too much calcium will cause it and then and the reason to bring it up is because if you have a cramp and you just take straight calcium it might make it worse number three to little magnesium magnesium is the relaxation mineral of the muscle and that’s the one that you really want to take if you have cramps so that will just knock it out like that you could also take calcium magnesium that would be good especially if it’s in a 1 to 1 ratio because that’s what we need and the fourth cause is too little potassium and because potassium also is involved in muscle contraction and that would come from not eating enough vegetables or a lot of stress that can deplete the potassium I don’t know if you knew this but our bodies need about 4700 milligrams of potassium every single day yeah that’s like seven to ten cups of vegetables every single day like no one’s getting that so no wonder they’re deficient potassium and also if you add on stress that will deeply deplete potassium and if you also add in the fact that sugar depletes potassium no wonder the people have a lot of cramps magnesium comes from the leafy green so again if you have those vegetables you’re going to actually kill two birds with one stone but I’m not saying never have calcium like you should have some good cheese from maybe a European cheese or grass-fed cheese or some dairy like kefir or maybe even yogurt that would be a good source of calcium versus just taking pills all the time but you just want to look at these as a potential cause of your cramps the other thing is them if you’re if you take apple cider vinegar you’ll make the body a little more acidic and you’ll really mobilize this calcium into the tissues so that episode of enter vinegar is really good for cramps because it acidifies and it transports a lot of these minerals and it also helps your stomach absorb the minerals and then lastly if you’re deficient in vitamin b1 due to stress or too many refined carbohydrates or sugar you’re going to have not necessarily a cramps in your calves you’re going to have tenderness in your calves so if they’re tender when you press on them you need b1 and that would be a nutritional yeast so you can consume that and that just goes completely right away so go ahead and follow this information and I will see you in the next video

This Post Was All About Muscle Cramps Spasms and Charley Horses.
Muscle Cramps Spasms and Charley Horses

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Dr. Berg talks about the 4 causes of cramps. Many people get cramps, spasms and Charley horses at night. There are 4 main causes that involve side-effects from medication, too much calcium, too little magnesium and potassium.
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